Monday, January 7, 2013

First MTC P-day (aka "First Missionary Training Center Preparation Day")

My beautiful, incredible family and friends!!!

well hi!!!:) Greetings from the MTC!! It is absolutely incredible here, seriously! It's so cool to walk out of your room and see hundreds of Elders and Sisters walking the sidewalks and studying to gain a greater understanding of the gospel and a more effective way of teaching it!! AH! I just love this so much. :) It was funny though on Friday morning, we walked outside and I turned to my companion and said, "oh look! a missionary!!!! wait...." haha I felt a tad bit silly. :) speaking of companion, her name is Sister Mendenhall. She is from Alberta Canada and is also going to Toronto mission speaking English! She's never been to Toronto so the area is new to her as well which will be awesome! She is an absolute sweetheart, we get along well, are learning lots from each other to become better teachers and missionaries for our Heavenly Father, and we laugh. a lot. which I love, ps....:) Our district consists of 6 companionships, 4 sisters going to Toronto (sister mendenhall, myself, Sorensen, and Griffin), 4 Elders going to Toronto (Elder Healey, Palmer, Berguson, and Sanabria), 3 Elders to Mississippi (Elder Anderson, Poole, and Hall) and 1 to India (elder child). It's so cool being with all of them because, well, we get along sooooo well! We have so much together joking around during meals and all, but then have incredibly spiritual study sessions together, as well! All these missionaries are just so great, I am learning SOO much from them! (side note to life: I'm not used to writing on a time limit and in a laundry room where everyones talking and my brain can't think correctly, so if I write something super odd...I apologize:))

Well, as you all know, I arrived on wednesday here at the MTC and we just jumped right in to the work! We spent the night teaching 3 individuals as a huge group (about 3 branches in each room). We taught Junichi, chicho, and barbara, the last of which Sis Mendenhall and I found out we are teaching her in TRC this week! She's very open to new ideas, but she doubts her feelings a lot. We have a lesson on the love of God and the restoration planned but will teach by the Spirit and let you know how it turns out!:) Some people have seen the dork dot on my name tag (pronounced name-taig. sis mendenhall is teaching me canadian already...:)) and have asked me if I'm overwhelmed, and to be completely honest, I am not at all! I mean, yeah, it's difficult jumping into a lesson and being put on the spot but I'm learning quickly. The only thing I need to get used to is the schedule. You all know me...I'm a tad bit lazy. ;) I would sleep in til 10 and my day would be gone, so waking up at 6:30 and then in bed by 10:30 and doing something every possible second while I'm awake, it's a definite change. I love it, but it takes some getting used to! 

there's more I would like to write but I am already out of time, wow, I'll figure out a system that works better, I promise so I can slip in more details and info about the week. I just want you all to know that I LOVE this gospel so much! when we arrived our branch president, president jones told us that our testimony from when we were 8 til we turned 18, how much it grew, that'll be how much our testimony will grow in the MTC alone and I was a bit skeptical. but already, I have felt it grow TREMENDOUSLY!!! this gospel is beautiful and I love it with all my heart! Thank you all for your support and the love you have shown me! I LOVE YOU ALLLLLL!!!!!!!


Sister De Groot.....SO cool...:)

p.s. write me!:) you can in the MTC me if you want to also! I would absolutely LOVE it!:)

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