Monday, March 31, 2014

3 Nephi 5:13

Mum, PahPea, Family and Friends!!

Hey hey hey!! what a great week! we saw so many miracles this week while in the Lord's service! I would love to hear some of your experiences as you also served the Lord this week. you have my email (, feel free to use it. or a letter:

Sister Janelle De Groot
660 Kaiser Drive (basement)
Mississauga, ON
L5W 1T6

I find that when teaching individuals, something that brings the Spirit is personal experiences. Sometimes, I don't have very many experiences to connect with them, but I can share one from someone else. If you'd like to help my experience bank, share one with me, and I'd be happy to share it if prompted to by the Spirit! Thanks a bunch!!! I love you all!! ok, so lots to tell so let's jump into some....OH WAIT!! first. a birthday shout out.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY KARL ANDERSEN!!! hey so...I think you're pretty great. eyup. so therefore, you desire a TOP birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY FROM CANADA! get it? because canada's "topping" the states because it's considered America's hat? haha ah man...I'm so funny...:) Happy birthday Karl!!

ok now we really can jump into.....

1.  Any message for the Birthday Boy (Karl)?
happy happy birthday Mr Karl!!! remember that one time when you were dating my sister and you were super duper sweet to her and now you're married to her and you have a child and you're still sweet to her? yeah. thank you. :) I love you lots Karl and hope you have the greatest birthday in the whole wide world! eat lots of cake and pudding and ice cream for your special day!!! I'm glad someone as nice as you chose to come to this Earth so that you could treat my sister like the queen she is! thanks for being awesome, and Happy birthday Karl!!!! :)
2.  Did you remember to take (and attach) a picture of you and Sister Hansen wearing your glasses?
um...nope...we'll take one today!!! I sowwy...
3.  What's the update with Bradley and his parents?
Well, lots happened with him this week actually. Let me start off by saying that he was supposed to get baptized yesterday. last week I mentioned we were going to push his baptism to the future a bit, but in our lesson tuesday, we invited bradley to pray and receive an answer from God if he should be baptized Sunday (the 30th) and He said the sweetest thing in his prayer. "Heavenly Father, help me to know if i should be baptized this Sunday. I hope the answer is yes, but i will do what you want me to, can I be baptized on Sunday?" .....and the spirit was SOO strong with the answer for everyone was YES! So... we started replanning for his march 30th baptism which was, then wasn't, and now was again. :) We were rather rushed but were so excited! Then, we went to his house for his last lesson and everything changed again. Bradley's parents have been very supportive this whole time and encourage him meeting with us and attending church but this time mentioned concerns of his grandmother who is of another faith. She mentioned that she would like him to learn more, read more, and go to church more, so that he knows what he is getting into so that he will be really committed. We understood where she was coming from but felt a bit disheartened, not for us, but alone for the look on Bradley's face. he was absolutely devastated. so sad. He  looked like he was gong to cry. It broke our hearts seeing him like that, but he will be baptized in the future, we're still going to work with him closely and help involve the family as much as we can and as much as they'd like to be. They're a tremendous family who wants what is best for each other, and we hope that we can adequately introduce the restored gospel to the rest of their family that they may see the blessings that come from families being a part of it. Bradley is such a sweetheart and we love him so much, and it's so evident that his family and our Father in Heavenly do as well!! :)
4.  Are you teaching anyone else?
oh my goodness, yes!! we're teaching an adorable family! The mother's name is Sharlene, her 10 year old daughter (who looks like she's 16), Sharaya, and 3 year old Sheldon. We met them in Bradley's building coming out of the elevator, and we invited her to church to which she said, "I've been wanting to go, but I don't have a way to get there..." well my dear sharlene, we do! MEMBERS!! :) and so, after teaching her twice this week about the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the prophet Joseph Smith and the Plan of Salvation our Father has lovingly planned for us, they came to church and LOVED it! I'll be honest, I was actually pretty worried about their enjoying it towards the beginning. there were tons of distractions from the individuals seated around us including a younger girl running across the isle and throwing around her toy car...ah man, I was sweating bullets I was so nervous, but we prayed with faith, so it worked out. :) anyways, so they all separated, Sharlene with us, Sharaya to primary and little Sheldon to nursery. At the end of the block, a member who was baptized last February talked with Sharlene and asked her about her experience and she talked about how different it was compared to what she's used to. She's used to a pastor preaching the whole time about (quote) "things I really don't want to hear and that I couldn't apply to myself. But here, I actually feel like my opinion matters, that we're all learning together." and how true it is! I love how in our Father's kingdom, there are MANY different responsibilities, at least one for each of us, but our responsibility (our calling) doesn't mean we know everything there is to know about it, we're all learning, we're all growing, and that's a part of our Father's Plan! Love them so much and so happy to help them prepare for baptism in April!!!! :) The Gospel truly does bless families!
5.  I know Ryan is supposed to get snowy rain this week, in upstate New York.  Are you scheduled to get the same?
ah man, I dunno...we never really know the weather, we just wait for it to happen! haha definitely possible though! 
6.  What song are you and Sister Hansen preparing for Easter?
it's hard to explain...we're doing Precious Savior and Christ the Lord is Risen Today to the tune of Homeward Bound. maybe you'll hear it one day. it's gorgeous. :)
7.  Do you ever have the opportunity to play the piano?
um...not really. I play the 2 hymns I know, a lot! Redeemer of Israel and Now Let Us Rejoice. I'll learn the rest in the future. don't really have time here. :)
8.  Does Sister Hansen play any instruments?
the piano and her vocal chords! :)
9.  What was your biggest "aha" moment this week?
well...this aha moment took me back to the night I was set apart as a missionary, January 1, 2013. what a way to start off a new year, eh? :) anyways, President Gottfredson asked me what my worst fear was as I was about to leave. and I said that I wouldn't step up to my calling or wouldn't be the instrument the Lord needed me to be. and he simply threw down in a loving way about we De Groot's care way too much about being perfect, that it's just not possible in this life, so we need to get used to it. :) Up until this point, I have been trying to become that consecrated missionary that God commands us to be, dedicated, diligent, acquiring the attributes of Christ, I've been trying to truly become a disciple of Christ. and this morning I came across what it truly means to be a disciple. A disciple of Christ is one who is learning to be like Christ-learning to think, to feel, and to act as He does. it's about LEARNING. You think I'd have learned this a year ago, but I'm glad at I read it at this time, for if I had read it a year ago, I don't think I would have understood it. I love this journey that we're all on, as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, to become like our Heavenly Father and experience the same joy that He experiences.  To be a true disciple, to fulfill the learning task, is the most demanding regimen known to man. It is hard, and thank heavens! because were it not, we could not grow.
10.  Have you started marking up your first paperback Book of Mormon yet?
sure have! have you? :)
11.  How excited are you for General Conference?
(!). ! = jumping, screaming, clapping, smiling, laughing, omelet making, sheer joy. that excited. :)


12.  This weeks "bonding with my companion" moment brought to you by....
spray cheese in a can and ritz crackers. :)
13.  We watched Women's Conference at....
the Brampton Stake Center. SOOO good!!!
14.  A message from Women's Conference that really stood out to me was....
What I learned from the Spirit was simply the Law of Sacrifice was given so that we may all help each other get to the temple, therefore to be in the presence of our Heavenly Father. I love this Gospel. it's so pure. how grateful I am to be apart of it.
15.  This week we found greatest success by....
talking with everyone and therefore finding Sharlene and her kids!! :) also. we tried out a new finding technique-using the singers in our district and singing at a mall street corner and having other missionaries talk with everyone as they passed by! :) new tools. so great. :)
16.  My favorite teaching moment was....
Sharlene;s family the Restoration of the Gospel. sharing the first vision? ah wow, the Spirit was so strong. How beautiful Joseph's experience was, all because he humbled himself and asked in faith. what was/will be your experience be like?
17.  Did you know that....?
tomorrow is April? yeah, what?
18.  I've been so excited to tell you...
general conference is on saturday and sunday. (!) I know you know. but I thought I'd tell you anyway :)
19.  This weeks exchanges were...
with Sister Caner in Don Mills East. Her trainer's (sister stoddard) trainer (sister zerkle) is my trainee! how precious. :) family connections.
20.  You know how I love to laugh, and this week was no exception!  I laughed so hard when....
Sister Hansen and I tried to reenact a song that Hermana Dudley and I sang on exchange. and we didn't do a very good job. hhaah!
21.  I am SO VERY GRATEFUL for....
the temple. ah the temple.
the scriptures
medical assistance for those I love (daddy :))

well, I'm off again! I know that this Gospel is indeed the work of our Father in Heaven. I was talking with someone I used to work with, through email, who's currently serving in the Phillippines and we were talking about the level of joy that we receive each and every day as we seem to the world to be doing the same thing each and every day. It's because the message we share isn't a cool idea, but that it truly is eternal truth, it is God's message, it IS true. I know it to be. I testify that you, too, are a part of this work, whether a member or not at this time. Come, join with us, Because I can testify that it is true! and How GREAT is our calling!

Love for now and forever,
Sister De Groot :)

Missionary Invitation: Prepare yourselves to be taught by the Spirit. when listening to General Conference this week, try not to merely write down good quotes that you hear or write down as much as they say that you can remember, but truly go into the sessions with a prayer and document that which the Spirit teaches you, for that is the way that we truly learn and then can grow when applied. I love you all, listen intently, and I will too! Don't forget to invite someone over!! :)


us with Teresa, the girl who got her call last week, going to Manchester England! We take her teaching a lot. she skips from house to house when we knock on doors. so cute. :)

us and our zone leaders, Elder Binford was in the MTC with me! crazy eh? yeah. I thought so. :)

us and the beautiful Toronto Temple! :)

Monday, March 24, 2014

Mosiah 2

Mum, PahPea, family and friends!!!

GENERAL CONFERENCE STARTS THIS WEEK!!!!! well. for the women. sorry gentlemen. :) next week. :) oh my goodness, what a wonderful enriching week!!! I have learned so much and will attempt to share it all, but I won't even come close. but I'll try. but to start off, both my parents shared with me something that I would share with you in tuning ourselves to our father's melody. The 'companion' could be your spouse, or if you're single, have it be that individual you work closely with. "when a finely tuned instrument plays only the top (5th) and bottom (1st) notes of a chord, one can "hear" the "3rd".  Liken that analogy to us all, in the service of the Lord - specifically in regards to missionary work:  As a missionary companionship strives to work in perfect harmony (using prayer, the scriptures and unconditional love, etc.), they are like the "1st" and "5th" notes in a chord.  The Holy Ghost can then "fill in the 3rd", and the result is priceless!" I love it so much!! our companionship is going to be in tune so that we may hear that beautiful 3rd! :)

also, a shoutout to Kacie Hansen who's wedding invitation I received!!! crazy you two, I'm so excited for you both! Love you both dearly and know that I am praying for you!! congratulations!!! :)

Question time!!
1.  What day did you end up celebrating St. Patrick's Day (translation....when you did receive your package?)  :0)
last monday!!! :) 
Got it when we returned home in the evening! :) as well as a letter from mom, amber and a wedding invitation from Kacie Hansen!! it was a great day. :) Thank you SOOo much mom for the package!!!!! you;re just so sweet. and what is this whole thing with different flavors of OREOs?? I LOVE it!!!! cool mint? best one yet. :)
ah man, I meant to take a picture with sister hansen and the glasses but we went on exchanges both that night and the following night and then forgot...I'll try it this week! :)
2.  How is Bradley doing?
Doing very well! He's loving learning about the commandments and is excited to continue living them, and because we feel his family needs to be more involved, we feel he should not be baptized this coming Sunday but that he will be in the near future, we're not sure exactly when yet but with God's Hand in the work, we'll know. :) Thank you for the continued prayers on his behalf!
3.  Has Joe opened up to you yet?
We still are unable to contact him. We fasted and prayed a ton for him this week, and feel we need to leave him in the Lord's Hands. I think sometimes I feel someone is ready "if they will just call us one more time" and I was humbled to realize this past week that it's not my decision if they are ready or not. I've learned that before and thought I had a pretty good understanding about it, but in this case, I did not show that understanding to my Father in Heaven. So upon praying for him, we decided together, all 3 of us, that we'd leave Joe in His Hands. that's where it is for the time being, until he's ready, and God knows when that is! So all, learn from my slight stubborn personality-just trust God. He knows what He's doing. so in the words of Elder Bednar on Saturday "Get out of the way". ah. how can the Spirit be so blunt and painful yet so beautiful? :)
4.  Kevanique and Camilla?  (am I supposed to be grouping them together?)
yeah you can, and actually we're no longer teaching them. We tried contacting them this week, and had an...interesting conversation with the person on the other end. So drop bys in the future are probably preferred. :)
5.  What is something new you learned about Sister Hansen this week?
She has such an incredible testimony of our Savior, Jesus Christ. absolutely incredible! :)
6.  Was Sister Hansen's birthday last Monday?  How old is she?  
yes, it was 20!!!
7.  How was Panda Express?  (are you still getting free meals?)
so good and we go too much they want our money instead. :)
8.  How is the weather treating you?
kinda cold but warming up!!! I'm only wearing 1 pair of tights now!! woohoo!!! 4 down to 1! oh ontario weather. :)
9.  Any plans for you and your companion to sing in church?
yikes....we got asked yesterday to sing on easter. scared. so so scared.

10. The BEST thing about my first week with Sister Hansen was....
Staying positive in every situation! :) no negativity in this companionship whatsoever, LOVE it! :)
11. We bonded over...
cool mint oreos. and popcorn. thank you SOOO much. :)
12. When I walked into the meeting where Elder Bednar was, I....
well, we walked in 45 minutes before he got there. so when he walked in, I smiled really really big. and then even bigger. :):):) I love the Spirit that is brought with a servant of the Lord
13. My favorite thing about the meeting was...
how interactive it was, he communicated with us, we learned from each other as missionaries and he taught us that we are free to learn from the Spirit at any time, not simply when a member of the 12 comes to visit. if we learn by the spirit, we can truly learn that which the Lord wants us to know, rather than expecting someone to do that preparation for us. Learning by the Spirit - an incredible tool for becoming like our Father in Heaven. :)
14. He inspired me to....
Read a paperback copy of the Book of Mormon with a question in mind and highlight all that helps me answer that question as I read it all the way through, and do that for the rest of my life. hello bookcase :) SOO excited. 
15. My favorite teaching moment this week was....
Teaching Bradley the Word of Wisdom. I have never seen an 11 year old so excited to learn a commandment of God in all of my life. :)
16. My favorite study session centered around...
Our Father's Plan, and the necessity of Jesus Christ as our Savior. "God's plan is together in the light, whereas Lucifer's plan is alone in the dark." ~Elder Bednar
17. This week, I learned that...
"The Lord is hastening His work, and if you don't keep up, you'll be left behind." ~Elder Bednar. The Lord truly is hastening His work, and we must hasten ourselves. :)
18. Did you know that....
Elder Bednar is absolutely hilarious? well. he is. just picture him describing the prayer of a faithless individual (see attached picture of Hermana Dudley and that's literally what he looked like.) :)

19. I laughed so hard when....
I was on exchange with Hermana Dudley and i can't really explain what exactly was funny. just that we're way too much alike and had the time of our lives in the Lord's service. ah. so great. I love her so much. :)
20. I am SO GRATEFUL for....
General Conference
Elder Bednar

Well my lovelies, I'm off! And please remember that I know eternally that this is the Lord's work, and has been since the time of Adam, and He continues His work the same way He has since that time; through a prophet He has called. I testify that Joseph Smith was a prophet who our Father in Heaven called to aid Him in restoring to the Earth the true Church of Jesus Christ, and it is watched over by a living prophet today, President Thomas S. Monson, and is led by the Great Man Himself, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. This is true, and I know it from the power of the Holy Ghost. The Church is true, and how great is our calling!

Love for now and for ever,
Sister De Groot :)

Missionary Invitation: begin a Book of Mormon revelation seeking for someone that you know who is not yet a member of the Church. Pray for them and then mark in the Book of Mormon the revelation you receive on their behalf and prepare to give it to that individual out of your sincere love for them and desire for them to accept the restored Gospel. it's true, help them remember that. :)

Another missionary called to exciting!! :0)

Monday, March 17, 2014

Mosiah 28:3 :)

Mum, PahPea, Family and Friends!!

Hello hello! I hope all is going well for you this week! Everything here is fantastic, I just LOVE being a missionary? sound cliche? absolutely. but absolutely 100% true! :) I love this truth, I love this work!!! and I hope you are as well in your areas! :)

let's give a shoutout to the birthday girl!!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMBER NICOLE!!!! I hope you have the greatest day ever! :) Make sure that you're little one gives you a giant hug for me....assuming he can hug you already....i'm not sure...:) I love you ber!!! have a fantastic day!!!

1.  Did your St. Patrick's Day package arrive?
not yet! :)
2.  Are you wearing GREEN today?
sure am! green. almost there. :)
3.  How do those in Mississauga celebrate St. Patrick's Day?
they drink. a lot. like seriously. other than everybody drunk, I actually kind of forgot that it was st. patty's day. :) haha
4.  Any message for THIS WEEK's Birthday Girl?  
HAPPYBIRTHDAYBERNICK!!! I lub you so much and hope you have the best birthday in the whole wide world! 25, eh? yikes, you're old. it's ok, i still love you! :) happy birthday!!
5.  Bradley sounds like a real sweetheart.  What is the update on him?
he sure is, that's for sure! :)  He's still planning to be baptized on march 30th, but we're ensuring that his parents are comfortable and supportive, so it's not set in stone quite yet. But definitely working towards it! :)
6.  Joe?
He's been super busy this past week so we haven't been able to meet with him again. If you could, please pray for him. We feel like something else is going on in his life that he doesn't want to talk with us about, and we're a bit worried about him. So we, along with he, would appreciate some special prayers on his behalf. Thank you so much!
7.  Kevanique and Camilla?
They were gone for the spring break week, appointment this week!
8.  Pictures....are any being sent today?
sure are! :)
9.  How did Transfer Day go?
went well! I went on a mini exchange with sister rogers and worked in our area until our new companions came here to Mississauga! :) 
10. How are you and Sister Hansen getting along?
SOO well! We are so excited to continue working hard in the area and build it up! She's the youngest of 9, from Salt Lake City, sings beautifully, loves obedience and loves the work! so therefore, we're doing GREAT! :)
11. What are your plans for the remainder of today?
taking sister hansen out for her birthday today to panda express and then we're deep cleaning our apartment! woot woot! :)

12. My FAVORITE study session centered around.....
Missionary work!! We were planning for a member family and as I studied our Father's purpose, it reminded me more deeply of my purpose as both a full time missionary and a member missionary. Our purpose upon this Earth is to aid our Father in His, which is "to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man" and our salvation can only be truly guaranteed through the work of the Restored Gospel of Our Savior Jesus Christ. I love this work so much and I am so grateful to be here at this time! How great is my calling!!!
13. Sister Hansen and I bonded over....
food. music. singing. laughing. old testament seminary videos after planning. working hard. ah man, this is going to be a GREAT transfer. :)
14. Saying good-bye to Sister Edwards was....
really unexpected, because we had to leave each other the night before transfer day! ah actually felt like we were going on another exchange! but then we 'exchanged back' and it was Sister Hansen. I was really confused....:) I get to see her this saturday though because Elder Bednar is coming to our mission and instructing us, all of the missionaries!!! WOOHOO!!!!! ohmygoodnesssgraciousIamsoexcitedIcan'tevenwaitI'mdyingwoohoo!!!!!:)
15. I'm really looking forward to.....
look above. :)
16. I've been so excited to tell you.....
look above x 2. 
17. You can tell that "Spring is in the air" in Mississauga because....
WE WALKED AROUND WITHOUT ANY COATS ON FOR 2 WHOLE HOURS!!!!! oh my goodness. it was so exciting!!!!!! :)
18. My favorite teaching moment was....
teaching Bradley again. That boy is just so tune with the Spirit! We taught him about the armor of God in Ephesians 6 and he LOVED it, it's just so exciting how joyful he got about the Gospel and the lightbulb that came into his mind as he was applying it to himself and how he could use it in his life. It made me think about myself and if I allow myself that same level of joy whenever I learn something new, do I apply it to my life with that same enthusiasm? I think that's definitely something I could work on. :)
19. Something new I learned this week was....
birds in Ontario fly north too soon.
20. I am so grateful for....
the sun
Sister Hansen being born
that I don't need to convince anyone, the Spirit does that. that brings so much comfort! :)
My Savior

Well, I'm off. I know that this work it true. It's too perfect to be anything less. I love my Savior and all that He has done for and for you. I know that there is a repentance granted for us, if we will but live the Gospel our Savior, out of love and mercy, has given to us. No matter what you are going through, I can promise you can find peace if you will but live the Gospel. It's simple, yet so true. That's why I'm a missionary, because it's true. and oh, how great is our calling!!

Love for now and for ever, 
Sister De Groot :)

Missionary Invitation: study missionary work, your purpose, and our Father in Heaven's purpose. and see if there is any distinction between any of them. :)

(L to R): Sisters:  Rogers, De Groot, Edwards, Mitchell
CN Tower in Toronto
Love those skylines!!  :0)

Monday, March 10, 2014

What e'er thou art, act well thy part. :)

Mum, PahPea, Family and Friends!!!

ok, so I have VERY little time today, seeing as transfers are tomorrow and my dear companion has been assigned to Brampton, so we've lots to do today, seeing as we haven't emailed until now! :) This week has been incredible, so I'll do my best to fill you in with all the time that I have!!:)
speaking of time....QUESTION TIME!
1.  Any message for the BIRTHDAY GIRL?
HAPPY BIRTHDAY WHIT!!! I love you dearly, and look up to you so much! Thanks for being such a wonderful example! I hope you have the best birthday ever and know that I pray for you daily!! oh, AND! I was sent pictures.... and....your kitchen!!! It looks wonderful!! You two have done a wonderful job!! ;) I love you so much, happy happy birthday!!!!
2.  How is sweet Bradley doing?
oh my goodness, SOO good! when we saw him this week, at the end of the lesson he says "Sister De Groot, I've felt that tight squeeze every time I've asked 'is the Book of Mormon true', do I need to continue asking that if I know it is?" :):):) You know, it's so hard when you want to hug your 11 year old boy investigator, and you can't. in the future...:) He knows it's true and wants to keep inviting his parents to come and learn more with him! He's such a little missionary, he's training us sisters! :)
3.  How are his parents?
They are very supportive, and they're wanting to be involved more and more. We had dinner with Bradley, his dad, bradley's friend and his mom, and us. Guyanna food. SOOO good! :) They are thinking of coming to church possibly not this sunday but the next. We have moved his baptism to the 30th to help his mom feel more comfortable as he comes to church more and knows for sure that this is something he wants to do. 
4.  Was Joe able to attend church this week?
No, he was taking care of his sister that was sick out in Scarborough. This week, though! :)
5.  Is his baptism on for Saturday? 
No, it's for march 30, same as Bradley! DOUBLE BAPTISM! They're both just so great. :)
6.  Who else are you teaching?
Kevanique and Camilla (friends who are both about 15) and are SUPER excited to hear the Plan of Salvation. Said they prayed for direction in their life last week and we knocked on their door 5 minutes later. :) Boy, do I love prayer! :)
7.  March 5th came and went.  Another "514".  How did the day go?
SO so good. It's just nice to know that you truly have angels watching over you, eh? :) I love our Father's Plan!!
8.  How has the weather been treating you?
IT'S GETTING WARMER!!!! :) line upon line. Mom, I actually went and bought rain boots today because I'm in need, especially because my other boots aren't waterproof. They came from Walmart, you can see the transaction on the card, they were the only mission appropriate ones. ha!
9.  Will you be doing much walking as the weather warms up, or will you still travel mainly by car?
We'll still have the car, but we'll still be working like before: we'll use the car to get the areas we want to be and then park and walk for the rest of the time. We're trying to use our car as little as possible here
10. Are there any items (clothing, shoes, etc) that you will need as the weather warms up?
I already purchased rain boots, so I'm set!! Thank you!!!

11. One of my FAVORITE parts of the week was....
going on exchanges with sister hillman and sister bradshaw. just GREAT missionaries!!!!
12. I couldn't believe it when...
I saw a possum walk up to the church and take shelter in the bushes. Even God's creation know that this is His home. how precious. :) also. possum's are kinda weird looking, eh? just sayin...
13. Sister Edwards and I bonded over...
Downtown Toronto driving after exchanges. good times. :)
14. We received the "Transfer" call, and this is what's happening....
Sister Edwards is going to Brampton with Sister Sorensen (the girl who was previously in my anatomy class at UVU) and I'm staying here in Mississauga North and training the new sister training leader, Sister Hansen! I've met her before and she's SOO sweet! So excited to serve with her! :)
15. I'm so excited for...
MARCH!!!! there's so much happening: our missionary specialty training, MLC, temple trip, women's general broadcast, ah. so great. :)
16. The remainder of today will be spent....
cleaning and packing, giving our car to the elders for a night, and teaching joe! woot!
17. My favorite study session was...
the priesthood. oh my goodness. so great. also the Abrahamic Covenant. blows my mind.
Luke 16:22-31 cross reference Alma 40:11-14
18. My favorite teaching moment was...
Bradley recognizing his answer and sharing it with his cousin!! Conversion is beautiful to witness! one in which an individual, and then all those around them, are blessed! :)
19. Did you know that....
gin dobre is hello in polish? :) (how to spell? no idea...)
20. I am so grateful for....
all of these things!!
Sister Edwards!
New opportunities
sickness (I'll tell the story next week, just remind me flu and prayer. it's a really good story I just really need to go!!! ah man I feel bad....)
Well, I love you! the Church is sOOoo true!!! How great is our calling!
Love for now and forever,
Sister De Groot :)
Missionary Invitation: are you praying for you missionaries in your ward by name? and then are you praying for which of your friends you can refer to those missionaries to be taught? :)

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Jacob 3:2 :)

Mum, PahPea, Family and Friends!!!

Hello!!! Happy March!! what the crazy....Life here in Mississauga is absolutely incredible! The work is blossoming, we're doing great as a companionship, the mission is incredible, the Church is true and we didn't run out of gas when we were VERY close to doing so in Orangeville after Zone Conference. aka: the middle of nowhere... :) haha I don't have much time today but I want you all to know I am doing super well!! I seriously do love it out here so much, and the people we are being able to teach are absolutely incredible!! :) I love this work!!!

1.  Clarification - when you give me the temperature there, are you giving it to me in Celsius or Fahrenheit?  
Celsius. my mind literally doesn't work in Fahrenheit anymore. ha
2.  How big is your basement apartment?  (# rooms, how big are the rooms, etc)
1 bedroom and washroom, then the rest is all in one big room (kitchen, dining/study area) probably the size of the basement minus the preschool room. 
3.  Do you have a washer/dryer, or do you still need to go to the laundromat?
we have a washer and dryer that we share with our friends upstairs :)
4.  Did you go on exchanges this week?  If so, where....and with whom?
Hermana Martin here in mississauga and Hermana McKinlay in Christie North
5.  Is Joe's baptism still planned for Saturday?
No...he was unable to come to church yesterday and we haven't been able to contact him for a few days. When he gets sick he goes into hibernation mode, and he did mention he was getting sick. culture thing? I don't know, but we're planning for next Saturday for sure! :)
6.  Are you still meeting with Victor and Anna Paula?  (Glad to hear she is improving health-wise.  Prayers continue...)
Thank you so much for the prayers! They truly are felt! We're not meeting with them at this time, but the ward is keeping up with her progress and helping them out as best as they can which is so wonderful of them! They are such sweet people!
7.  Did Khaleel come to church this week?
nope. next week though!
8.  How is Bradley doing?  
SOOOOO GOOD!!! haha cute Bradley came to church yesterday in a suit. ah man. it was the cutest thing in the whole wide world. haha he LOVED church and is so excited to come back next week! :) 
9.  Do Bradley's parents sit in on your discussions with him?
They haven't yet but they are going to Tomorrow, we're having dinner with their family :)
10.  Holly V. gets married on Friday.  Any message for your cousin?
HAPPY uh.....MARRIAGE DAY HOLLY!!!! :) haha I'm so excited for you!!! I got your annoucement the other day and you seem SOOOO happy!! you two are so cute, I'm so excited for you!!! happy day you two, and happy eternity! (it sounded cute.....;)

11.  This week was the BEST EVER because....
we had MLC, Zone Conference, 2 exchanges, weekly planning, and Bradley came to church on Sunday!!! Spiritual feast of a week! :)
12.  I've been bursting with excitement to tell you....
that we're having a special missionary meeting with someone coming to see us later in March. and we don't know who it is. the suspense is killing me. so. excited. :)
13.  Before learning about this this week, I never knew....
Sister Edwards ever got frustrated. and it'll happened for a second. and it was a silly situation. ah man I lover her so much!!!
14.  After emailing today, I plan to...
go to the weston chapel with our zone and have a pre-transfer activity! I love this zone SOOO much!!!! :)
15.  My "514" day on February 25th was...
miraculous. :)
16.  My biggest "aha" moment was when....
I read "Ask In Faith" from Elder Bednar this morning. so. good. I highly recommend it
17.  My favorite teaching moment was....
When we were talking about the Spirit with Bradley and asked him how he's been feeling Him, and he described the Spirit like a "tight squeeze", like His arm was around him. ah. so cute. :)
18.  During personal study this week, I have been concentrating on....
the needs of our investigators, and truly allowing the Spirit to teach me what they need. The greatest personal study is when you tailor your study to their needs. So fruitful!
19.  I am so grateful for....
Afghan food
goat curry at Bradley's....I'm scared to try it tomorrow...
prayers answered
my siblings :)
and my parents :)
Well, the Church is true!! always and forever! I need to go, but please always know that this is true! I love my Savior, and I love His work, THIS work! You are all in my prayers each and every day, and I thank you for being as incredible as you are! Never stop progressing! Your Father in Heaven loves you!!! How great is our calling!!!
Love for now and for ever,
Sister De Groot :)

Missionary Invitation: prepare for General Conference!!! Pray for who you can invite to your home or the Church to watch the sessions with you! Do it with God and you WILL know who to invite!! :) LOVE YOU ALL!