Monday, October 28, 2013

D&C 6

Mum, PahPea, Family and Friends!

Why hello!!! To start out, I need to welcome sweet Solana into the family!!! welcome welcome welcome sweetheart!! Ah, Keri, she is the cutest little thing in the whole wide world! I am so excited to have yet another nice/nephew born into the world since I've been out!! She is so cute and I am SOOO excited to meet her one day!!!:) In the mean time, give her a kiss for me!:) Love you Solo! (eyup. I already have a nickname and I haven't even met her. well I's just been a while since the preexistence ;))

Time to JUMP into.....QUESTION TIME:
1. Has Jim been behaving himself? :0)ah my goodness...haha yeah he has, in that sense anyways. We actually were asked not to come back to Jim's because our last lesson was a bit contentious between him and our member. It's alright, everything works out, but yeah, we're not teaching Jim anymore. he'll come back again :)
2. Was Ella able to figure out transportation to attend church this week?nope and she's been ooper sick, so we're doing our best to help her out. Right now the only thing keeping her from coming to church is transportation, so if you would, please keep them in your prayers, thanks:)
3. How's Tedd?he's been having a lot of deaths in the family right now, and haven't been able to meet with him. another one to keep in your prayers, he's having a rough time, thanks!
4. Francois?passed on to the elders! :)
5. What are your plans for the remainder of today?We have some shopping, cleaning, and teaching/ finding planned for the day! Lesson with Merle and we're super excited!!:)
6. Are you staying warm enough?yes, thanks to the tights you sent!! thanks a million, again! I/we greatly appreciate it!!!:)
7. Besides the above investigators, is there anyone specifically you would like us to remember in our prayers?We found another investigator, merle, this week, now we're teaching two merles! Merle has also has a lot of medical issues that she's trying to work through, and a lot of pain that she's trying to overcome so that she can come to church. thanks again!
8. My first thoughts when I saw the pictures of Solana were...OH MY GOODNESS SHE'S SO CUTE AND SHE HAS A HUGE MOUTH!!! :):) LOVE it! definitely my niece ;)
9. The highlight of my week was...going on exchange with Sister Wanlass. She's from Bountiful Utah and my goodness, I absolutely LOVE her! She has such a wonderful inspiring testimony that I learned so much from! The entire day I was with her, seriously, the spirit was so strong! I love her to pieces!
10. I laughed uncontrollably when...I GOT A TTC TIE!!!!!!!! the bus driver thought I was so good at shifting into the gospel with people and making him laugh that when I asked for his tie, he didn't even flinch and gave it to me!! wabam!!!!:) haha operation TTC tie? CHECK. :) picture proof next week:)
12. One of the most challenging parts of missionary work is...Trying to ensure I'm learning what the Lord wants me to learn. I learn a ton each and every day, but I want to make sure I'm focusing on what the Lord wants me to focus on. Which one, which one?:)
13. Going on "splits" is best feel like you've been best friends with the sister for a long time, even though you've never met them before. aka: sister wanlass. :)
14. The Spirit was so strong when...sister Wanlass and I taught a lesson to a lady named Leeta who had 3 of her friends there and they are all sincerely searching for the truth! We taught the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the spirit was seriously tangible in the room! It is such an incredible experience to be in the room of individuals who really want to know truth, who have been prepared by our Heavenly Father to receive His restored Gospel, and being able to learn from their example and their faith is absolutely inspiring! I loved it oh, so much!:)
15. This week I am especially grateful for...
      A. exchanges!     
      B. Members taking us to Popeyes
      C. new nieces!! SOLANA!     
      D. the message of the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ     
      E. The ability we have to CHOOSE Eternal Life!

Well, my lovelies, I must be off, but know that I love you all so much!!! This Gospel is true, I have felt it. I stand with Elder Ballard when I say that Knowing this is true is like tasting salt; you can't describe it. you can't force someone else to know how it tastes unless they taste it themselves. I, figuratively, have tasted salt! I know that this Gospel is true! and being able to share it with others is the greatest gift I have ever received!! I know God loves us, Christ lives and their work is TRUE! If you don't have this knowledge, I urge you to try it yourselves, taste the salt yourselves!:) and if you have this knowledge, let's share it! Because let's be honest, everyone needs this! How great is our calling!:)
Sister De Groot:)
missionary invitation: Write down your testimony and share it with someone. :) Anyone can decline an invitation, but no one can decline a testimony!:)

Monday, October 21, 2013

...By the Touch of the Master's Hand

Mum, Daddy, Family, and Friends,

I truly wish that I could convey in words the joy that I feel as I serve my Savior, Jesus Christ. So unlearned, young, simple, and unqualified, God has called me, He has called you, to share His Gospel with all others. I was talking with my trainer actually, Sister Messer, last week and she mentioned the Stripling Warriors. Did you know the word "stripling" just means young? I always thought it meant they were ooper strong. But young is all it means! I love how they had never fought before and had no experience yet they just knew that what they were doing was the right thing to do, and consequently, they conquered their task at hand with the help of our Heavenly Father. It doesn't matter how young or how unqualified or insecure or whatever else our stumbling block may be, if we own up to our task at hand with the help of our Heavenly Father, with our faith in our Savior evident in our words and deeds, we WILL conquer! How simple it is! Alone; we fail. With God; we win. every. time. I don't know about you, but I'd like to win, especially if it means eternal life in the presence of our Heavenly Father. How sweet that knowledge is!
So I know that the little one isn't born quite yet but I'd like to wish my soon to be born niece, Solana, a happy day of birth! and Keri, of course, I hope everything goes well! :) I'll be praying for you!! When she comes, give her a kiss for me and of course, a picture next week would be greatly appreciated! I love you Ker-Ber! Good luck and congratulations!!!:)

Now it's time for.....QUESTION TIME!!!
1. What Conference message are you sharing this week?Elder Richard G. Scott of the Quorum of the 12 Apostles talked about the worth of each individual and how we need to help each other truly recognize and own up to our worth and eternal potential. He talked about keeping covenants that we made with the Lord and said something that touched me deeply; "The Lord sees mistakes differently than rebellion." How precious that realization was. God doesn't see mistakes as open rebellion. He knows our hearts and He knows our intentions and understanding. He is the ultimate judge and His judgements are just! When we fall, we don't fail. Look at those two words; fall and fail. They look like the same word, except the "l" on the second word has been cut to be an "i"; they probably both originally started as fall. Think about it; every single one of us falls from time to time, the only time we fail is when we cut all ties, we give up, we refuse to get back onto our feet. When we cut our aspirations, our determination, our diligence, we cut the "l" and it becomes an "i". That's when we fail. When we fall, we do not become failures. Even when the Ammonites fought, not one of them were killed, none were defeated. All were wounded, battered and bruised, but none were lost. As it is with us--> through Christ, if we fight, we will not be lost. We may get hurt, but definitely not lost. We will fall, but we will not fail. The Mormon message that comes to mind is "Lifting Burdens" on youtube. I recommend watching that. It touches my heart each time. God love you no matter what! You may be a $20 bill that has been torn and battered and run over, but you are still worth the full $20! (See video for reference)  :)
2. What's the update on Tedd?
He went to a funeral this weekend so we haven't seen him for a bit. Keep him in your prayers please:)
3. Ella?She's really cool! She was unable to come to church this weekend because of transportation issues with her wheelchair but she definitely wants to come and LOVES the 13 articles of faith!:) She has a wonderful testimony of Christ and is progressively working on her testimony of the Restoration of the Gospel by reading the Book of Mormon and praying about it. That's the best (and the only) way, eh?:)
4. Anyone new?Francois is so cool! He's african background but from France! So cool. :) He has met with missionaries in the past and said he'd "like to see if this whole Book of Mormon thing is true or not" Go ahead, ask God, Francois! :) haha just kidding, but seriously, he is awesome and he's super excited to know for himself!:)
And guess who's back?? JIM!!!! The 75 year old who requested missionaries to his house after seeing the family commercial. He's out of the hospital now and he's on a roll! We taught him the restoration and he said yes to baptism on 25 November! He's so cool, it's awesome!!:)
5. Are you feeling any better?Sure am!! Which reminds me, thanks so much for the package of cold and flu healing things! haha I'm geared up for the next round, bring it on, Canadian winter!! :)
6. Have you received any packages lately? (If so, which one(s))?
Yup yup yup!!! sure did, both of them!!! Thank you SOOO much!!! Truly, between Sister Williams and I, I think every single pair of tights has been worn within the past 3 days!:) WOOHOO!! Honestly, thanks a BILLION!!! Oh, and mom, you'll be happy to know that everytime I get a package I have to go the nearby shoppers drug mart to get it and the post office lady knows me now because of all the packages I go to pick up from her:) She's pretty proud of you:) And so am I! love you so so much!!!
7. The funniest thing that happened this week was....
I was a 5 second run away from contacting a telletubby. The only thing keeping me from running to him and talking to him about the restored gospel was the fact that we were in a car in the middle of a 3-lane road. Had there not been another lane, I would have ran and contacted him. But, he still waved to us!!!!:) Yes, there is a picture of him. I thought he was pretty cute. :)
8. The most embarrassing thing that happened was....Jim kissed me. eyup, he did. twice, actually. on the cheeks, which is better than the alternative but yes, he kissed me. and my face went blood red, oh my heavens, I was so embarrassed!!! so when we first got there, he got so excited to see me that he said "Sister De Groot!!! welcome back, I've missed you! Give me a kiss!" to which I pulled back VERY quickly and dodged the bullet. I thought I was pretty sly until after the lesson I shook his hand and he pulls me close to him and kisses each of my cheeks. the goober. Needless to say S williams and our member couldn't stop laughing! Neither could Jim, as he felt pretty proud of his accomplishing a kiss. oh my goodness, i thought that coming to Toronto I wouldn't have to worry about all the hugs and kisses from people like my siblings did on their missions because they went clear across the world, but oh no! I have to worry about it a lot here!! haha oh my embarassing. I think my face is turning red now...wonderful....ha! :)
9. I wish you could have seen when....above; number 8. oh my lanta.....
10. I felt the Spirit so strong as....I heard our member bear her sweet testimony to Francois during our lesson. She is new to the ward and a convert at 19 from the catholic religion. She just gets it, the work of our Father and she has the most BEAUTIFUL simple testimony I have ever heard and felt! Reminds me of the testimonies of mom of dad. It was a great feeling, that's for sure!:)
11. Something I have discovered about missionary work, that I never realized before, is...God really doesn't want you to be someone else, He doesn't expect you to be perfect. Everyone has always said that but it just never clicked for me. but it did this past week! I don't need to be perfect, I just need to progress. that's how it is for all of us! woohoo! so glad this finally makes sense in my heart as well as my head!:)
12. Sister Williams and I have bonded this week over....her half birthday! October 17th we made a cake and ate it all by the next day. don't judge us...:) why is it that my bonding moments with my companions usually consists of us eating and laughing hardest over the dumbest things? couldn't tell ya...but it works! haha:)
13. I am most grateful for....
     a. Members testimonies     b. Spiritual epiphanies     c. Diversity; I LOVE TORONTO!!!     d. Hearing about peoples mission calls (Megan Lamoreaux!!!! CONGRATS SWEETHEART!!! SOOO excited for you...write me, maybe?:))     e. Ontario Falls. so. stinking. pretty. !!!
Well, my lovelies, I'm off to grocery shopping and preparing for this wonderful coming week! I know this glorious restored Gospel is true! and how much joy it has brought to my life!!!:) God loves you, He loves me, and He lives! Thank heavens for that eternal truth!!!
"How sweet the joy this sentence gives; I know that my Redeemer lives! May the whole world know it, and embrace it, is my sacred prayer, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen." ~Present Monson.
How great is our calling!
Sister De Groot :)
Me showing how much I love service opportunities!
We helped a lady clean out her garage! haha good times:)
Missionary Invitation: Boost up your self esteem this week; read question #2, watch "lifting burdens" mormon message,

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Mosiah 3:17

Mum, PahPea, Family and Friends!!!

Why Hello there! So here's the thing, just in case you forgot...I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!! eyup. sure do! I have had so many testimony building experiences that have helped me recognize my purpose even more as a missionary. I truly do love this work with all of my heart!!:)

oh my goodness, I hope you all had a tremendous Canadian Thanksgiving! I sure did!!:) Holidays and I have a love/hate relationship right now. Hatred because everyone leaves town and doesn't come to church/no one can come teaching with us, but LOVE because people are so incredibly kind on the holiday!!! YES PLEASE!:) like really-everyone was so nice!!! it might have been because lots of people we contacted were drunk and overly happy but hey! Still nice! haha Oh Toronto....gotta love it. I sure do!:) guess who got to go on awesome exchanges this past week??? 1 with sister sorensen who came out with me who was in my anatomy class before the mission, and sister zerkle!!! eyup, my baby! it was so great to be with her again, I just love them both so much!:)
Sister De Groot with her "baby", Sister Zerkle - reunited on "Splits"
Alright, well I got lots to share today, so let's jump into...
1. How/Where did you celebrate Canada's Thanksgiving?
Actually we celebrated it on exchanges! We had no dinner planned in our ward so naturally, we went to other sisters areas to get dinner! I'm just kidding that wasn't the reason we did exchanges that day, but it definitely was a bonus! haha I was in a trio with Hermana Barron and Hermana Oakleberry in Christie and we had dinner with a man who is muslim named Ali and his family (see picture). He's actually a store owner that feeds the missionaries all the time because he loves the Spirit that they bring into his home, doesn't want missionaries to teach him, but he'll allow a message shared each time he feeds them. Anyways, he fed us delicious everything and of course, I ate til I couldn't breathe and then ate some more (isn't that technically breaking the word of for thought. ha! get it?? FOOD cause I'm talking about food? haha ah man...I'm so silly...:)). Afterwards we shared with him a message about charity and our Savior Jesus Christ, and he absolutely bawled through the whole thing! He told us he just feels so good whenever we come and talk about Jesus. But alas, he still didn't want to meet with the missionaries. Why is it that we all feel so good after doing something or when we go to church or read our scriptures or whatever else it may be and then don't follow through? likening it unto myself...I definitely need to improve on following the counsel fully and completely that I receive from my Heavenly Father. It gives it to us for a reason, right? How beautiful the feeling of the Spirit and seeing it touch his heart was so tender, definitely a thanksgiving mercy!:)
2. What Conference message do you want to expound on this week?
Elder Ballard (I think it was him) talked about doing an act of missionary work before Christmas! This'll be my missionary invitation this week, to write it down, to make a plan.:) We actually talked about missionary work in gospel principles and the sister teaching talked about why we express fears of missionary work and the excuses we come up with sometimes. she compared the Gospel to the Heimlich and how, if we were in a restaurant and saw someone choking and you're the only person who knew the procedure that would save him, and you didn't for fear of what would happen. would they guy think you're weird for touching him? would he get mad at you? would he tell other people that you were insensitive for helping because clearly, he wanted to choke? We don't know the outcome, but regardless of how it turns out, you still shared what would save them. There is NO other way that our brothers and sisters can return to live in the presence of our Heavenly Father, this truly is the only thing that can save them; the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ! Yeah, it is scary sometimes, but think of the joy it's brought you! feels pretty good, eh? I testify that it feels good because it's true. God will not lie, he cannot lie. And He will help all who exercise their faith in Him. I love this Gospel so much and I know you do as well! So let's share it, eh? I'm responding to this invitation as well, don't you worry! It came from God, so therefore I will respond with gladness!:)
3. How is Tedd doing?
He's doing SOO well!:) He loves learning and reading, and hopefully is coming to church on sunday!! woohoo! We're meeting with him again tonight, so please pray we'll be able to teach by the Spirit and help him feel it, too. :)
4. Hailu?
lives out of our area so we passed him on to the awesome Toronto missionaries!
5. RIchard? Tannen? Jasmine? Orval? 
oh know what's sad? everyone of these individuals we dropped this week. sad day...We'll still watch out for them and keep them coming to church if possible, but there are a lot of personal situations each one needs to work out at this point in time that unfortunately doesn't allow us to meet with them at this time. But it's alright, God wants us to keep moving forward with Him, so we will continue to do so! His work never stops, after all!:)
6. Anyone I'm leaving out?!?
We are teaching a nice lady named ella that sister williams found on exchanges this past week. She's super sweet but has a TON of medical issues right now, so it'll be a very gradual teaching process with her, but she is awesome! She's so open and actually majored in philosophy and theology a long time ago so she knows a LOT! haha We're pretty excited to meet with her, that's for sure!:)
7. How are you feeling? (stay away from oregano oil please!)
Doing better, still a cough, but not nearly as bad. :) Sister Williams offered Thames (less powerful than oregano but still gets the job done) and I just couldn't do it. no more essential oils for this one, that's for sure!! haha
8. If I had ONE WISH, then it would be...
a happy happy birthday to you from me!! Happy early birthday pahpea!:)
9. I was SO EXCITED when...
the elders who live in our building heard we didn't have dinner so they made us a cake and dropped it off at our apartment for the holiday. so kind and so incredibly DELICIOUS!:)
10. One of the most challenging parts of being a Sister Training Leader Missionary is...
feeling inadequate but then realizing it's not your work, it's God's, therefore, you're adequate enough. still inadequate, but he makes up the rest if you do your part. :)
11. One of the most rewarding parts of being a Sister Training Leader Missionary is...
learning from the many sisters and how they do this incredible work! I feel like I'm stealing bits and pieces of all their personalities to apply to our area! Is that allowed...? haha
12. My most embarrassing moment this week was when....
Ali hugged me on thanksgiving. seriously, people have got to stop hugging me, because I turn stiff like a board and my face looks like a tomato. awkward sister De Groot...
13. I'd have to say that the highlight of my week was....
Going on exchanges with my sweet baby, Sister Zerkle and seeing how far she has come! She is such an incredible missionary, it's AWESOME!!!! I was so grateful to feel of her spirit again and learn more from her! She's the COOLEST!:)
14. This week I am most grateful for...
     a. Delicious thanksgiving food     b. Mom's mashed potatoes (really. nothing comes close. :))     c. Companions-past. present. and future. :)     d. Toronto Transit Center Ties and how missionaries randomly accumulate them from bus drivers. operation TTC tie...ready go. :)     e. Buses. I love the buses. all day on exchanges. tons of people. trapped. I love the buses. :) p.s. I sound sarcastic but I'm not. I seriously love the buses.:)
Well, my lovelies (I can hear people making fun of me that I call you all that, oh well!...haha) I must head out, but I love you all and hope that you have the greatest week in the whole wide world! Remember; God lives! Christ also and this is the work of Salvation! let's help out the work, we are all enlisted after all! How great is our calling!:)
Love for now and for ever,
Sister De Groot:)
Missionary Invitation: Question #2 :) Name, date, action!:)

Monday, October 7, 2013

"What would you do if the Prophet called you? Well...HE HAS!" ~Elder S. Gifford Nielson :)

Mum, PahPea, Family and Friends!

Why hello!! So...General Conference? SOOOOO great, eh???!!:) Ah, I just loved it SO much! The Spirit was so evident in each one of the talks given both by the spirit of the speaker and the words spoken. I know I missed a shout out so let me make up for it...

HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY JOSHY!!!!! I hope you had the greatest big boy birthday in the whole wide world! Just remember, pick up the canada flag, wave it and yell...GO CANADA!!!! eyup! that's my boy!!:) Aunt JayBay loves you, big boy!!!:)

alright. now that I've made up for my lateness....let's jump into...
1. Where did you watch Conference?
~Saturday morning -At Nermines apartment, a member in our ward. She's so sweet!! She actually served a mission about 8 years ago in England! AWESOME missionary!:)~Saturday afternoon -@ the church~Sunday morning -@ the church~Sunday afternoon -@ the church :)
2. Did you have omelets/cinnamon rolls? (If not, what DID you have?)
OMELETS!!! they were quite sad though, I'll be honest. No where near worthy enough to have a picture. all we had were eggs, a tiny bit of cheese and sausage. So that's what was inside. They were still super tastey, but they were missing quite a bit...haha
3. Were you able to watch with investigators?
yup yup yup! We had 2 investigators come: Tedd and Hailu. Tedd we've been teaching for about a week, and he already classifies himself as a dry mormon! haha He doesn't quite understand the importance of the Restoration but he loves the Book of Mormon, so we're doing our best to help him understand our message :) Hailu was actually brought by Tedd to General Conference, and he LOVED it! Afterwards, he said to me that he just felt something very strong, and he loves that God works with our feelings! Beautiful, eh?:)
4. Other than conference, what was the highlight of your week?
When Hailu said he felt the Spirit so strong, for sure! :) But a funny see, I'm beginning to get sick. not too bad, don't worry, but my throat was super soar the other night and sister williams is big into essential oils. So she told me that I should try oregano oil, and it'll kill whatever is developing in my throat. she did warn me that its super weird and I will probably hate it, but I decided to try it anyways. yeah...bad idea. Apparently you put 2 drops under your tongue, so I did. the second I did, my whole mouth starts to numb up. I felt like someone took oregano leaves and rubbed them all over the back of my throat then placed a heating pad in the middle of it all. I had no idea what was going on, so default, I started to cry. then I started laughing because I was crying but because I was, I couldn't breathe. oh my goodness, it was a dramatic experience. I've never felt so many emotions all at one time in all of my life! but hey, I'm still alive and all is well! my throat even feels a bit better!!! :) But word to the wise: if your companion tells you that you'll hate it, just take her word for it, seriously. You'd save yourself quite an embarrassing 3.14 mintues. :)
5. How is your Teaching Pool these days?
Tedd, Hailu, Richard, Tannen, Jasmine, and Orval. Found out Orval has been in the hospital and is not doing very well, so if you would, please keep him in your prayers. He wants to progress in the gospel but his health keeps controlling him, I know he'd appreciate continuous prayers as I know he's felt them already! We've been having some difficulty getting a hold of our investigators throughout the week so that's something we're working on with this area, and finding a family as well! our mission has a goal to find 80 families and future missionaries in each respective area (whether in family wards or in YSA) and baptize them by Dec 1st so we can find those who will be able to assist in hastening the work of salvation. We have yet to find a family so we're doing our best to find that kingdom building family! Prayers to find this inspiring family would be greatly appreciated! :)
6. Sister Williams and I prepared for Conference by....
jumping up and down out of excitement saturday morning and then focusing study that morning to our individual and companionship goals to receive revelation for ourselves and our area
7. My favorite study session this week centered around...
The Plan of Salvation. Going to the temple last week made me contemplate the reason we're all here, and the ultimate and most BRILLIANT plan of our Heavenly Father. If you get a chance, read the August ensign 2013 on page 43. my Favorite quote says this "caught up in the wonder of this expanding view of the cosmos, we can only kneel in awed reverance before HIm, the creator and sustrainer of it, and express gratitude that this divine, all prowerful Being is our Father and that he created it all for the purpose of bringing about our eternal salvation. Knowing this, should we not gladly obey His counsel and, with eagerness, receive the ordinances and covenants that will guide us to eternal life with Him?" so simple. so true. LOVE IT!
8. I went on splits to    Etobicoke    (name all of the areas), served with     Hermana Rojas    (name all the sisters) and learned    that God truly has called you as you to accomplish what He needs accomplished. Sister Rojas taught me the true meaning of just being yourself and having confidence that the Lord knows what He's doing. thanks heavens for that, eh?:)   (explain how you were enlightened).
9. One of my favorite spiritual things about being a sister missionary is...

watching people discover who they really are - a son or daughter of our beloved Heavenly Father. That relationship with Him is so personal and it fills me with so much joy as I see my brothers and sisters here in Ontario discover that relationship for themselves. I love how my "extended family's" experiences allow me to obtain greater strength in my testimony! For that, I'll be forever grateful!
10. One of my favorite non-spiritual things about being a sister missionary is...
being looked at weird. who knew it'd be something I'd actually enjoy because it accounts for a good 1/2 of the funny stories that happen out here! haha good thing I can thrive in awkward situations, eh?...:)
11. I am especially grateful this week for...
     a. Personal Revelation     b. cute old ladies who give you pumpkin pie at conference     c. President Monson and his expression as he said "call tommy monson, he'll know what to do!" so precious, our Prophet!     d. Prayer!     e. Filipinos. they feed you until you're dead and then ask if you want more. :)
12. I've been so excited to share my feelings about conference. Here goes... (this is where you can let loose with all of the excitement that has been building up inside of you over the past few weeks as you have prepared for Conference, culminating in your thoughts and feelings of this past weekend. Spare no detail!!) :0)
are you sure you want me to do that? it goes.....ahem.....
but seriously. I loved it. :)
of course, one of my absolute favorites was S. Gifford Nielson's talk on missionary work! that's just a given, eh?:) I can't list all of my favorites today, so I'll just do a few and then add more each week:)
- Look for the significant but subtle blessings
- The leaders of the Church require nothing of its members but the Lord requires that we consecrate all
- Doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith
- Covenant keepers are commandment keepers
- "Wilt thou be made whole?"
- If the bitter cup does not pass, drink it.
- Make the decision to do what Jesus Christ has asked us to do! list a few. :) Well my lovelies, I need to go, but I'll leave with the simple declaration that I KNOW this Gospel is true! I pray that you can feel of my testimony as I attempt to declare it in simple english words, for there is no language so extravagant that could adequately portray how I feel about this, Christ's restored Gospel! It's true! and I cannot and will not ever deny it! God be thanked for the matchless gift of His Divine Son! Let us bless the Earth with that declaration of truth! How great is our calling!!
Love for now and forever,
Sister De Groot:)
Missionary Invitation: I'll echo Elder Nielson's invitation to do three simple steps to share the Gospel...
1. Specifically pray to bring someone closer to Christ every day
2. Pray for the missionaries and investigators in your area by name every day
3. Invite a friend to every activity in or out of your home, pray about what to share and then follow the Spirit as He guides you
exclamation point.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Mosiah 1

Mum, Pops, Family and Friends!

HELLO!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!! It feels like Christmas because General Conference is this weekend and I am so insanely excited!!!!!! omelets, here I come!!! yes. we are making them on Saturday. mmmhmmm!:) well...hopefully. ha! This week has been awesome! My companion is Sister Williams and we're doing great here in Etobicoke. Because of needing to drive back and forth constantly to different places in the mornings for meetings and to drive other sisters, we've had a lack of companionship study, so our teaching together is still a little hazy, but we role played like CRAZY this morning to unite our teaching and it's getting much better! haha We get along so well and are working hard here! Did I mention I'm excited for Conference? OK. Just making sure...:)

alright, let's do some....
1. Assuming you were able to watch the RS Broadcast, what was your favorite talk?
I can't pick favorites honestly, but I LOVED that they talked about keeping your covenants and ensuring that we respect them daily. and I LOVE that President Monson brought it back to the basic foundation of prayer. Of course, I forgot my journal from it, so I'll add it into favorite quotes from General Conference next week. :)
2. How are you and Sister Williams getting along?
We're getting along really well! I am learning SOOOO much from her and we're having lots of fun! Working hard, being obedient, seeing blessings, and laughing constantly. What more could you want????:)
3. What can you tell me about her? (how long has she been out, where is she from, etc)
She is out for 2 more transfers, from Calgary, Alberta, has the most incredible testimony, and reminds me daily of Erin. Seriously. I love that my family is popping out of random places; Ryan in Zack in London, Erin in my companion, Dad slightly in President Scott, it's just so great!!!
4. Any pictures to share today? (if the answer is NO, please stop reading this email and write yourself a note so you dont forget next week!! Then you can resume writing...) :0)
it's funny...I almost forgot it again today! haha but eyup! pictures coming!

My District last Transfer :0)
There was a bug in my pear, so I cut it out!  :0)

5. How are your investigators? (Roza, Jorge, Arlene, anyone else?)
Our teaching pool has kind of switched upside down! haha Roza and Jorge we are no longer teaching, they'd like to read on their own, Arlene has been sick so we haven't been able to meet with her, but we did find a couple of awesome people to teach!!! Richard and Tannen are from Kenya and are the sweetest young couple in the world!!! Jasmin came to church yesterday as well as the baptism afterwards for the elders, and she LOVED it!! She leaned over to me in Sacrament Meeting and asked "if I wanted to be baptized, what would I need to do?" and of course, my heart skipped a beat, I reassured her we'd prepare her to be baptized soon!:):) She's such a sweetheart and SOO prepared!!
it was SOOOO good! oh my goodness gracious, I cannot even express how incredible it was!!! First time inside the Toronto Temple, the new experience in the session, and just being in the Lord's house, absolutely WONDERFUL!!!
7. The first thing Sister Williams and I did together was...
laugh so hard we cried over coin laundry. Sister Williams isn't very excited about that. hahah
8. I couldn't stop laughing when...
we cried over coin laundry. sleep deprived sister training leaders on transfer day: gotta love it:)
9. My favorite "split" this week was...
we only had one because of transfers so my favorite one was with s Aparicio again! She's such a sweetheart, a solid missionary!!!:)
10. I felt the Spirit so strongly when...
I sat inside the temple right at the beginning of the session. It was just SOO good to be back there. seriously. 9 months is a long time to be away from the temple. I mean, I feel the Spirit each day as I serve, but there's something different about being inside our Father's complete and Holy house. Absolutely filling!:)
11. Heavenly Father's love engulfed me as...
He answered my prayers in the Relief Society broadcast on Saturday as well as again in the testimony of one of the ward members on Sunday. God knows what we go through and if we pray for strength and direction, He WILL answer us and comfort us! This I know, and of this I bear testimony!
12. My favorite "study session" was...
This mornings, as I studied about giving up our souls for Jesus Christ and for the furthering in His work. We are aiding God in His work. If we don't open our mouths, we're not. It's that simple.
13. I am SO grateful for...
a. Temples of God!!
b. General Conference
c. Omelets. see (b) :)
d. Exact obedience, so I can be an instrument to bless others lives with the Truth!!
e. The Spirit. There seriously is no greater feeling.
***side note. from now on, I am going to do my best to not mention things I have already mentioned, so I can expound on things I'm grateful for each week. Just a heads up so I don't look ungrateful for God and Christ and things of which I've already written down. :) That's all.
Well, I need to be off, but please know that I still, and forever will, LOVE this Gospel! It`s true and will be forever!!! And thank heavens for that!!! God lives, and he needs assistance to complete His work. Let's aid him and share the Gospel with everyone. That's what we signed up to do, in the preexistence, as well as when we were baptized! How great is our calling!!

Love for now and for ever,
Sister De Groot:)
Missionary Invitation: last week, best week before Conference!!! Prepare like crazy!!!!! And invite someone to come and eat delicious food with you and hear the Prophet of God speak! What greater combination could there possibly be???:)