Monday, December 30, 2013

Welcome, Welcome 2014!!

Mum, PahPea, Family and Friends!!!

Hello all!! I hope everyone had a SPLENDID Christmas! I know I did, being able to see all of you!! Highlight of my day!:) So I know I told the family this on Christmas but for those who do not know, I need to tell you a couple things that happened this week that I'll probably be referring to a few times throughout today's letter...
1. on Christmas day...I may or may not have dropped our car key down the elevator shaft. bad...:)  I was just twirling it on my big (toe) thumb and I dropped it. then it bounced. and it bounced again. and then it went down. Sister Edwards and I just stared at the ground in awe. then we laughed. then we stared in awe again. yikers...but it's ok. we made an apparatus out of a curtain rod and a broken hanger to try and fish it out. upon trying 4 different times, alas! it still didn't work! but friday morning I had a prompting to try one more time in a different way, and I had been praying for this for 1.5 days so I felt like this was God answering my prayers that we'll get the key out. but actually, we go down and instead of getting the key, the superintendent saw us and told us to stop. (and the thing going through my head at this time is from the white hand book "always be wise and mature in your conduct..." yikes...) anyways LONG story short, she helps us get a hold of a couple numbers for chevy dealers and the elevator guy. to call him in- $300. yeah no. chevy dealer? $100 and it'll take a week. At this point, I was getting a little discouraged, I'll be honest, but then sister edwards says, "hey. maybe they have an extra key in the office" so we call. and sure enough, they have one! :) I was thinking about the brother of Jared and how he asks God how to get light in the barges and He says to think of something and to bring it to Him. That's kind of how I felt. Also realizing that sometimes God prompts you to do something that won't work so you can know that he's helping you minimize your options to realize what really will work. I love how He works and although I don't understand how, it ALWAYS works! :)
2. We got transferred to Mississauga, about 15 away from Etobicoke, we white washed into each others areas so we're now in a new area and we're loving it!!!:)  (Note from Sheryl - "white-washing" an area means that both missionaries are new to that area.  In this case, Janelle and her companion switched areas with another Sister companionship, so they are both white-washing each others previous areas.)

Alright, now that you know that, let's go into QUESTION TIME!!!:)
1.  Besides skyping, what did you do on Christmas Day?
We had Christmas lunch with Bishop and his family and the zone leaders, and then for dinner we went over to the Brown's. In between those two appointments...we had to walk because I dropped the car key down the elevator bad...but that's ok! We talked to lots of people on the way! We may or may not have been a bit cold but we're still alive! :):)

2.  How did your "swapping apartments" go this week?
Went well! We're unpacking EVERYTHING today and making the apartment our own because we still feel that this whole thing is surreal. ha! 
3.  Are you now in a Ward or a Branch?
Ward with 9 missionaries (3 Spanish Elders, 2 Mandarin Elders, and 4 Sisters)
4.  How big is the congregation?
Not sure how many there are usually, but Sunday there were probably about 150 people. I'm really bad at estimating persons. sorry...
5.  How big is your new area?
just a bit smaller than Etobicoke, takes about 15 minutes to drive to one end of our boundary to another, whereas Etobicoke took about 20 minutes. 
6.  Have you received your "New Years" package that I sent to Etobicoke?
not quite yet but we're looking for it!:)
7.  Is there anyone in your teaching pool in Missisaqua?
Brian is the only one at the moment and I have not yet met him because we were on exchange on Saturday, but I'll meet him tonight.:) we're praying and working to find new people to teach, we're so excited to just hit the pavement here!!! :)
8.  Did you have a chance to say good-bye to friends in Etobicoke before moving?
Yeah, a few of them. Paul and Kristen took us out for breakfast and it was DELICIOUS! I'm glad I got to say ta-ta for now to them and a few others. Sadly I couldn't say goodbye to Kim because she went to Scarborough and wouldn't respond to our messages. :( But it's ok, I'll get a hold of her again someday!:)

9.  The biggest surprise on Skype was when I saw....
All the little ones!! they're so big! and seeing family skype into skyping and mom and dad, ah man, it was all just so great! :) love you all!!  (Note from Sheryl - in order to allow Janelle to "see" and talk to all of her siblings and their families, we used our computer to Skype her in Canada, then used the iPad to Skype those family members who live outside of Utah and held the iPad screen up to the computer camera.  Worked like a charm!!)  :0)
10.  My favorite part of Christmas Eve was...
doing the read a thon! We read, as a zone, the 4 Gospels and a couple sections of Doctrine and Covenants. I LOVED reading more about our Savior and hearing the 'many testimonies which have been given of Him'! :) So beautiful!
11.  My favorite part of Christmas Day was...
Skyping with you all! I love my family so so much!!! :) ps you're all just so stinking cute. mid aged and young, because there is no one old in my family! ;)
12.  Let me tell you about my new living arrangements...
it's in the basement of a sweet Indian family who are currently going to an Anglican church. They are SO precious!! we have our own kitchen, washroom and washer and dryer! definitely a plus! the stairs are a bit slippery as sister edwards will be the first to admit because she fell down them our first day. poor girl...:) It is a wonderful little basement apartment and we're super exicted to work in this area!
13.  The first thing Sister Edwards and I did when the power came on was...
scream out of excitement and she jumped in the shower only to scream again because there was no hot water....good times. :)
14.  Please tell Ernesto (who turned 32 yesterday).....
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ERNESTO!!!!!!! remember, there's no old people, just mid aged people. ;) I love you hoodles and joodles and hope you had the greatest day of birth celebration in the whole wide world!!! LOVE YOU!
15.  My most spiritual moment of the week centered around...
Singing Silent Night for the Living Christmas Card to a members neighbors. They originally asked us to go away but upon finding out that we do believe in Jesus Christ and we were there to share testimony through music, they loved us! We both sang from our hearts and it was so apparent on their faces that they were feeling it as well. I love how God prepares some people over time to hear of our Savior and then of His Restored Gospel upon the Earth. I love seeing Him work in individuals lives, it's such a testimony to me that He is so aware of every one of us, every moment. How I love my Father in Heaven!
16.  My favorite teaching moment was....
Teaching Luanda back in Etobicoke. She's just so prepared and LOVES Jesus Christ. We read the introduction of the Book of Mormon and she was SO excited that this was simply another testament of the Lord, Jesus Christ that teaches the same Gospel Christ taught in Jerusalem. She asked "if they teach the same thing about the gospel and salvation, how come everyone doesn't know about it??" well luanda, that's why we're here, my dear! :) She's so in tune with the Spirit and I am so excited to continue seeing her progress from here in Mississauga. :)
17.  I am SO grateful for....
spare car keys 
office missionaries
Jamaicans. uh. I love them. :)
Sister Edwards and her constant positivity
Everyday to start fresh

Well, I need to head out but please know how much I love you! I sure do,
and God lives! Christ lives and They love us! Let us show to them we love them too by being exactly obedient in every aspect of our lives. If the Savior stood beside you....would you do the things you do? How great is our calling!!

Love for now and for ever,
Sister De Groot :)

MERRY CHRISTMAS from Sister Edwards and Sister De Groot!!!
Missionary Invitation: Upon making new years resolutions, make one for missionary work, maybe how many people you'll invite to meet with missionaries this year or monthly or quarterly, it's up to you. But I invite you to make missionary work a focus this year, let's reach out to those who are "kept from the truth only because they know not where to find it"! Love you all!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Drop the last syllable and it becomes the Spirit of CHRIST. :) MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Mum, PahPea, Family and Friends!!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM ETOBICOKE, ONTARIO!! :) First off, let me thank ALL of you who have sent me letters and gifts, and ornaments for my tree. I really do appreciate all the love and support! I truly do feel the love and prayers of each one of you, so thank you so so much!! My companion appreciates it too, actually, because her packages got sent to her last apartment and she probably won't get them until sometime mid-late January. :( So she's definitely grateful that we have decorations and a stocking for her from you, mom!!!:) THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
Ok, so to start out this greatness of this week, let me introduce you to the effects of Ontario weather...ahem...basically our entire assigned area has no power, including our building. haha!! Because of the freezing rain and cold temperatures Saturday night, the power lines froze over and most of our area has no electricity.

But before you worry, we're doing fine, we've taken precautions and have enough supplies, but just picture this-Sister Edwards and I wake up Sunday morning to see our Christmas lights completely off, it being absolutely FREEZING and for some silly reason our washroom lights won't turn on. so naturally, we got ready in the dark! haha my eyeliner on Sunday may or may not have been a little higher than where it's supposed to be....;) Because our hallway and stairwell lights are out as well, we've been using our phone to walk out the building. But then, a tender mercy, Sister Edwards found her flashlight!!! and then 2 hours later...she left it at our investigators house. hahaha but you know what's great, although this situation is making some people a little bit grouchy on the streets, we find it absolutely HILARIOUS!!! So what? We don't have light...Christ Lives! and in our opinion, He's all the Light we need!:) and Yes mom, we have enough food, blankets, and everything we need to keep us safe and healthy, I promise! :) so we're going strong on day two without power, we're hoping it'll be on by tomorrow afternoon, but there really isn't any promising that...apparently this happened about 7 years ago and it lasted a week. PHEW! good thing I don't get too scared of the dark! :) We were actually informed today by president that we can make arrangements to stay with other missionaries or with a member in the meantime, so we'll be working on that today. :) good times...good times. :)

And it's Christmas this week!! what the crazy!?! I Hope that all of you have a splendid Christmas and know that I love and pray for you daily!!!:) I love you all!!!! what a wonderful holiday season it is!!!

speaking of Christmas, let's do our Christmas question time!!!:)
1.  WHAT TIME should I call you (or are you calling me)?  SKYPE?  YES, PLEASE!!!
We planned for 7:00 here, so 5:00 your time, would that work? If you would call the skype here, that would be great, I'll send you her name and information so you too can contact each other and make sure skype works, sound good? :)
2.  ASSUMING I'm calling you, I need a number (or email, etc.)...
I'll give it to you in the next email, it's Kristen and Paul :)
3.  How excited are you to talk with your family?!?  :0)
super duper excited!!! crazy to think that I'm skyping you again, though. times flies! I'm excited to see you all!!!!!!
4.  I forgot to ask you last week if you received the package with the Nativity?  (Did you see the note to open the envelope that was taped to the bottom of the box?)
I sure did and thank you so much!!!!! our cute little nativity is almost complete with just a couple more days to go, and it sits on our kitchen table to we can see it every day and especially at night when we plan together. :) and my goodness everyone, thank you for the ornaments, there are SOOO many of them, I am still trying to fit them all on the tree!!!:) Thank you oh so much! oh and I'm wearing the sweater now, thanks a million, mom! SO warm :)
5.  Have you received any other packages, and/or ornaments in the mail?
I've been getting lots of letters, so thank you so much!:) I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!! can you tell...?;)
6.  How are you and Sister Edwards getting along?
We're getting along SO well! She is such an incredible missionary, my goodness!  She is such a powerhouse! She has such a strong testimony and she LOVES obedience, so her and I will get along VERY well!:) She is so gentle and Christlike, I already look up to her so much!
7.  What can you tell me about her?  (where is she from, how long has she been out, etc...)
From Layton, Utah, She came out the transfer after me, in February, is the oldest of 2 siblings, and is 19!!! my goodness, she's just so great!!!:)
8.  The Caldwell's went home?!?  Where do they live?
almost, they are staying a few extra days to train the new senior couple, so I think they're driving home on Saturday. They live in Lehi somewhere. note exactly sure where...ha just over by thanksgiving point, they're living with their daughter I believe
9.  Other than talking with your family, what are your plans for Christmas Eve and Christmas?
We're doing a read-a-thon with the other missionaries! We're reading the 4 gospels, Doctrine and Covenants, and the Pearl of Great Price! woot woot! SO SO SO excited!!!:) and Sister Edwards and I are going to have pancakes Christmas morning...if we have power, that is...:)

10.  David is doing....
SOOO well! He even referred us to his friend, Luanda, and we're teaching her now too! She's actually the one who has our flashlight now...:) She is SO prepared and is asking where she came from, what's the purpose of this life, why are there so many churches, why do bad things happen to good people, all the questions that are truly answered by our Heavenly Father's restored Gospel! How wonderful it was to see the light enter her eyes that she's found the truth! She wants to go to church SOOOO bad but it was canceled again yesterday due to the weather, and so we're making arrangements this week to make sure that she can get to some ward in the area! :) Ah, they are both doing tremendously! all I can say is repentance truly does change people! all possible because of our Savior Jesus Christ! How beautiful the act of the Atonement is!
11.  The best thing about Christmas in the Mission Field is....
Doing the Living Christmas Card. We go to people's homes and give them a card from their member friend as we sing hymns and share scripture about the Savior's birth. It is such a wonderful experience! I love it so so much! 
12.  Sister Edwards and I have bonded over....
slipping on the ice. many a times. :) oh. and singing lead kindly light in the pitch black. boy, she has a beautiful voice!
13.  Our Ward's Christmas Sacrament Meeting consisted of...
people speaking in spanish because we went to the spanish ward. all the english ones were canceled and we really wanted to partake of the sacrament. hey, I understood about 55% of it! :)
14.  This week we spent most of our time...
talking to people on the streets!! there are people everywhere, I love it!
15.  My favorite personal study session centered around...
sanctifying ourselves to become humble. There are 2 different ways to become humble, one is "to be compelled to be humble" and the other is "because of the word" or "choosing" to be humble. We're compelled to be humble through difficulty and trials. whereas we choose to be humble because of love, desire, forgiveness to others, serving a mission, rendering service, going to the temple, confessing and forsaking sin, ultimately loving God and submitting our will to His, and putting Him first in our lives. Why do we allow ourselves to have to be humbled by circumstances when we can choose to be humble? I studied how I should, in every situation, learn something new and take inventory of my humility. I came to the conclusion that to be humble is to Love God and love His ways more than our own. that sounds so simple. yet, I make it too difficult sometimes, I guess we all do. But we don't need to, thanks to Our Savior! :)
16.  Our best companion study time was about...
Our conversion. The knowledge that we have, and simply studying the Restoration of the Gospel with each other. We have such incredible knowledge as members of our Father's Church! How incredible is that!??! :)
17.  I am so grateful for...
flashlights and warm blankets (thank you sister williams for leaving yours for me!!!!:))
the Spirit - a universal language
Our Savior's humble birth
Well, I must be off, but let us have the most wonderful Christmas ever! If the turkey isn't cooked right, or the cookies fall on the ground, or the presents don't turn out the way you planned, let us all remember the real reason for the season; the celebration of the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. I know that He lives! I know that He loves me and He loves you! For He died for all of us so that we may be cleansed from our sin. I know that because He taught "one direct way" to return to our Father, I know that there is still one direct way to return to Him, and that is through His Church. I know that His Church is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, for I have searched myself, and amidst my questions and concerns, I asked my Father in prayer if these things, (the Book of Mormon, the teachings I was learning from my family and from church lessons, etc), were true. And I testify that I know that they are true, for our Father has manifested them unto me by the power of the Holy Ghost, many many times! This is His church, and it's not to prove others wrong, it's to invite all to come fully and completely to our Savior, Jesus Christ! and how BEAUTIFUL the witness I have received and now have to declare it to all! How great is our calling!!!
Love for now and for ever,
Sister De Groot :)
Missionary Invitation: It's Christmas! Go do something unexpected for someone you care about! You know what's unexpected for you, so go do it. :) and when I say this, I mean something unexpected that's GOOD, please. I don't want to be blamed for criminal conduct, thanks. :) I love you all!!!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Alma 29 :)

Mum, PahPea, Family and Friends!!!

OH MY GOODNESS, HI!!!! So here's the thing, I love you all so much. seriously, so much!!! I can't express just how much I love you all. I wish I could but nope. I sure can't. :) Speaking of people I love so much...ahem...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESSIE SHEPHERD!!!!!!!!! :):):) I hope you have the most fantastic birthday in the whole wide world!!!! You're the greatest! eyup. eyup you are. :) Love you Jessie!!

Well, I know that there's SO MUCH you would like to know about, so let's dive right into....
1.  TRANSFERS....what's happening?
Sister Williams is going home :( I am staying here and going to be with a new sister training leader sister Edwards. I hear she is awesome but I have not yet met her, but I sure am excited!!!:)
2.  Christmas phone calls - Skype again???  Do you have specifics yet?  (Approximate time of day, how long you get to talk, etc....) 
Eyup, we are skyping again, of course, if you'd like to, of course:) We don't have specifics yet because we didn't want to make plans in case i got transferred. We'll get specifics for this week and let you know next week for sure:)
3.  Ornaments - approximately how many have you received?
oh yikes! I forgot a picture. of course I would do that. I've probably received about....50. yeah, that sounds right.
4.  Are you attaching pictures of your "tree" today?  (hint, hint!)
eye sowwy........
5.  Have you been able to contact Musa?
sadly no. Because of the busy season, we're going to contact him after Christmas. We'll keep trying to get him to church :)
6.  Are you staying warm?
Eyup :) I seriously think I should become a professional at layering to block ontario wind. I'm getting pretty good at it. :) Thank you so much for all the scarves and tights you've sent me, I seriously appreciate it, more than you'll know unless of course you move to Ontario Canada.:)
7.  I know upstate NY got dumped on with snow this past week.  Did you see much in Toronto?
We sure did! We didn't get a ton but they did cancel church. In all honesty, not really sure why, we were all really confused about it, but we were able to go to the weston ward instead and there were 18 missionaries there!! crazy! haha so glad that we're in Toronto so we can go to a church service in another area:)

8.  The highlight of my week was when...
We taught David about the Plan of Salvation and he accepted it immediately! The light of Christ that came into his eyes was incredible!! 
9.  With Sister Williams going home this week, I feel...
Super sad to lose her as a companion yet super excited to hear about the impact she is going to have around those back home, because she definitely is a spiritual giant!:)
10.  I laughed so hard when...
a cockroach ran through our kitchen and we were on followup calls with our district leader elder leonard and we screamed super loud. and then we grabbed our roach spray and sprayed it thinking it died. then a minute later, it jumped super high and we screamed again. poor elder leonard. we probably burst his eardrums. haha SOO funny!
11.  I'm so excited about...
BEING COMPANIONS WITH SISTER EDWARDS!!!:) ooper dooper excited:)
12.  This week I went on exchanges to (inset place) with (insert who).....
Both here in Etobicoke with Hermana Reid and Hermana Barron
13.  The best thing about going to the Caldwell's for food is....
Just being around Sister and Elder Caldwell! They are going home next week so I'm glad we got to spend time with them before they left. They are so great, I just love them both so much!!!:)
14.  When we attended our Ward's Christmas party, we....
Divided and conquered and talked to every person there, including the 15 nonmembers there! I love church activities, there are so many opportunities to talk to SOO many people!!!:)
15.  My favorite Study Session this week was....
I was reading Alma 29 and putting myself in Alma's shoes. I was thinking about how sometimes we wish that we could be in a certain place or doing something specific with other specific people other than what we're doing at a certain time, but then are awakened to the purpose of right here and right now. Alma was awakened to such when he says that he wants to share repentance and the plan of salvation to all because he knows them to be true. But then he realizes in verse 6 that because he knows this, he's foolish to wish to be in another place, in another state, for to this spot is where he'd been called by God to labor in his vineyard. "Now, seeing that I know these things, why should I desire more than to perform the work to which I have been called?....therefore we see that the Lord doth counsel in wisdom, according to that which is just and true. I know that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory, that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy." How incredible it is that we can look at where we are, right here, right now and know that we're here for a reason! We can learn from every spot we're here and in every spot, there is a way to share the Gospel. I am so grateful for the knowledge I have of the truthfulness of this gospel and the opportunity I have to share it at this time here in Etobicoke and now with Sister Edwards! So excited to continue to learn more and more!!!:):):)
16.  I am so grateful for....
All of you. seriously. so much.
Consecration to the gospel of Jesus Christ
Sister Williams. goodness I love her...
Well I need to go, and always remember, The Church is true!!! Every ounce of joy I have is stemmed from the Restored Gospel of our Savior, Jesus Christ! and it can be for you too, if you let it! Everything comes through experience, and I can testify that experiencing life as a disciple of Jesus Christ and then consecrating yourself to it will either solve or give you the strength to conquer every worry, trial, and hardship in your life! I testify that Jesus is, indeed, the Christ! He was born, He died, He rose, and He lives all because He loves us!! It is only through Him that we can find peace and absolutely assuredy of the truth of this restored gospel! Remember, it's either all true or it's not, and I testify it is true!!! and I get to share it alongside of you, oh, how GREAT is our calling!!:)
Love for now and for ever,
Sister De Groot :)
Missionary Invitation: Let's play "share your favorite scripture about the Savior's birth with someone that you love" :) I'll do it too!:) I love you so much!!! have a wonderful week!!!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Bestest week in the whole wide world!! :)

Mum, Pahpea, Family, and Friends!!

Hello everyone!! What a busy and spiritually uplifting week we had here in the Canada Toronto Mission!!! We had 2 exchanges, zone conference, a specialty meeting with President Holstrom of the 70, our ward Christmas Party, and a baptism just before it by the Elders. A FANTASTIC week!!:) I'll do my best to give it all justice, but I don't have all that much time today, so sorry for lack of description!
Mmm k now let's answer some questions!
1.  What is something that the Canadians do for Christmas that isn't so common in the USA?
Boxing Day is the day after Christmas with crazy deals and it's an actual holiday! yeah. it's crazy. haha
2.  How much snow have you had so far?
not much-it snowed last night about half an inch, so not too much right now. But definitely expecting it's going to be a much colder winter than it was earlier this year, that's for sure!
3.  On a scale of 1 to 10, how cold has it been?
see, it's not been too cold. but the wind is what's the worst! so without the wind, I'd say a 5. with the wind, let's go with an 8. or 9. ya know. they're both good. :)
4.  Should I bother asking about the "car fast"?  (sorry....couldn't resist!)
haha yeah, we did it yesterday and we invited everyone to come with us to church and to the devotional last night and although no one came, we got some numbers and met TONS of people! goodness, I love the buses! honestly, I miss being in bus areas so much!!! ah London. good times. :)
5.  Have you been receiving "ornaments" in the mail?
I HAVE!! thank you so much, we truly appreciate it!! We have our tree set up in our living room and it just looks so precious!:) Sorry, I didn't take a picture of what it looks like now, but I'll do it for next week for sure! I really do appreciate it, thank you so much!!! 
6.  How is Paul doing?
He's doing SOO well! He was confirmed yesterday and received the Gift of the Holy Ghost and he was so incredibly happy all day! We saw him last night and he was just so peaceful. It was so inspiring to see! He is just so happy and I love it so much! and he is working towards receiving the priesthood! woot woot!:)
7.  Musa?
SUPER busy because he works at the airport and because of the busy season, he's at work lots and lots so we haven't been able to get a hold of him this week. :( hopefully this week though! after all, last week, best week!:)

8.  I'm excited for.....
going to the Caldwells for food today!!!!:)
9.  I couldn't believe it when....
we planned for week 6 of transfers last week. crazy sauce.
10.  The most embarrassing moment of the week was....
when Kim's daughter came up to me at the Christmas party and started twirling my skirt up in the air. um yeah....awkward much...ha Thank heavens I have fast reflexes!
11.  Sister Williams and I bonded over....
tastey pancakes Sunday morning and a Christmas music dance party to break form weekly planning:)
12.  This weeks splits included....
Going to Toronto West with Sister Kurtz and here in Etobicoke with Sister Christenson:)
13.  I feel so happy because....
I get to be companions with Sister Williams. if only you people knew how awesome this girl is, then you'd know what I'm talking about.

14.  My testimony increased this week when.....
I went to all the mission meetings this week! SOO great! president Holstrom came and spoke on rising up to become the missionary you chose to be in the pre-existence. I was then thinking of every calling we will ever receive here throughout our lives, and how we should rise up to fulfill no matter what we're called to do. How cool is this Gospel, eh?:)
15.  I love the gospel because....
it's true.
16.  My gut feeling about transfers next week is....
I'm staying and I'm getting a new companion! very accurate, I believe :)
17.  I am so grateful for.... 
My life
My Savior
My family
My conversion

Well, I need to head out, but allow the Spirit to touch you as I testify that our Savior and Redeemer LIVES! This is His restored Gospel here upon the Earth today! I have no doubt that this is His church and He knows we can become our best self through Him and His teachings! I love this truth, and I love my conversion! and now I get to share it with all alongside you! How great is our calling!
Love for now and for ever,
Sister De Groot:)
Missionary Invitation - study Luke chapter 2 and pray for an opportunity to share it and then follow up with yourself. :)

Monday, December 2, 2013

BEST WEEK in the whole wide world!!!!!

Mum, PahPea, Family and Friends!!

HELLO!! I hope you all had the greatest Thanksgiving in the whole wide world! Incredible happenings took place this week! Including Thanksgiving, Mission Leadership Council, exchanges, and of course, Paul's baptism!!! WOOT WOOT! It was such an incredible day to see him and his sweet family take one step closer to being an eternal family! Oh, the joy that this restored gospel brings to those who fully embrace it! I love it so much and I love Paul and his family so so much!:)

Shout out to sweet little Elin! Happy birthday sweet pea! I love you so much and pray for you daily! I hope you're growing up big and strong! I hope you have the greatest day ever and know that I love you oh, so much!:) happy birthday!
Alright, let's answer some questions now, mmm k?
1.  Did you receive your Thanksgiving package in time for Thanksgiving?
I sure did!!! thank you so so much!!! Paul and Kristen had us over for some delicious French Onion soup so we have not been able to make the food but we're planning a Thismas Dinner to combine Thanksgiving and Christmas before Sister Williams leaves me to go home. :) Thanks for providing the food!!!:) We greatly appreciate it!
2.  What about any other packages?  (be specific, please)
I got 2 Christmas packages today!! one that has our awesome christmas tree and another with a note that said I wasn't allowed to open anything in the package until Christmas.....:) don't worry. I won't. I can't promise sister williams will hold out that long, though. ;) just kidding!:)
3.  How did your "car fast" go yesterday?
Yikes, I'm getting called to repentance again. We were so excited for it, but needed to get things done for paul's baptism that required the car...We're making it up this week though!:)
4.  Tell me about Paul's baptism
SOOO good!!! He was so incredibly soft the whole time, you could just tell by the look on his face that he was feeling the Spirit so strong throughout the whole service. So many people were there to support him because the ward has grown quite close to him and they showed their love for him by attending. :) President and Sister Scott were also there because Paul invited them personally when we went and taught at the mission home last Monday night. Boy, I love those two so much, that's for sure!:) Just look at the sweet picture of their family and tell me they are not the happiest little family in the whole wide world?!:)

5.  How is David doing?
We ran into a road block with David because of some situations he's in right now, but he definitely wants to continue coming to church so we'll continue to see him at church each week!:)
6.  Other investigators?
Musa-coolest person in the world! He's originally from Sera Leon Africa and recently from Queens New York so he has quite the colorful language occassionally...haha He has a wife and 2 girls, all who LOVE Jesus Christ! We plan on teaching them again tonight and so so excited!:)
7.  Will your ward change it's meeting time schedule in January?
I'm not sure...maybe...haha

8.  On Thanksgiving Day, I.....
was ooper thankful and ate so much french onion soup I could die. and made those pumpkin bars and they were DELICIOUS!
9.  My favorite teaching moment was...
Sharing the restoration of the gospel with Musa and him replying "my spirit agrees." yes please! I love the Spirit so much!!!! Testifies of truth, after all!:)
10. The funniest thing that happened this week was... there we were in the middle of teaching Musa the Plan of Salvation, when I smell smoke. upon looking around, I realize that a candle that was on a shelf hung up on the wall had been cracked on the side and the wax was dripping like crazy down the wall and onto the ground. Once I got there to blow out the candle, I realized that the wax was dripping into a giant puddle and splashing all over Sister Fernandez's shoes, the member who came with us to the appointment. *see attached picture. so while Sister Williams and sister fernandez continued teaching the lesson, I was on the ground scraping off the wax from off her shoes and the wall, and listening to Musa get so excited about the Plan of Salvation! So I contributed towards the end of that lesson, the corner. hahaha SOO funny! good times. good times...:)

11.  Please tell Elin....
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETHEART!!!!!! I love you hoodles and you are SOO big now, cutie! you're so precious, learn to run so you and I can play tag!:) LOVE YOU!
12.  When I saw all the pictures you sent, I couldn't believe...
How big Elin and Nina are! How adorable my parents and brother are! and How awesome Ryan's coat is!!!;) and shelby! She's cute!:)
13.  One way I feel blessed as a missionary is....
Being able to work with incredible sons and daughters of God! I may have never met them here in this mortal life before, but I'm sure I knew them before! :)
14.  I felt so good when...
I heard Musa pray. so sincere, so simple, and so beautiful!
15.  The Spirit was so strong when...
We saw Paul enter the waters of baptism. I cannot describe the feeling that came over me. simply put; I might have teared a little. just a wee bit. :)
16.  Exchanges this week included....
Sister Nuttall and Sister Bishop both here in Etobicoke!:)
17.  I am so grateful for....
Christmas ornaments and packages ;)
cameras to document awesome moments
Paul and Kristen and their family
the ordinance of baptism
Well, I hope you have another a fantastic week! this Gospel is so true! Nothing brings me greater joy! I know that this is God's work, were it not, I would not be feeling the tremendous emotions I experience everyday I work harder than I've ever worked in my life. His Truth is restored, and He wants all to know of it, therefore, I want all to know the Truth as well! Let's share it with each other, for I know that this is the only way that we can return to live our Father in Heaven, and how beautiful that knowledge is!!! We have the truth, now let's go share it with all we know and love! How great is our calling!
Love for now and for ever,
Sister De Groot:)
Missionary Invitation: I saw a new Christmas Mormon Message about Christmas in Relief Society, maybe it's not new....but it's the one with the kids doing the play; first invite: go watch it. :) secondly, share it with someone and share your feelings as you watched it with them! let's soften each other's hearts this Christmas, one by one!:)