Monday, June 24, 2013


Mum, Pah Pea, family and friends!
Romans 1:16; "For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek."
Yesterday was the most incredible broadcast ever in the whole wide world!!! ah! If you didn't see it, I'm sure it's available somewhere. I'm just not sure should watch it. and let it change you because my goodness it was INCREDIBLE!!!:) S Dyer and I as well as a handful of missionaries were grinning from ear to ear as we watched that broadcast! Missionary work, in ALL forms, is absolutely incredible! So go ahead. catch the wave. (!) :)  (For those interested in viewing the video Janelle refers to, here's the link: )

I have LOTS to say today so let's jump in to.....QUESTION TIME!!!
1.  How was PollyAnna's first week as a member?
Well we taught her Tuesday night for a bit, and when she said "I'm a Mormon" we made her say it like 3 times, because she was grinning from ear to ear!:) Such a cutie, I just love her!!! Although, she is facing a lot of discrimination from her family members, so please keep her in your prayers. She has no doubt that the Restored Gospel is true, and she's an incredibly strong woman, but I'm sure she'd appreciate some prayers of comfort and love on her behalf. Thanks sunshines!!:)
2.  Is Charles still scheduled for July 7th?  (I love reading about his progression!  It sounds like he's really learning to turn things over to the Lord.  What an important thing to understand!!)
SURE IS!!! He's doing SOOOO well! He came to church yesterday and liked it a lot, he especially loved the baptism we invited him to. (quick side note to life....DON GOT BAPTIZED YESTERDAY!!!!:) Remember him from my being in the family ward with S Zerkle? Yeah, he got baptized yesterday and I don't think I've seen him ever be happier!!!:) SO great to be able to still be in London to see that happen!!:)) Charles noticed that some family members of both Don and the other young girl that was being baptized were there and he got so excited and said he was going to invite SO many people to his baptism so that they can feel this good, too!:) He really is doing absolutely INCREDIBLE! The branch president also gave him a blessing after church which Charles explained was the 'greatest he'd felt in a long time" :) I absolutely love watching this Gospel change people's lives, for it truly does to each person who allows it to. How beautiful and simple our loving Father is!!!:)
3.  Any success in meeting with Katie?
negative. we're trying, though! we're planning to invite her to an activity the branch is having next weekend so we'll see if some fun with the branch gets her excited to learn more!?:)
4.  Have you received any packages from me at your Wonderland address?  (LOVE the name of your street!  Also, did you know that your apartment number is the same as Grandma/Grandpa DeGroot's house number?  Numerical Trivia at it's finest!!)  
hahaha I have to admit...I had no idea that it was G'ma and G'pas address. But hey, that's cool! haha And yes I did receive a WONDERFUL package at my wonderland address (ha. see what I did there?! ah man, I'm so funny...!:)). S Dyer and I felt so at home with our individual package of American Oreos, plus some!:) oh, and LOVE the shirts!!! Thank you so much!!! Definitely needed here in this incredibly humid summer!:) LOVE YOU!!!!
5.  Transfers are next week already?  Any feelings as to whether or not you'll go or stay?  (And whether or not Sister Dyer will stay with you?)  (FYI - we received an email from the office that your P-day next week will be on Wednesday, July 3rd)
hmmm.....I'm pretty sure we're both staying here, since S Dyer is only 6 weeks into her 12 week training, but hey, you never know! haha yes, p-day is next wednesday so don't be too worried if nothing comes on monday. because nothing will. ha!:)
6.  BEST TEACHING moment of the week...
teaching Charles about the law of tithing. He said it just makes sense to give back a portion to God because He's already given us everything we have. He even asked if he could start paying his tithing now and not have to wait til his baptism in 2 weeks! :) We also talked about how far he's come in the past 4 weeks and he bore his testimony to us, saying that because he never came to church before was because he felt inadequate, and he didn't feel he had his answer about whether what we were telling him was the truth. but this past week, he said he got his answer that this is true, and this is what will truly bring him ultimate happiness now and forever! How awesome is he???:) He seriously is beginning to glow as he comes to feel for himself that he has a Father in Heaven who loves him dearly, and he thanks us all the time for showing him that we care. :) To everyone that has, is currently, or will ever share the Gospel either with or without a name-tag, LOVE IS THE KEY!!!:) every. time. :)
7.  FUNNIEST moment of the week....
well, we bought a box of 42 packets of fruit snacks last monday. The funniest was when we went to get one this morning...we discovered there are only 2 packets left.....eyup. we like our fruit snacks. :)
8.  MOST EMBARRASSING moment of the week....
surprisingly...nothing! Go Sister De Groot, eh???;)
9.  BEST COMPANION BONDING moment of the week....
S Dyer and I volunteered to help clean and organize a members apartment that hasn't been to church in a while, and as we did so, we just laughed and worked hard the whole time. It was just a really good experience both for the member and us to feel the Spirit so strong as we tried to make room in her apartment for the Spirit to reside! I love S Dyer so much!!!:)
10.  BIGGEST 'Ah-Ha' of the week....
Saturday morning personal study was just SOOO good!:) Let me just explain my thought process...I was reading in the book "Our Search For Happiness" by Elder Ballard, and in it he tells of his grandfather who, as he prayed fervently for guidance on his mission, was led into a room here the Savior sat. he tells of the inexplicable joy that overcame him, and the unquenchable love and beauty that emanated from the Savior. I began to think of that instance, and Joseph Smith who saw the Father and the Savior standing side by side, and other prophets who have literally seen and talked with the Savior and God face to face. I imagined all of us in a room where our Father and Christ stood at the head, beckoning to all of us to 'come'. The only problem is, we're all blindfolded. We can't literally see them. Some are chosen to be leaders and are granted the removal of their blindfold, while the rest of us continue to be aimless wanderers with no sight or direction. It is through those who do see that Truths are restored and organization is made so that we may experience direction and purpose for ourselves. the glorious formula, though, is that we don't have to and shouldn't simply accept what those, who claim to be seers, say for Truth, but that we can and should ask the Source Himself, and he will let us know, through the power of the Holy Ghost. We are all in His presence, we just don't see Him. In order to feel Him there, we must humble ourselves and ask, and then Listen. If we ask and then plug our ears and make noise, He's not going to answer, well, He might, we just won't be listening. I can testify that  He does answer. He did when I asked, because I listened, and will continue to do so. I'm still walking blindly, by faith, but He directs  me if I simply listen. Sometimes we, both members and nonmembers alike, over-complicate life. It's simple; ask. listen. and follow. You must submit that you don't know everything, that you just need help. Once you realize that, ask for the help, but from the right Source; Our Father in Heaven. He knows what's best for you, even when you don't agree. Submit to His will; ask. listen. and follow through.  I can testify with all of the fervency of my soul, that Jesus is the Christ! That our Father Lives, that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is, indeed, the Lord's Kingdom on the Earth again today, and found therein, are the necessary doctrines and principles that, if submitted to, will bring peace, joy, and happiness in this life and eternal salvation in the life to come. Thank heavens I have been blinded all this time that I may become humble and learn to see with my heart!
11.  STRONGEST testimony-strengthening experience of the week...
watching S Dyer bear her testimony to 4 young girls we met last night. My companion is such an incredible missionary, I cannot even express it to you! Unless she speaks by the Spirit, she will not say anything, which is such a profound lesson for me to learn, since I talk. a lot. But learning to quiet down the fluff and just speak from the heart with the Spirit, then will success come. Yesterday we contacted four 14-15 year olds in their neighborhood and S Dyer bore to them a simple yet so powerful testimony about the Book of Mormon and our Savior Jesus Christ, and how it is the Source of guidance and direction in our lives, and honestly the Truth. It was so inspiring to feel of the Spirit as she testified and invited them to take part of this glorious truth. ah. I just love her so much!!! Thank you to her parents for raising this incredible woman who is now my companion and one of my best friends!:)
Well, my lovelies, it's about that time. I want you all to know that I know without a doubt that this Restored Gospel is true!!! Yesterday, during the work of salvation broadcast, Elder Perry talked about little kids playing soccer, with no organization or much success because of lack of understanding, not lack of desire. Let us not be missionaries in such a way. Let us understand the basic doctrines and then continue to build up our knowledge and testimony from there, for the best place to start is where you are at right now. God lives. Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer. The Bible, as far as it is translated correctly, is true. the Book of Mormon is true. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the Lord's one true church. Don't believe me? "Ye shall know them by their fruits..." The fruit, the evidence, is the Book of Mormon. So read it, ponder it, and ask your Father in prayer. and Remember to ask. listen. and then follow. I love you all! HOW GREAT IS OUR CALLING!!!
Love for now and forever,
Sister De Groot:)
Missionary Invitation: For those return missionaries, pick up your journals from your mission. Don't know where they are? Go find them, and then begin to read them. Once you do, and have that desire to help in the salvation of one of your brethren or sisters, go out and share the Gospel. also become familiar, all who read this, with the new section, Hastening the Work of Salvation. and see what you can do to help in the spreading of this Glorious Truth!!!:)

Monday, June 17, 2013

eye. el oh vee ee. tea aych eye es(!) (Translation: I LOVE THIS!)

Mum. Pah Pea, family, and friends!!

Hello there! we had such an incredible week, this letter won't even be able to come close to expressing how I feel from this week! But first and foremost, I need to do a couple of shoutouts because I didn't last week...

First, to the greatest Pops in the whole wide world....HAPPY FATHERS DAY, DADDY!!!:) I love you so much and hope you had a splendid day! I know you got a little email from me and a shoutout today, but a letter is coming for you! (and you too, mom, don't you worry. ;)) You are such an incredible example to me and hope you know that someone in London, Ontario loves you!!!!:) You're my hero, pahpea!:)

Secondly, I must welcome home all of my friends who have recently returned home from their missions!!! WELCOME HOME!!! I'm sure it's different than what you've been doing for the past 2 years, but just remember how you felt each transfer call-The Lord simply transferred you to this area at this time for the benefit of His children! Don't you forget that!:) Love you all and hope you have a wonderful adjustment. :) And if you want, you're more than welcome to right me. just saying....;) Welcome home, guys!

one last shoutout to anyone who's birthday I missed or special occasion that I probably should have remembered but didn't....I'm ooper sorry but please know that I still love you! I just have an awful memory...:) LOVE YOU, GOOBS!!!

alright. I think we're good. now on to....
1.  How did Polly Ana's baptism go?
oh my goodness gracious it went so well!!!!  Her day was just absolutely INCREDIBLE!!! She felt the spirit so strong as she was baptized! There were also 2 other Chinese YSA's that got baptized yesterday, it was so wonderful! PollyAnna said "I am really glad I'm getting baptized on Father's Day because I feel it's a wonderful present to my Heavenly Father." How sweet is she???? Seriously, she is such an incredible daughter of our Heavenly Father, and our sister! She's so grateful and powerful in being a disciple of Jesus Christ. Her picture makes her look really young, but she's not. she's 24. haha Love her so much!:) 

2.  How is Charles this week?
He's doing well. He's making lots of progression towards his baptism but was unable to make it to church yesterday so we have to push his baptism back a week toJuly 7, but he's still progressing towards it!!:) He's becoming so much more sincere in his prayers, it's astounding!!! The first time we met with him, he found it super awkward and didn't know what to say, but now, he pours out his heart and asks for strength, it's absolutely incredible! :)
3.  Katie?
She got super busy this week between school and work so she couldn't come to either women at the well or church so we're trying to work with our ward mission leader to try and set up a time to with her soon this week.
4.  How did the "Women at the Well" program go?
wasn't able to go because we didn't have an investigator coming but I heard it was incredible!!:)
5.  Have you been receiving mail at your new apartment?
Sure have! oh, which reminds me...Sister Zerkle said she got a package notice for me at the old apartment about 2 weeks ago and that I had to go pick it up, but when we went, they said they already sent it back to the I'm not really sure who it was from or what it was but whoever it is, you are more than welcome to send it to my new apartment, the address on wonderland (mom, you have that up, right?), if not, don't worry about it!:) Love you!

Sister Janelle De Groot
710 Wonderland Road #303
London, ON
N6H 4W1

6.  What do you see when you look out your apartment window?
a giant tree and a bunch of squirrels that look like rats because they're huge. and black. ha! but from our patio, we see another huge tree and a bunch of high rises around us. We like our trees, it reminds me of washington and mom singing to me while the trees "danced" in the storm. :) precious moments...:)
7.  BEST teaching moment of the week
Last night. oh my goodness SOO cool! So we were out in this student housing area knocking on doors as it was POURING rain and in the middle of a storm. poor sister Dyer was a tad bit scared...I felt so bad...anyways so we distinctly felt to knock on one particular door, so we did. A nice girl from India opened the door and she immediately let us in because of the rain. Her two roommates were there, both from India as well, and we taught them the wondrous Plan of Salvation, and they were absolutely drawn to everything we were talking about and asked us for copies of the Book of Mormon. Good thing we had plenty, eh?!:) The Spirit was so strong as we testified of how this Truth has blessed us in our lives, and how it can bless theirs as well. They do have finals this week so we won't be able to go back until next wednesday, but they all committed to read and pray about the Book of Mormon, their names are Bunthada, Rimpi, and Vedita! They are SOOOOO awesome!!!:) ah. missionary work is just so great.(!)
8.  FUNNIEST moment of the week
We contacted someone who, once he saw our names, introduced himself saying "well, HI, sistas! Muh name's Brutha Wesley!" eyup. good times here in London. haha
9.  MOST EMBARRASSING moment of the week 
so...we had zone conference this past week and the assistants thought it would be a great idea to ask me and Sister Sorensen, a sister I came out with, talk about asking inspired questions to the entire zone and do a demonstration. needless to say, I was terrefied. seriously. Anyways, so we're discussing with everyone and then I introduce the role play, where I am going to be the person on the street and we called up a companionship to contact me and ask inspired questions. So in my head, I made up a certain person who they could contact and was thinking about how I would respond to their questions. But because I was so preoccupied with thinking about my personality and interests, I totally forgot to think of a name for myself. So they walk up to me and stop me by saying "Hi! we're missionaries in the area, what's your name?" To which my mind forgot my first name and went immediately from Sister De Groot to me shouting out..."uh...STEVE! wait...." the entire room of missionaries just erupted in laughter! What?...seriously Sister De Groot? steve? I couldn't help but laugh at myself, realizing what I just did, and had to quickly say Jess and move on with the role play. ah man. haha then later, the assistants asked me to role play with them, and at the beginning, elder sommerfeldt says "so what's your name...steve?" hahaha yeah no. :) something tells me this won't be let go for a while...good thing I'm used to being awkward, eh? ha!
10.  BEST COMPANION BONDING moment of the week
Well we went on exchanges this past week, where I went to Brantford with one of our sister training leaders, sister Tuia and it was absolutely incredible! I love sister Tuia so much! But being away from Sister Dyer felt so weird, I have to be honest. haha so when we got back together, it was, ah, it was just so good to see her! Definitely made our companionship even closer!:)
11.  What memory do you have of dad that has influenced you for the better?
There is no way I could limit it to just one time, because there are so many! From hearing stories, dad, about your mission, watching you treat your family with love and kindness, coming home from basketball on saturday mornings and without fail getting a really nasty sweaty hug from you, hearing you call me peaches every morning and night, taking me on my first date as a new 16 year old, Seeing your face at each one of my sisters weddings and noticing how much you truly do treasure what means most to you, and just being the pops you are!:) Everything you've done as long as I can remember, has taught me to be a better person, and for that, I thank you so much!!! I love you so much, pops!!!:)
well, my lovelies, I must be off, but please know that I love you all SOOO much! This Gospel is true, it truly does make us better people in this life and brings us, if we are obedient and faithful, eternal salvation in the life to come! I know the Book of Mormon and the Bible TOGETHER are the fulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and I know, without a doubt, that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is indeed, the Lord's kingdom once again established on the Earth! Thank heavens He will come again, and just like PollyAnna said yesterday "yes, eternal salvation is important, but every single day I want to be as close to my Heavenly Father as possible, and not put it off til the next day in hopes that I will be safe." God be thanked for the matchless Gift of His Divine Son! HOW GREAT IS MY CALLING!!!
Love for now and for ever,
Sister De Groot:)
Missionary Invitation: I attached a paper entitled the 21 Day Promise. Preparing for that is going to be my invitation. I would like to invite every single one of you to participate in this 21 day promise with me, to find someone you know that is ready to hear the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. I will begin it on July 1, if you would like to join me. :) I may be a missionary with a nametag, but I'm also a member missionary, and I have friends that need this Gospel in their lives in order to find true and everlasting happiness. Share it with others too! Invite them to join in with us, and let us open our mouths and share this great truth so that others may partake of the blessings that God has prepared for them! Let me know who decides to join with me, because I'd LOVE to hear how it blessed both yours and your friends lives!:)

Monday, June 10, 2013


Mum, Pops, Family, and Friends!!
HELLO!!! So let's just think back to that one time when you were around 5 or 6 and you surprised your mom or dad or sibling with a card that said "I love you" or cleaned their room and then hid to see their reaction?? (if this never happened to you, just imagine it. work with me, here...:)) and when they discovered it, they smiled or maybe even cried if your mom is cutely emotional? ;) well, that's how this whole week has been, seeing this Gospel change people's lives, including my own!!! Let me just start off with PollyAnna. We taught her last Monday night with the intentions of teaching her mainly about the Gift of the Holy Ghost. We said the prayer to open the lesson, but something just didn't feel right about focusing on the Holy Ghost, so we decided to ask her how she was feeling about reading The Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith being a true Prophet. She said that she feels good when she reads The Book of Mormon but hadn't prayed specifically about Joseph Smith yet, but for her "mind to be open to further knowledge". The duration of the lesson was us testifying to her and her expressing her fears about her family's reaction if she were to be baptized. I cannot express to you how incredibly strong the Spirit was in that room. She had us all crying. Towards the end, I felt very strongly to testify about the basic Truth of this Gospel and how if it truly is God's Truth, then she will be blessed no matter what her future experiences will be. We then invited her to kneel down and pray specifically if Joseph Smith was a prophet, to ask very directly, if the Lord's true church was truly restored to the Earth again through him. As she did so, the Spirit completley overwhelmed me. As she asked those specific questions, she went silent, flooding with tears, and I heard 4 gentle words whisper "I let her know." I couldn't help but cry myself, being so humbled by her true desire to know if what we had been teaching her was true, and God letting me know that He answered her prayer. How beautiful that moment was. As she thanked God and expressed her love for Him, she closed the prayer. We then invited her to be baptized and she is getting baptized this coming Sunday, June 16!:) Since that day, she has given up her coffee and tea, committed to living all the commandments and is SO ready to enter into a covenant with our Father in Heaven! Thank you all so much for your prayers on her behalf, because I can promise you, they have been felt!!! I simply love that God's Truth is convinced by Him and the Spirit and not by me, for it is not my gospel, it is His. I love that I can rely wholly upon the Spirit to testify to them of the Truthfulness of the Book of Mormon, and Joseph Smith, and the latter day prophet, Thomas S. Monson, and any other doctrine that has to do with His church! How grateful I am to simply be an instrument in the Hands of my God to do and say the things that He would have me do and say!! ah! How great is my calling......
Alright, I have more to share so let's jump into those questions, eh???:)
1.  How is sweet Polly Anna?
tee hee SOOOOOOO good!!!:) you should read the above description again. just because it'll make you smile and happy again. I did and...eyup! still makes me happy!!!!:):)
2.  Any word from/about Charles?  (We're keeping him in our prayers!!)
YES!!!!!!!! we had an incredible experience where we were going to drop by someone to begin teaching them, and felt that we should drop by him quickly and then go see if Charles was home. So of course, we followed that prompting. we quickly set up an appointment with Justin who we're teaching this week and then went to Charles. We said a prayer in the car before leaving and felt like we should stay in the car for a second and think things through. It was kind of weird, I'll be honest, because we rushed over there for the Spirit to stay "just wait", and we were a little confused, until (:D) Charles walked out of his apartment building. Sister Dyer and I and jumped out of the car and went over to him. He was so relieved to see us. He quickly apologized that he hadn't returned our calls or texts but he hadn't responded because felt embarrassed and didn't want to let us down, so thought it'd be best to just stop talking to us. We reassured him that we were there for him and wanted to truly help him be happy. :) We went on a walk with him and just addressed his concerns and worries, but even as we did, the Spirit was so strong! We've met with him a few more times since then, and discovered last night that he knows someone in the branch that recently started coming back to church. Even last night, Sister Dyer and I could tell the difference in his countenance, that he had more of a hope eluminating from him, and he said that he has been reading the Book of Mormon, especially the night before when his friends got into an argument, and he read exactly what he needed to hear, about God being there for you in your hard times!:) it was absolutely incredible!!! We recommitted him to be baptized on the 30th of June, and are so excited to continue helping him be a happier person and overcome his hardships. I just love how real the Atonement is, because it truly doesn't matter what you've done in the past, what matters is what you do from this point on. The Atonement is REAL. and it's for everyone. Even the person reading this who thinks it can help them. It can. but you have to be the one to allow it. I've had to learn it, too. And once I let the Atonement change me, I've been the happiest I've ever been, and continue to be. :)
3.  Anyone else to report on?
So yesterday, our ward mission leader brought his boss to church, we were so incredibly excited for him!!!!:) Her name is Katie, and she is an absolute sweetheart! She LOVES God so much and just wants to find where God wants her to be. :) She and PollyAnna became INSTANT friends and helped each other throughout all 3 hours of church, and they both loved it. Katie said that it was definitely different from what she's used to, growing up in a Baptist Church, but she loved coming, and the feeling was incredible. We invited and taught her the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ just after church, with our ward mission leader sitting in on the lesson. He testified to her of how the Gospel has helped him in his life, and how he gained through personal testimony and experience that it was indeed true. it was so great to see his testimony and how it changed his life and how deeply he feels about it, and his desire to share it. Katie could see it too, she committed to reading and praying about the Book of Mormon and she said she wants to come to church again next Sunday. We also have the "Women at the Well" relief society activity this saturday that she's really excited to come to, seeing as she LOVES feeling the Spirit through music. :) She's so incredible, and so excited to learn!:)
4.  Did you get your package from Sister Zerkle last week as planned?
Sure did!!! Thank you so much!!! except....I made the mistake of bringing it to the church where all the other missionaries were at for preparation day and the candy was devoured in like 10 minutes. Gotta love the elders, eh? haha But really, thank you SOOO much! I was so excited to get the Ensign, I may or may not have been jumping up and down...:)
5.  FAVORITE teaching moment...
PollyAnna praying about Joseph Smith and receiving an answer. That was the first time that I have been in the room when someone we were teaching prayed about and received the answer that this Gospel was true. ah. so incredibly powerfully. :)
6.  FAVORITE companion study...
Sunday morning when both of us were going over our talks to each other, and sharing insights. As we talked about the eternal plan that God has set for us, we were testifying to each other about the Atonement again, and how it really doesn't matter what we've been through, but that we can be truly clean and cleansed from those pains. Just because you make a mistake, it doesn't mean you're thrust down or shunned by our Heavenly Father or people in the church, but that you can be truly clean and cleansed through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. That's why He suffered; so that you don't have to.
7.  BIGGEST "made me smile" moment...
Charles telling us that we were an answer to his prayers. I don't think I could have smiled any bigger. and I smile big. you know that. :)
that awkward moment when we were contacting and I introduced myself as Sister Dyer and her as Sister De Groot. The guy looked at our name tags super confused. ha. haha. my bad....
9.  FUNNIEST moment...
look below (under Best Companion bonding moment...)
10. BEST COMPANION bonding moment...
discovering Sister Dyer's adoration for sugar. probably the most entertaining thing I've ever seen! I just love her so much!!!:):):)
Well, my lovelies, I'm off, but please feel that I know this Gospel is TRUE!!! I haven't been forced to believe something because my parents do, or my siblings, or my friends, but I believe it because I've found out for myself that it is true. The last two paragraphs in the introduction of the Book of Mormon invite and promise blessings. So when I was a young teenager, I took up that invitation, and I can testify that I received those blessings, that knowledge that the Book of Mormon is TRUE, that Joseph Smith was indeed, a TRUE prophet, and that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is indeed the Lord's kingdom once again established on the Earth, preparatory to the second coming of the Messiah! It's TRUE. and it's changed my life forever, how grateful I am that I am here sharing it with all those I come in contact with!!! HOW GREAT IS MY CALLING!!!
Love for now and forever,
Sister De Groot:)
Missionary Invitation: Read those last 2 paragraphs in the introduction of the Book of Mormon and take up its invitation. If you're reading this and you are not a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and would like a copy of the Book of Mormon to see what I'm talking about and to find out for yourself, then go to and sign up for a free copy and browse the doctrine of His true church, or contact my family, I am sure they would LOVE to help you find answers that will make you happier than you've ever been!:)

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Mum, Pah Pea, family, and friends!
Why hello!!! so this week was just awesome! We are getting to know the area, the members, leaders, and absolutely loving it! Cute Allie, our investigator from the 2nd ward, gave a letter to me for my birthday with a "forget me not" package of flower seeds. so cute. :) which reminds me, thank you SOOO much to all those who wrote and prayed for me to have a great birthday! it definitely was the greatest one yet!!!:) Love you all!!!
oh...and sorry about the lack of pictures. my usb thingamajigger isn't working....sorry!
Alright, Let's jump right into....QUESTION TIME!!!
1.  Describe your new apartment
white. left by spanish elders. blueberry waffles. mmmhmmm. (!) :)
2.  How has Sister Dyer adapted to being a Full-Time Missionary? 
WONDERFULLY!!! Honestly, she is such an incredible missionary!! She LOVES the Lord so much and it is so obvious when she talks to people on the street that she treasures the Truth that she has, it's beautiful!! She said this morning that she already feels more comfortable with talking with people. She said "before I came out, I thought that missionary work was going to be super hard and it would be hard to find out what to say to these people on the street, but it's not. It's simply testifying to them of what I know to be true, it's so simple and so great!" eyup. I like her a lot. :) She's teaching me SOO much about how to be a better servant of the Lord simply by her example. She's going to do some incredible work here in Canada and wherever else she goes throughout the rest of her life!:)
3,  Do you see Sister Zerkle on Sundays?
Sure do! Her and her cute trainee, S. Stoddard are doing so well! I also see S Larsen and her companion S Fullmer, E. Yu, E Francom, E Parker and E Rodriquez. it's quite a missionary-filled building on Sundays!:) A few of the 2nd ward members also saw me yesterday and ran up and gave me huge hugs!! haha they're just so cute. :)
4.  How many wards are in London?
hmm....I'm actually not sure. I know how many missionaries there are though! haha let's see...there's the 1st ward, 2nd, 3rd, spanish, YSA branch, um....I'm probably missing one. But that's most of them. As for number
5.  Any updates on Jordan?  (I'm assuming he is not in your teaching area, is that correct?)
correct. He's in Sarnia which is about an hour West of London, and they white washed the area, so now there are 3 elders in that area, so most likely, I won't hear anything of him unless I see his name on a weekly baptism list. Either that, or we'll all meet him and have a party in the Celestial Kingdom. I vote that. ha just kidding. but seriously. I do. :)
6.  Who are you teaching these days?
POLLY ANNA! so she was found by S Larsen and S Fullmer at a bus stop and they asked her what she thought the purpose of life was and she answered, and I quote, "exploring my faith". Well, my dear polly anna, that's an EXCELLENT answer!!!:) So we taught her last night and taught the Plan of Salvation more in depth with her. She LOVED it! When we gave her a copy of The Book of Mormon, she literally jumped up and down and was SO excited to read it. She was afraid she made us think she was weird so quickly apologized for being so excited. We reassured her that we were quite excited ourselves to see her jump up and down. like really. we were so excited. :):):) We made another appointment for wednesday and friday night and she's VERY excited to start reading it and learning more! We had planned to invite her to be baptized, but didn't feel right about it, so we'll be doing so on wednesday, if the Spirit tells us it is right. :) We also have a few appointments with potentials within the next couple days and they are all AWESOME! Charles, in particular. We met him behind our apartment building and told him about The Book of Mormon. we told him didn't want him to believe the things we were saying but that he could read it himself and ask God if it is true. You know how when surprise your little children with a cookie or a trip to disneyland or your husband just told you he's going to take you to Hawaii? Yeah, that's seriously how Charles reacted. He was SOOOO happy and sincerely wanted to know more about how he can be eternally happy, so we got his information and we're teaching him tomorrow!:) I absolutely LOVE that God puts you in the path of others who are ready who hear the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ! It blesses ANYONE and EVERYONE who truly implamens the doctrines into their life!!!
7.  How big is the YSA branch?
well...because it's the summer and most went home...there's about 20 people all together. there were about 6 or 7 people in Relief Society. including us. :) haha but we're working hard and efficiently to find those who will help build the Lord's Kingdom here upon the Earth!!!:) What a great work to be involved in, eh???:)
8.  FAVORITE moment of the week....
Coming in contact with Charles. There is nothing that gives me more joy than seeing the message of the Truth touch a soul and give them hope. Sincerity is simple, but simply beautiful. absolutely beautiful. 
9.  FUNNIEST moment of the week...
so that one time when our fire alarm went off at 5 in the morning. both of us didn't say a thing, hobbled out of bed and just stared at the fire alarm, wishing it would go off. once it did, about 10 seconds later, we went back to sleep. safety first, eh? haha 
10.  BEST COMPANION bonding moment of the week...
eating happy hipppos together. have you ever had them??? oh my goodness, I must submit that they are the most delicious things in the whole wide world. that and buenos. mmmhmmm. :)
11.  BIGGEST "A-ha" scripture reading experience of the week...
Moroni 7:40-42 Faith. Hope. Charity. & Love. It just bore witness to me about the importance of holding fast to what you know to be true, or belief to be true. Elder Holland said in this past conference that there is nothing wrong with 'only' believing something, but to let that belief work within you. Alma 32:27 I don't know everything, but I know enough. and as I continue to do the Lord's work, I will learn more, and as I do so for the rest of my life, I will continue to learn more and more. If it were not necessary for us to learn, we would have never come to this Earth. There is a purpose for everything, but if you don't know that reason, keep moving forward, and it will make sense in the future. Just do the things that your Lord and Savior has commanded you to do, let this belief work within you, until it grows to a knowledge. That's why we learn line upon line, and precept upon precept, until the day of our Savior comes. and then we'll keep learning. :)
Well, my lovelies, I must be off. But I want to end with a thought about the precious Truth we have been blessed with, to hold fast to it. Let us not take for granted what beautiful gift we've given, that so many others search their whole lives to find for a glimpse of hope in their life. Think of all of your friends who you love dearly and want to have this happiness, but they don't know where to find it. and then realize, you've already found it. You have it! Please share it. They need it. and most likely want it. All it takes is a little bit of faith, love for the truth, and opening your mouth. It's the simplest equation to the happiest solution. And who doesn't want to be happy? Nothing gives me more joy than being happy and inviting others to have that happiness as well! How GREAT is our calling!!!
Love for now and for ever,
Sister De Groot:)
Missionary Inviation: Take it down to the basics. Take note of what you know, what you believe, what you want to know and believe, and then make the plans to get that knowledge. Realize that true happiness comes only in and through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Temporary happiness comes from temporary things, but eternal happiness comes through Jesus Christ, an eternal Being.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!!! :0)

Mum, Pops, Family and Friends!

oh my goodness hi!!! so...I love missionary work. shocker, eh? well yeah. I do. :) This week has definitely been a tough one because of our appointments falling through a lot, but we're not allowing Satan to get us down!!! That's just what he wants but guess what? He's got NOTHING on us, the companionship of wah-bam! (that may or may not be what we dubbed ourselves...:)) haha but we have been seeing LOTS of progress with Polly Anna who is just so awesome!!!! ah, man. she's just so great!!! Speaking of which, let's just jump into question time so you can understand how great she is, mmm k? awesome. ready go. (!)

pregunta ahora! actually. I don't know how to say that in spanish. nope. I don't.
1.  Pollyanna update
she's doing SOO well! we've taught her 3 times this past week, came to church yesterday and LOVED it, and even played games with some of the members that night!! yeah, we don't need to worry about her being fellowshipped at all! :) So we've taught her the Restoration, Plan of Salvation, and Gospel of Jesus Christ and she says it makes a ton of sense, the only thing she's having a hard time with is Joseph Smith being a real Prophet. She admitted that she has not yet prayed specifically if he was a prophet, just that her "mind will be open to new knowledge and understanding", but she realizes she has to ask specifically to get a specific answer. She also understands that if he truly was a prophet, then authority is necessary and everything else is true, and she'll be baptized. She has so much love for the Lord and has the most incredible faith of anyone I have ever met. She had a very rough past but knows that through Jesus Christ, she can be completely cleansed from any and all feelings of guilt and sorrow that she has and will have. We are going to teach her tonight and feel we need to teach her more specifically on the gift of the Holy Ghost after baptism, and we know that it will work out, IF we follow the Spirit. Blessings are always conditional, and we're going to do all that is in our power to allow the Spirit to be in the room as we teach her and all of our investigators! ah. I just love the Spirit so much. 
2.  Charles update 
To be completely honest, we are really worried about him. No one has heard from him for a week now, including the people in his apartment. we taught him once and he absolutely LOVED it, committed to be baptized on the 16th, so excited to read the Book of Mormon and give up coffee already (he heard that and realized it was a bad habit because he was becoming addicted to it), and really sincere. But since then, we haven't heard from him. We just wish we knew if he was ok, so if you could keep him in your prayers, I'm sure he would greatly appreciate it, and feel of your love for him. Thank you!
3.  Other investigators?
Unfortunately not this week. We have a handful of potentials, but some of those appointments fell through, so we've rescheduled them for this week:) I'll let you know next week!
4.  G'ma and Papa's 60th anniversary is on Thursday.  Any remarks?
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MY DEAREST GRANDS!!!!!:) I hope you have a wonderful anniversary and know that someone in Canada loves and is thinking about you!!!:)
and to my lovely parents: HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MUM AND POPS!!!!!:) You two are just adorable. I just love you both so much and thank you for being married and being my awesome parents!!!! :) LOVE YOU BOTH OH SO MUCH!!!
5.  FAVORITE moment of the week
Teaching Polly Anna the Gospel of Jesus Christ and seeing how the cleansing power of the Atonement changed her life, and how she will continue to use it in her life. The Atonement is not for just one person, it is for everyone. and while it is also for you to repent of the things you've done, it is also for you to let go of the things other people have done to you. The cleansing power of the Atonement is so real! It's not just a cool experience, or a daily routine, but it is real! Remember to let go. and remember, that "let" is an action word. You can't just assume that it's taken care of. you have to take care of it. Allow the Atonement to heal you, allow yourself to feel complete peace and joy through Jesus Christ, because I can promise you, holding on to something will only bring you lower, it will never lift you higher. "Sometimes the Lord brings us low, so He can lift us higher." -Joseph Smith
6.  FUNNIEST moment of the week
one time, yesterday, we got lost. 
7.  BEST COMPANION moment of the week
well...we bought popcorn last p-day. and we've eaten a lot together. need I say more?:) but look below. it was a great companion study. :)
8.  FAVORITE scripture study session of the week
this morning! So I have mentioned before about how sometimes, you feel a bit lower than you want it, but Sister Dyer and I were talking this morning about Hugh B Brown's talk on the little current bush. when it was growing out of control, the gardener pruned it, and he imagined seeing tears and it saying "why did you cut me down? I was growing! I was flourishing! Now I just look pathetic and all my hard work is lost." But then, with time, the little current bush realized it was necessary for him to be trimmed in order for it to bring forth fruit and TRULY flourish. We were talking about how merciful our Heavenly Father is to allow us to be brought low sometimes so he may bring us higher, and recognize, with great amounts of gratitude, that He truly does have a Divine plan for each of us to be truly happy. All we need to do is keep His commandments, and keep moving forward! The Spirit is such a beautiful presence, especially when it's between you and someone else you love. I love Sister Dyer with all of my heart, she has the most incredible testimony that she shares by words and example. I am learning so much from her every day and she's such an incredible servant of our Lord! How grateful I am to be her companion!!!
9.  Did you get your package from your old mailing address yet?
Nope, but I've heard it got there. Sister Zerkle said she'd bring it today:)
10.  Anything you need/want in a package?
so remember that one time when I discovered my love for tajin? or tajun. I dunno how it's spelled. but if you could find that, that would be awesome. Sister Zerkle said it's in walmart in Las Vegas so i'm assuming it's there too...?:) oh and get one for yourself and put it on your popcorn. you'll love it. really.
11.  How many letters/cards did you receive for your birthday last month?
oh my....hahaha a lot! probably around 15 or so! haha I love birthdays! it was awesome!!! :):) THANKS SO MUCH AGAIN, EVERYONE!!!
12.  What else can you tell me about, that I haven't asked about?
remember that one time when you asked if I had eaten anything weird and I hadn't? well. I have now. a couple weeks ago we went over to a members house and they made some soup that I had never seen before with a kind of meat that looked quite.....interesting. ha. so I tried it! yeah, no, bad decision. I ate pigs foot. and let me tell you, pigs foot is just really gross. that's all I have to say about that. that and it's covered in fatty skin. uhhh...sorry i'm getting grossed out again. ha! but hey, I tried it! now I know that I don't ever want to try it again. haha :)
well, my lovelies, I must be off. But please know that I love and adore you all so very much!!! This Gospel is true! our Heavenly Father and Savior, Jesus Christ live!! The Bible is true, as far is it is translated correctly, the Book of Mormon is true! and with His help, you can get through anything that life brings you!!! Turn to Him! Embrace the Atonement of Jesus Christ and LET it heal you! I love you all!!! and hope you have a wonderful week! Share the Gospel! why? Because it's TRUE!!! HOW GREAT IS MY CALLING!!!
Love for now and for ever,
Sister De Groot
Missionary Invitation: Read Hugh B. Brown's talk on the little current bush. and LET the Atonement heal you. Allow it to touch your heart so that you may say "Thank you for loving me enough, to cut me down." If you do, I can promise you, you will receive that healing that you've been yearning for, and you will be free from that guilt or sorrow or pain that has been weighing heavily on you. Instead of carrying it yourself, LET HIM HEAL YOU!!!:)