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Mum, Pah Pea, family and friends!
Romans 1:16; "For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek."
Yesterday was the most incredible broadcast ever in the whole wide world!!! ah! If you didn't see it, I'm sure it's available somewhere. I'm just not sure should watch it. and let it change you because my goodness it was INCREDIBLE!!!:) S Dyer and I as well as a handful of missionaries were grinning from ear to ear as we watched that broadcast! Missionary work, in ALL forms, is absolutely incredible! So go ahead. catch the wave. (!) :)  (For those interested in viewing the video Janelle refers to, here's the link: )

I have LOTS to say today so let's jump in to.....QUESTION TIME!!!
1.  How was PollyAnna's first week as a member?
Well we taught her Tuesday night for a bit, and when she said "I'm a Mormon" we made her say it like 3 times, because she was grinning from ear to ear!:) Such a cutie, I just love her!!! Although, she is facing a lot of discrimination from her family members, so please keep her in your prayers. She has no doubt that the Restored Gospel is true, and she's an incredibly strong woman, but I'm sure she'd appreciate some prayers of comfort and love on her behalf. Thanks sunshines!!:)
2.  Is Charles still scheduled for July 7th?  (I love reading about his progression!  It sounds like he's really learning to turn things over to the Lord.  What an important thing to understand!!)
SURE IS!!! He's doing SOOOO well! He came to church yesterday and liked it a lot, he especially loved the baptism we invited him to. (quick side note to life....DON GOT BAPTIZED YESTERDAY!!!!:) Remember him from my being in the family ward with S Zerkle? Yeah, he got baptized yesterday and I don't think I've seen him ever be happier!!!:) SO great to be able to still be in London to see that happen!!:)) Charles noticed that some family members of both Don and the other young girl that was being baptized were there and he got so excited and said he was going to invite SO many people to his baptism so that they can feel this good, too!:) He really is doing absolutely INCREDIBLE! The branch president also gave him a blessing after church which Charles explained was the 'greatest he'd felt in a long time" :) I absolutely love watching this Gospel change people's lives, for it truly does to each person who allows it to. How beautiful and simple our loving Father is!!!:)
3.  Any success in meeting with Katie?
negative. we're trying, though! we're planning to invite her to an activity the branch is having next weekend so we'll see if some fun with the branch gets her excited to learn more!?:)
4.  Have you received any packages from me at your Wonderland address?  (LOVE the name of your street!  Also, did you know that your apartment number is the same as Grandma/Grandpa DeGroot's house number?  Numerical Trivia at it's finest!!)  
hahaha I have to admit...I had no idea that it was G'ma and G'pas address. But hey, that's cool! haha And yes I did receive a WONDERFUL package at my wonderland address (ha. see what I did there?! ah man, I'm so funny...!:)). S Dyer and I felt so at home with our individual package of American Oreos, plus some!:) oh, and LOVE the shirts!!! Thank you so much!!! Definitely needed here in this incredibly humid summer!:) LOVE YOU!!!!
5.  Transfers are next week already?  Any feelings as to whether or not you'll go or stay?  (And whether or not Sister Dyer will stay with you?)  (FYI - we received an email from the office that your P-day next week will be on Wednesday, July 3rd)
hmmm.....I'm pretty sure we're both staying here, since S Dyer is only 6 weeks into her 12 week training, but hey, you never know! haha yes, p-day is next wednesday so don't be too worried if nothing comes on monday. because nothing will. ha!:)
6.  BEST TEACHING moment of the week...
teaching Charles about the law of tithing. He said it just makes sense to give back a portion to God because He's already given us everything we have. He even asked if he could start paying his tithing now and not have to wait til his baptism in 2 weeks! :) We also talked about how far he's come in the past 4 weeks and he bore his testimony to us, saying that because he never came to church before was because he felt inadequate, and he didn't feel he had his answer about whether what we were telling him was the truth. but this past week, he said he got his answer that this is true, and this is what will truly bring him ultimate happiness now and forever! How awesome is he???:) He seriously is beginning to glow as he comes to feel for himself that he has a Father in Heaven who loves him dearly, and he thanks us all the time for showing him that we care. :) To everyone that has, is currently, or will ever share the Gospel either with or without a name-tag, LOVE IS THE KEY!!!:) every. time. :)
7.  FUNNIEST moment of the week....
well, we bought a box of 42 packets of fruit snacks last monday. The funniest was when we went to get one this morning...we discovered there are only 2 packets left.....eyup. we like our fruit snacks. :)
8.  MOST EMBARRASSING moment of the week....
surprisingly...nothing! Go Sister De Groot, eh???;)
9.  BEST COMPANION BONDING moment of the week....
S Dyer and I volunteered to help clean and organize a members apartment that hasn't been to church in a while, and as we did so, we just laughed and worked hard the whole time. It was just a really good experience both for the member and us to feel the Spirit so strong as we tried to make room in her apartment for the Spirit to reside! I love S Dyer so much!!!:)
10.  BIGGEST 'Ah-Ha' of the week....
Saturday morning personal study was just SOOO good!:) Let me just explain my thought process...I was reading in the book "Our Search For Happiness" by Elder Ballard, and in it he tells of his grandfather who, as he prayed fervently for guidance on his mission, was led into a room here the Savior sat. he tells of the inexplicable joy that overcame him, and the unquenchable love and beauty that emanated from the Savior. I began to think of that instance, and Joseph Smith who saw the Father and the Savior standing side by side, and other prophets who have literally seen and talked with the Savior and God face to face. I imagined all of us in a room where our Father and Christ stood at the head, beckoning to all of us to 'come'. The only problem is, we're all blindfolded. We can't literally see them. Some are chosen to be leaders and are granted the removal of their blindfold, while the rest of us continue to be aimless wanderers with no sight or direction. It is through those who do see that Truths are restored and organization is made so that we may experience direction and purpose for ourselves. the glorious formula, though, is that we don't have to and shouldn't simply accept what those, who claim to be seers, say for Truth, but that we can and should ask the Source Himself, and he will let us know, through the power of the Holy Ghost. We are all in His presence, we just don't see Him. In order to feel Him there, we must humble ourselves and ask, and then Listen. If we ask and then plug our ears and make noise, He's not going to answer, well, He might, we just won't be listening. I can testify that  He does answer. He did when I asked, because I listened, and will continue to do so. I'm still walking blindly, by faith, but He directs  me if I simply listen. Sometimes we, both members and nonmembers alike, over-complicate life. It's simple; ask. listen. and follow. You must submit that you don't know everything, that you just need help. Once you realize that, ask for the help, but from the right Source; Our Father in Heaven. He knows what's best for you, even when you don't agree. Submit to His will; ask. listen. and follow through.  I can testify with all of the fervency of my soul, that Jesus is the Christ! That our Father Lives, that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is, indeed, the Lord's Kingdom on the Earth again today, and found therein, are the necessary doctrines and principles that, if submitted to, will bring peace, joy, and happiness in this life and eternal salvation in the life to come. Thank heavens I have been blinded all this time that I may become humble and learn to see with my heart!
11.  STRONGEST testimony-strengthening experience of the week...
watching S Dyer bear her testimony to 4 young girls we met last night. My companion is such an incredible missionary, I cannot even express it to you! Unless she speaks by the Spirit, she will not say anything, which is such a profound lesson for me to learn, since I talk. a lot. But learning to quiet down the fluff and just speak from the heart with the Spirit, then will success come. Yesterday we contacted four 14-15 year olds in their neighborhood and S Dyer bore to them a simple yet so powerful testimony about the Book of Mormon and our Savior Jesus Christ, and how it is the Source of guidance and direction in our lives, and honestly the Truth. It was so inspiring to feel of the Spirit as she testified and invited them to take part of this glorious truth. ah. I just love her so much!!! Thank you to her parents for raising this incredible woman who is now my companion and one of my best friends!:)
Well, my lovelies, it's about that time. I want you all to know that I know without a doubt that this Restored Gospel is true!!! Yesterday, during the work of salvation broadcast, Elder Perry talked about little kids playing soccer, with no organization or much success because of lack of understanding, not lack of desire. Let us not be missionaries in such a way. Let us understand the basic doctrines and then continue to build up our knowledge and testimony from there, for the best place to start is where you are at right now. God lives. Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer. The Bible, as far as it is translated correctly, is true. the Book of Mormon is true. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the Lord's one true church. Don't believe me? "Ye shall know them by their fruits..." The fruit, the evidence, is the Book of Mormon. So read it, ponder it, and ask your Father in prayer. and Remember to ask. listen. and then follow. I love you all! HOW GREAT IS OUR CALLING!!!
Love for now and forever,
Sister De Groot:)
Missionary Invitation: For those return missionaries, pick up your journals from your mission. Don't know where they are? Go find them, and then begin to read them. Once you do, and have that desire to help in the salvation of one of your brethren or sisters, go out and share the Gospel. also become familiar, all who read this, with the new section, Hastening the Work of Salvation. and see what you can do to help in the spreading of this Glorious Truth!!!:)

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