Monday, June 3, 2013

Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!!! :0)

Mum, Pops, Family and Friends!

oh my goodness hi!!! so...I love missionary work. shocker, eh? well yeah. I do. :) This week has definitely been a tough one because of our appointments falling through a lot, but we're not allowing Satan to get us down!!! That's just what he wants but guess what? He's got NOTHING on us, the companionship of wah-bam! (that may or may not be what we dubbed ourselves...:)) haha but we have been seeing LOTS of progress with Polly Anna who is just so awesome!!!! ah, man. she's just so great!!! Speaking of which, let's just jump into question time so you can understand how great she is, mmm k? awesome. ready go. (!)

pregunta ahora! actually. I don't know how to say that in spanish. nope. I don't.
1.  Pollyanna update
she's doing SOO well! we've taught her 3 times this past week, came to church yesterday and LOVED it, and even played games with some of the members that night!! yeah, we don't need to worry about her being fellowshipped at all! :) So we've taught her the Restoration, Plan of Salvation, and Gospel of Jesus Christ and she says it makes a ton of sense, the only thing she's having a hard time with is Joseph Smith being a real Prophet. She admitted that she has not yet prayed specifically if he was a prophet, just that her "mind will be open to new knowledge and understanding", but she realizes she has to ask specifically to get a specific answer. She also understands that if he truly was a prophet, then authority is necessary and everything else is true, and she'll be baptized. She has so much love for the Lord and has the most incredible faith of anyone I have ever met. She had a very rough past but knows that through Jesus Christ, she can be completely cleansed from any and all feelings of guilt and sorrow that she has and will have. We are going to teach her tonight and feel we need to teach her more specifically on the gift of the Holy Ghost after baptism, and we know that it will work out, IF we follow the Spirit. Blessings are always conditional, and we're going to do all that is in our power to allow the Spirit to be in the room as we teach her and all of our investigators! ah. I just love the Spirit so much. 
2.  Charles update 
To be completely honest, we are really worried about him. No one has heard from him for a week now, including the people in his apartment. we taught him once and he absolutely LOVED it, committed to be baptized on the 16th, so excited to read the Book of Mormon and give up coffee already (he heard that and realized it was a bad habit because he was becoming addicted to it), and really sincere. But since then, we haven't heard from him. We just wish we knew if he was ok, so if you could keep him in your prayers, I'm sure he would greatly appreciate it, and feel of your love for him. Thank you!
3.  Other investigators?
Unfortunately not this week. We have a handful of potentials, but some of those appointments fell through, so we've rescheduled them for this week:) I'll let you know next week!
4.  G'ma and Papa's 60th anniversary is on Thursday.  Any remarks?
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MY DEAREST GRANDS!!!!!:) I hope you have a wonderful anniversary and know that someone in Canada loves and is thinking about you!!!:)
and to my lovely parents: HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MUM AND POPS!!!!!:) You two are just adorable. I just love you both so much and thank you for being married and being my awesome parents!!!! :) LOVE YOU BOTH OH SO MUCH!!!
5.  FAVORITE moment of the week
Teaching Polly Anna the Gospel of Jesus Christ and seeing how the cleansing power of the Atonement changed her life, and how she will continue to use it in her life. The Atonement is not for just one person, it is for everyone. and while it is also for you to repent of the things you've done, it is also for you to let go of the things other people have done to you. The cleansing power of the Atonement is so real! It's not just a cool experience, or a daily routine, but it is real! Remember to let go. and remember, that "let" is an action word. You can't just assume that it's taken care of. you have to take care of it. Allow the Atonement to heal you, allow yourself to feel complete peace and joy through Jesus Christ, because I can promise you, holding on to something will only bring you lower, it will never lift you higher. "Sometimes the Lord brings us low, so He can lift us higher." -Joseph Smith
6.  FUNNIEST moment of the week
one time, yesterday, we got lost. 
7.  BEST COMPANION moment of the week
well...we bought popcorn last p-day. and we've eaten a lot together. need I say more?:) but look below. it was a great companion study. :)
8.  FAVORITE scripture study session of the week
this morning! So I have mentioned before about how sometimes, you feel a bit lower than you want it, but Sister Dyer and I were talking this morning about Hugh B Brown's talk on the little current bush. when it was growing out of control, the gardener pruned it, and he imagined seeing tears and it saying "why did you cut me down? I was growing! I was flourishing! Now I just look pathetic and all my hard work is lost." But then, with time, the little current bush realized it was necessary for him to be trimmed in order for it to bring forth fruit and TRULY flourish. We were talking about how merciful our Heavenly Father is to allow us to be brought low sometimes so he may bring us higher, and recognize, with great amounts of gratitude, that He truly does have a Divine plan for each of us to be truly happy. All we need to do is keep His commandments, and keep moving forward! The Spirit is such a beautiful presence, especially when it's between you and someone else you love. I love Sister Dyer with all of my heart, she has the most incredible testimony that she shares by words and example. I am learning so much from her every day and she's such an incredible servant of our Lord! How grateful I am to be her companion!!!
9.  Did you get your package from your old mailing address yet?
Nope, but I've heard it got there. Sister Zerkle said she'd bring it today:)
10.  Anything you need/want in a package?
so remember that one time when I discovered my love for tajin? or tajun. I dunno how it's spelled. but if you could find that, that would be awesome. Sister Zerkle said it's in walmart in Las Vegas so i'm assuming it's there too...?:) oh and get one for yourself and put it on your popcorn. you'll love it. really.
11.  How many letters/cards did you receive for your birthday last month?
oh my....hahaha a lot! probably around 15 or so! haha I love birthdays! it was awesome!!! :):) THANKS SO MUCH AGAIN, EVERYONE!!!
12.  What else can you tell me about, that I haven't asked about?
remember that one time when you asked if I had eaten anything weird and I hadn't? well. I have now. a couple weeks ago we went over to a members house and they made some soup that I had never seen before with a kind of meat that looked quite.....interesting. ha. so I tried it! yeah, no, bad decision. I ate pigs foot. and let me tell you, pigs foot is just really gross. that's all I have to say about that. that and it's covered in fatty skin. uhhh...sorry i'm getting grossed out again. ha! but hey, I tried it! now I know that I don't ever want to try it again. haha :)
well, my lovelies, I must be off. But please know that I love and adore you all so very much!!! This Gospel is true! our Heavenly Father and Savior, Jesus Christ live!! The Bible is true, as far is it is translated correctly, the Book of Mormon is true! and with His help, you can get through anything that life brings you!!! Turn to Him! Embrace the Atonement of Jesus Christ and LET it heal you! I love you all!!! and hope you have a wonderful week! Share the Gospel! why? Because it's TRUE!!! HOW GREAT IS MY CALLING!!!
Love for now and for ever,
Sister De Groot
Missionary Invitation: Read Hugh B. Brown's talk on the little current bush. and LET the Atonement heal you. Allow it to touch your heart so that you may say "Thank you for loving me enough, to cut me down." If you do, I can promise you, you will receive that healing that you've been yearning for, and you will be free from that guilt or sorrow or pain that has been weighing heavily on you. Instead of carrying it yourself, LET HIM HEAL YOU!!!:)

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