Monday, December 2, 2013

BEST WEEK in the whole wide world!!!!!

Mum, PahPea, Family and Friends!!

HELLO!! I hope you all had the greatest Thanksgiving in the whole wide world! Incredible happenings took place this week! Including Thanksgiving, Mission Leadership Council, exchanges, and of course, Paul's baptism!!! WOOT WOOT! It was such an incredible day to see him and his sweet family take one step closer to being an eternal family! Oh, the joy that this restored gospel brings to those who fully embrace it! I love it so much and I love Paul and his family so so much!:)

Shout out to sweet little Elin! Happy birthday sweet pea! I love you so much and pray for you daily! I hope you're growing up big and strong! I hope you have the greatest day ever and know that I love you oh, so much!:) happy birthday!
Alright, let's answer some questions now, mmm k?
1.  Did you receive your Thanksgiving package in time for Thanksgiving?
I sure did!!! thank you so so much!!! Paul and Kristen had us over for some delicious French Onion soup so we have not been able to make the food but we're planning a Thismas Dinner to combine Thanksgiving and Christmas before Sister Williams leaves me to go home. :) Thanks for providing the food!!!:) We greatly appreciate it!
2.  What about any other packages?  (be specific, please)
I got 2 Christmas packages today!! one that has our awesome christmas tree and another with a note that said I wasn't allowed to open anything in the package until Christmas.....:) don't worry. I won't. I can't promise sister williams will hold out that long, though. ;) just kidding!:)
3.  How did your "car fast" go yesterday?
Yikes, I'm getting called to repentance again. We were so excited for it, but needed to get things done for paul's baptism that required the car...We're making it up this week though!:)
4.  Tell me about Paul's baptism
SOOO good!!! He was so incredibly soft the whole time, you could just tell by the look on his face that he was feeling the Spirit so strong throughout the whole service. So many people were there to support him because the ward has grown quite close to him and they showed their love for him by attending. :) President and Sister Scott were also there because Paul invited them personally when we went and taught at the mission home last Monday night. Boy, I love those two so much, that's for sure!:) Just look at the sweet picture of their family and tell me they are not the happiest little family in the whole wide world?!:)

5.  How is David doing?
We ran into a road block with David because of some situations he's in right now, but he definitely wants to continue coming to church so we'll continue to see him at church each week!:)
6.  Other investigators?
Musa-coolest person in the world! He's originally from Sera Leon Africa and recently from Queens New York so he has quite the colorful language occassionally...haha He has a wife and 2 girls, all who LOVE Jesus Christ! We plan on teaching them again tonight and so so excited!:)
7.  Will your ward change it's meeting time schedule in January?
I'm not sure...maybe...haha

8.  On Thanksgiving Day, I.....
was ooper thankful and ate so much french onion soup I could die. and made those pumpkin bars and they were DELICIOUS!
9.  My favorite teaching moment was...
Sharing the restoration of the gospel with Musa and him replying "my spirit agrees." yes please! I love the Spirit so much!!!! Testifies of truth, after all!:)
10. The funniest thing that happened this week was... there we were in the middle of teaching Musa the Plan of Salvation, when I smell smoke. upon looking around, I realize that a candle that was on a shelf hung up on the wall had been cracked on the side and the wax was dripping like crazy down the wall and onto the ground. Once I got there to blow out the candle, I realized that the wax was dripping into a giant puddle and splashing all over Sister Fernandez's shoes, the member who came with us to the appointment. *see attached picture. so while Sister Williams and sister fernandez continued teaching the lesson, I was on the ground scraping off the wax from off her shoes and the wall, and listening to Musa get so excited about the Plan of Salvation! So I contributed towards the end of that lesson, the corner. hahaha SOO funny! good times. good times...:)

11.  Please tell Elin....
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETHEART!!!!!! I love you hoodles and you are SOO big now, cutie! you're so precious, learn to run so you and I can play tag!:) LOVE YOU!
12.  When I saw all the pictures you sent, I couldn't believe...
How big Elin and Nina are! How adorable my parents and brother are! and How awesome Ryan's coat is!!!;) and shelby! She's cute!:)
13.  One way I feel blessed as a missionary is....
Being able to work with incredible sons and daughters of God! I may have never met them here in this mortal life before, but I'm sure I knew them before! :)
14.  I felt so good when...
I heard Musa pray. so sincere, so simple, and so beautiful!
15.  The Spirit was so strong when...
We saw Paul enter the waters of baptism. I cannot describe the feeling that came over me. simply put; I might have teared a little. just a wee bit. :)
16.  Exchanges this week included....
Sister Nuttall and Sister Bishop both here in Etobicoke!:)
17.  I am so grateful for....
Christmas ornaments and packages ;)
cameras to document awesome moments
Paul and Kristen and their family
the ordinance of baptism
Well, I hope you have another a fantastic week! this Gospel is so true! Nothing brings me greater joy! I know that this is God's work, were it not, I would not be feeling the tremendous emotions I experience everyday I work harder than I've ever worked in my life. His Truth is restored, and He wants all to know of it, therefore, I want all to know the Truth as well! Let's share it with each other, for I know that this is the only way that we can return to live our Father in Heaven, and how beautiful that knowledge is!!! We have the truth, now let's go share it with all we know and love! How great is our calling!
Love for now and for ever,
Sister De Groot:)
Missionary Invitation: I saw a new Christmas Mormon Message about Christmas in Relief Society, maybe it's not new....but it's the one with the kids doing the play; first invite: go watch it. :) secondly, share it with someone and share your feelings as you watched it with them! let's soften each other's hearts this Christmas, one by one!:)

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