Monday, December 9, 2013

Bestest week in the whole wide world!! :)

Mum, Pahpea, Family, and Friends!!

Hello everyone!! What a busy and spiritually uplifting week we had here in the Canada Toronto Mission!!! We had 2 exchanges, zone conference, a specialty meeting with President Holstrom of the 70, our ward Christmas Party, and a baptism just before it by the Elders. A FANTASTIC week!!:) I'll do my best to give it all justice, but I don't have all that much time today, so sorry for lack of description!
Mmm k now let's answer some questions!
1.  What is something that the Canadians do for Christmas that isn't so common in the USA?
Boxing Day is the day after Christmas with crazy deals and it's an actual holiday! yeah. it's crazy. haha
2.  How much snow have you had so far?
not much-it snowed last night about half an inch, so not too much right now. But definitely expecting it's going to be a much colder winter than it was earlier this year, that's for sure!
3.  On a scale of 1 to 10, how cold has it been?
see, it's not been too cold. but the wind is what's the worst! so without the wind, I'd say a 5. with the wind, let's go with an 8. or 9. ya know. they're both good. :)
4.  Should I bother asking about the "car fast"?  (sorry....couldn't resist!)
haha yeah, we did it yesterday and we invited everyone to come with us to church and to the devotional last night and although no one came, we got some numbers and met TONS of people! goodness, I love the buses! honestly, I miss being in bus areas so much!!! ah London. good times. :)
5.  Have you been receiving "ornaments" in the mail?
I HAVE!! thank you so much, we truly appreciate it!! We have our tree set up in our living room and it just looks so precious!:) Sorry, I didn't take a picture of what it looks like now, but I'll do it for next week for sure! I really do appreciate it, thank you so much!!! 
6.  How is Paul doing?
He's doing SOO well! He was confirmed yesterday and received the Gift of the Holy Ghost and he was so incredibly happy all day! We saw him last night and he was just so peaceful. It was so inspiring to see! He is just so happy and I love it so much! and he is working towards receiving the priesthood! woot woot!:)
7.  Musa?
SUPER busy because he works at the airport and because of the busy season, he's at work lots and lots so we haven't been able to get a hold of him this week. :( hopefully this week though! after all, last week, best week!:)

8.  I'm excited for.....
going to the Caldwells for food today!!!!:)
9.  I couldn't believe it when....
we planned for week 6 of transfers last week. crazy sauce.
10.  The most embarrassing moment of the week was....
when Kim's daughter came up to me at the Christmas party and started twirling my skirt up in the air. um yeah....awkward much...ha Thank heavens I have fast reflexes!
11.  Sister Williams and I bonded over....
tastey pancakes Sunday morning and a Christmas music dance party to break form weekly planning:)
12.  This weeks splits included....
Going to Toronto West with Sister Kurtz and here in Etobicoke with Sister Christenson:)
13.  I feel so happy because....
I get to be companions with Sister Williams. if only you people knew how awesome this girl is, then you'd know what I'm talking about.

14.  My testimony increased this week when.....
I went to all the mission meetings this week! SOO great! president Holstrom came and spoke on rising up to become the missionary you chose to be in the pre-existence. I was then thinking of every calling we will ever receive here throughout our lives, and how we should rise up to fulfill no matter what we're called to do. How cool is this Gospel, eh?:)
15.  I love the gospel because....
it's true.
16.  My gut feeling about transfers next week is....
I'm staying and I'm getting a new companion! very accurate, I believe :)
17.  I am so grateful for.... 
My life
My Savior
My family
My conversion

Well, I need to head out, but allow the Spirit to touch you as I testify that our Savior and Redeemer LIVES! This is His restored Gospel here upon the Earth today! I have no doubt that this is His church and He knows we can become our best self through Him and His teachings! I love this truth, and I love my conversion! and now I get to share it with all alongside you! How great is our calling!
Love for now and for ever,
Sister De Groot:)
Missionary Invitation - study Luke chapter 2 and pray for an opportunity to share it and then follow up with yourself. :)

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