Monday, July 7, 2014

Moroni 10:3-5

Mum, PahPea, Family, and Friends!

Hello hello! My goodness, what a beautifully sacred week Sister Fisher and I have had together. It's one of those experiences that an email cannot do justice in explaining adequately. I say that a's because it's true. :) So Wednesday was the July MLC, which means it was mine and 8 other leaders from MLC's last it was rather bitter sweet. We were were instructed by President and Sister Clayton in the mission home and it was incredible. The Spirit was so strong, especially when we listened to the departing testimonies. I am literally unable to express the joy that I have in this mission, working alongside these incredible missionaries and serving the incredible people of Ontario. Thursday was a spiritual feast where the Spirit led us every possible second; all of our appointments fell through in the morning and so we were driving back to finish our weekly planning when the Spirit whispered to turn around and knock on a door that looked incredibly familiar. So we did and!....they weren't home. :) So we left a card with our mini testimony on it and turned around to find a lady across the street who is probably one of the most prepared people I have ever talked with. Daria. She's working on talking with her husband and convince him to come with her when she comes to church this Sunday. Needless to say, Sister Fisher and I were overwhelmed by the Spirit, especially as we were listening to a recording of a song that Sister Hansen, Sister Felix, I and Elder Romrell sang together for MLC. It was one of those moments that you're so filled with gratitude and the Spirit that you need to weep and pray for thanks. So that's what we did. :) but the guidance didn't stop there. We were then led to a less active who committed to read the Book of Mormon which she has refused to do for a while, meet with the Bishops wife who shared an experience that was solely for me to hear, pray before leaving the car and then opening our eyes to find Dave, a new investigator just outside our car who was looking for a church to go to and help to become fully sober, and meeting a group of sweet ladies who needed to see us in their difficult day. Then Friday, just as my head was blown up with Spiritual experiences, we have 'meet the president' and zone training. Bring on the Spirit. followed by an exchange with Sister Wise who's absolutely incredible! spirit. then Saturday we met with an investigator, Melanie and her returning less active boyfriend Chris, from Belleville who has been being taught since December and we're just waiting for them to be married so they can be baptized. Long story short, the spirit was working with them like crazy and they said if his sister can come into town, they would get married on Saturday and baptized on Sunday. right now, we're really not sure what will happen, but we're praying and helping them along! :) Then last night we had a music thing in the park where i was asked to sing with Elder Mangakahia, an Elder from our ward, and it was the most terrifying thing of my life, but I did it anyways! I'm just overwhelmed with the Spirit right now, I love it! :) yeah, my description didn't do justice but I tried. :) Just know; it was a GREAT week. :)

1.    What was your first impression of President and Sister Clayton?
They carry the Spirit with them constantly! From the first moment I met them, I realized they have so much joy and SO much charity. They're absolutely incredible!
2.    Did you tell him about our “connection”?
I tried...but I messed up...and he looked at me funny. :) But I told him I'd just send him what you sent me because I obviously have the retention span of a peanut. :)
(NOTE FROM SHERYL: Janelle's new mission president - President Clayton - is the brother of Whitney Clayton, a member of the First Quorum of 70.  Elder Clayton is married to Cathy Kipp Clayton, the older sister of a dear friend of mine (the late Amy Kipp Muir) from Irvine, California. Amy's children were the best of friends with my children when we lived there (Erin/Emily, Michael/Kipp, and Amber/Lindsey).  Whitney and Cathy also lived in Irvine during that time, and we were blessed to know them as well.  Such a SMALL WORLD!!) 
3.    Were you interviewed by him, or just in a meeting with him?
BOTH! We were able to meet him previous to our interview day because we had MLC with them at the mission home, it was such a tender afternoon for all of us!
4.    As dad and I are going to attend the Scott’s Homecoming this next Sunday, is there any message you would like us to relay?
WE LOVE YOU!! Please just let them know how grateful all of us in the great CTM are for them! We love and miss them, but we promise, the mission is in good hands! if you wanted to tell him I still like his haircut, and that I'm completely serious, that'd be ok too. :) 
5.    Any RM’s in particular (that may be there) that you would like us to meet?
Well you'll probably meet a LOT! :) In particular, look out for Sister Williams, Sister Arksey, Sister Messer, & Sister Larsen :) I think they're pretty great :)
6.    Any message for Papa, as he celebrated his 80th last Thursday?
HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAPA!! So I just bragged about you and your cute self to all of my fellow missionaries here. (FROM SHERYL: I sent his birthday party pictures...Michael's "photo bomb" and all!)  You're just so cute and happy and just down right wonderful! :) I love you!!! happy birthday!!!

7.    Any message for Grandpa DeGroot, whose b’day is today (7th)?
HAPPY BIRTHDAY G'PA!!! I am super duper excited to see you in a few weeks and hope you feel my love and prayers on your behalf! I love you so much and hope you have the greatest birthday ever!!! I waved to you last week when I was in Brockville and could see New York across the water! :) I love you!!! happy birthday!
8.    Any message for Nina, who turns 6 on Sunday (13th)?
6????? seriously right now?? My goodness missy, happy birthday!! I hope the day is tremendous for you!!!  eat lots of cake and have lots of fun and Know that I pray for you each and every day! Love you sweetheart!!! Happy birthday!
9.    Who is Marvin?  (you sent me pictures of you with him….a cute older man….am I supposed to know him?)
oh sorry!! haha I went to Sister Edwards old area and taught her recent convert :) He's adorable and thought you'd like to see how sweet he is :) haha
10.  What is your focus for this coming week?
Exact Obedience. Pure in Heart. Preach My Gospel. :) making each moment sacred so that all those who we come in contact with will recognize us as powerful, dedicated, servants of the Lord
11.  Have you received your “final package” yet?
I sure did, and it definitely caught me off guard!! hhaa but I can't lie....all those fruit snacks that were supposed to be for the plane right home....we've basically already eaten them all. uh...sowwy. but I'll buy more to share, I promise! :)

12.  The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is…
think of how blessed I am and then kneel down and tell the Lord all that I feel :)
13.  One area I am thankful to have improved in is...
my conversion to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I had a spiritual witness that these things were true when I came out, but now I have a spiritual and intellectual conversion. I have grown in my love for the Savior and my ability to show that Love to Him through how I conduct myself. How grateful I am for this incredible experience that has helped me start on my journey to become like my Savior!
14.  I think it will take my entire lifetime before...
I begin to understand the blessings of the temple.
15.  My testimony grew so much when...
We experienced the most spiritually filled week this week. I love the guidance of the Lord!
16.  This week, I loved studying about...
Charity. President and Sister Clayton are all about Charity and I loved studying the examples of charity throughout the scriptures. what truly compels you to be a disciple of Jesus Christ? it's His pure and perfect love; charity.
17.  Something I wish I had understood BEFORE coming on a mission is...
the joy of weaknesses. I stressed a bit too much at the beginning that I wasn't doing enough or didn't do it as good as someone else or didn't know the doctrine enough. I have now realized that we all have different talents and hyperventilating just really doesn't make it any better. it's one of those things I knew in my head, but didn't quite get it in my heart now. I do now. :) well...I do MORE now than before :)
18.  This weeks exchanges included ___________ with ____________.
going to Ajax with the infamous Sister Wise. what an INCREDIBLE missionary!! holy bananas. She's just so great. FULL of charity :)
19.  I laughed so hard when....
Sister Fisher and I tried to take jumping pictures for Canada day and the 4th of July. yikes, we're bad :)
20.  An experience I had that I grew a lot from was...
having the responsibility and blessing of going on so many exchanges. :)
21.  Kaffi/Shonteya, Ruth, Laurie/Derek, and their children are.... (DETAILS!!!)
oy...we were dropped by all except Ruth this week. So Ruth is doing GREAT! She is continuing to read the Book of Mormon and says that she's feeling her faith grow little by little. She said she doesn't know for sure if it's true yet, but we're helping her connect little by little to the workings of the Spirit.
22.  I am SO grateful for…
My Savior
This work
my nametag :)
Future experiences!

Well, I'm off! I love you all so much! This work is true, never forget it! :) I know Christ lives, I know God lives, and I know that my calling is real, I am a true representative of our Lord, Jesus Christ, how great is my calling!
Love for now and for ever,
Sister De Groot :)

Missionary Invitation: study Chapter 5 in Preach My Gospel and strengthen your testimony of the Book of Mormon. Take note of the only way that any can come to know that the Book of Mormon is true :) continue/start the conversion! :)

ps I'd send pictures but it's not working...SORRY!

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