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Mum, Pah-Pea, Family, and Friends!!!

So here's the thing; I love you all SOOO much!:) and General Conference was so great, I could die! not literally, know what I mean...;) It's so good to hear that all is going well over there in <warm> Utah! :) Bernick is due in 2 weeks, eh??? Oh my goodness that is so exciting!!!!! When the little guy comes please give him a HUGE hug for me and of course, send me tons of pictures! Make sure he knows his Aunt JayBay loves him so much and welcomes him to Earth!:) Another shoutout to Ms. Peyton Hooley!!! Happy Birthday, sweetheart! I hope you have the best birthday tomorrow and eat lots of cake!:) Love you dearest!!!

Let's jump right into......question time, eh?!
1.  How did Conference weekend go for you?  Were you able to meet with investigators and less-actives as you planned in between sessions?
oh my goodness gracious, conference was INCREDIBLE!!!!! We did meet with 2 new investigators, Kim and Peter. Kim is 14 and has accepted a baptismal date for may 12th!!!:) let me tell you about the day we met her. ahem. once upon a time 2 weeks ago, sister zerkle and I were tracting/contacting on the streets in a sweet little neighborhood. Not many people were home at the time we were out, which was interesting, but we saw a lady on the street about to pass us, so we went and talked to her. As we began talking and testifying of the Restoration of the Gospel, she began to challenge us. After a couple of minutes of this and some things were said that really hurt mine and s. zerkle's hearts, we wished her a good day and began walking back the way we came. With Satan trying to drag us down with the words she spoke to us, we said a prayer, praying for comfort and strength and a blessing on that lady who not yet knew of the truth. We prayed to find someone who was willing to hear the gospel and for courage to continue talking to everyone in our paths. We closed and began walking again. No more than a minute later, we met Kim, a 14 year old, bright red haired girl with the sweetest smile. We told her about the Book of Mormon and said she'd love to have us over. This past Saturday, we taught her the Restoration, committed her to be baptized on May 12th and yesterday she came to both sessions and we even taught her about the Plan of salvation in between sessions! 6 hours of sitting down and taking in the gospel, this 14 year old pressed on! I testify that God knows what we need to get through this life, and to reiterate Elder Holland, "don't hyperventilate if you experience a little trial." because I know that after the trial of our faith, blessings will come!!:)
2.  Knowing that you enjoyed all of the talks, which one stood out as particularly meaningful for you?
oh my goodness, there is no way I can narrow it down! So I decided this morning I'm going to share one snippet from one talk each week so you can get lots of my insights, eh?:) I LOVED Elder Nelson's talk about missionary work (of course...:)) and I especially loved when he said "I cannot speak of the Restoration in tempered tones. It is simply STUNNING!" AND IT IS!!! ah. I love that I get to share it every day, dozens of times each day! I LOVE THIS GOSPEL SOOOO MUCH!:)
3.  How many people came to watch Conference at the church?
Not many. We had 2 investigators and of the other 5 sets of missionaries there, there was only 3 investigators. All the members were at home except for a select few who fed us. :)
4.  What was on the menu for Conference Weekend?
OMELETS!!!! On Saturday, though. Sunday we had cereal. I was too excited for omelets, I couldn't wait another day. Literally. :)
Omelets are a staple at the De Groot home on General Conference Sunday.
Sister De Groot was THRILLED to enjoy one on Conference Weekend in Canada!!  :0)
5.  Any more news on Johanna and Phil?
Not since last week. We taught them about Conference and they were planning on coming but got stuck somewhere in northern London for baby reasons. 
6.  Maria?  (tell her THANK YOU for keeping you on the straight and narrow!  haha)
oh goodness..hahah she's doing great! Happy as ever to be a member!:)
7.  Shawn?
I actually haven't seen him since last week seeing as he's in the other sister’s area, but yesterday he was sick so he couldn't make it to conference. :( 
8.  Eloid?
I'll give you one guess. eyup. Toronto....! It's alright though, we got a hold of him and he got a hold of a Book of Mormon so he's reading it. When we called him he asked "how's my cry cry friend?" eyup. he loves us both. ;)
9.  Has Valerie received an answer regarding April 28th?
Not yet. She also went on a retreat this past weekend so couldn't hear Conference but we'll see her this week
10. Brian?
Dropped off the face of the Earth and we haven't found where that is located quite yet....
11. Samantha?
Doing well! She's been sick this past week as well as her two kids so we weren't able to meet with her but she's been reading and her countenance is definitely growing!:) Do I love the Spirit, or what?:)
12. FAVORITE moment of the week...
All things General Conference! I seriously cannot adequately describe how strong the Spirit was as I listened and watched the prophet and apostles of the Lord declare His word! There is no feeling quite like the Spirit working within you, that's for sure!
13. FUNNIEST moment of the week...
When I was in the middle of singing a springtime hymn and I didn't see the speed bump in the road. yeah. that hurt...:)
14. BEST companion-bonding moment of the week...
SPIRITUAL-Have I ever told you that Sister Zerkle has a spirit face? Whenever she teaches someone on the bus or street or hears someone talk about the gospel and just feels the spirit, she gets this adorable look on her face and you can tell that she knows without a DOUBT that this gospel is true! She emanates with the Spirit as she teaches and watching her do so, makes me want to be a better missionary, companion, person, and child of God! I love her so much and her desire to serve the Lord!
FUNNY-Sister Zerkle got a package with of a pair of rain boots so we decided it'd be cool if we both tried one on, since we're the same size. Welp...5 minutes later, we were still trying to help each other get the shoes off. They suction-cupped onto our feet and it was SO hard to get them off!:)
15. TRANSFERS....what is happening with them?
oh, ya know, just staying in good 'ol London 2nd East!:) S Zerkle is staying with me and we're going to make this the best transfer EVER! :) so continue to send letters onto the 45 pond mills address! if you don't have it, contact mi madre, because I don't have it memorized....;)

Sister Janelle De Groot
45 Pond Mills Road #207
London, ON
N5Z 4W5

Sister Zerkle and Sister De Groot - so happy together!!!  :0)

Well, I must head out now but please know that I KNOW this gospel is true! God lives today and loves us! and because He does, He has allowed us the blessing of having a prophet on the Earth today, even President Thomas S. Monson! The words spoken this weekend were not simply wise words to be contemplated, but direct revelation from God spoken by His chosen mouthpieces! What they spoke were commandments from God on how we should live our lives here on Earth in preparation to living with Him someday! We are all on this Earth together, striving for the same thing, so step out of your bubble and help your brother out! Every member a missionary, everybody a missionary! HOW GREAT IS OUR CALLING!!!!!:)

Love for now and forever,
Sister De Groot:)

Missionary Invitation: make a goal to read the Book of Mormon cover to cover with a question in mind. Make a date to finish it, and then set out the plan to achieve it and that question WILL be answered! Set goals, then make plans! :)

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