Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Mum, Pops, Family, and Friends!

Hello beautiful people!!! oh my goodness, what an AWESOME week!!! Last week in President Scott's weekly email, he invited us rather than LET the week happen, to MAKE the week happen. So that's what we've been working on, is MAKING the week an incredible one and we've seen quite the difference already, but this upcoming week, ah man. it's going to be AWESOME!!!! :) 

Easter Sunday was absolutely incredible! We tried to change our approach of contacting on Sunday and asking people what Easter Sunday meant to them and then testifying of what Jesus Christ did for us and how they can know for themselves and have a further witness through the Book of Mormon. It was an incredible experience for both Sister Zerkle and I as we bore testimony from our heart of what we know to be true, and that's why I love missionary work! For Jesus Christ truly did suffer for us, each of us, personally. I want to testify that I KNOW that He suffered for me, for everything I've been through; for the sorrow I feel when I make a mistake, for the heartache I felt when Alexis and Amanda passed away, for the longing I feel when someone doesn't accept the gospel, He has felt it all so that He can help me feel clean, comforted, and renewed. Christ not only died for me, but He rose for me as well, as He did for you! How wonderful this knowledge is and how comforted I feel that He loves me enough to die for me! This morning in personal study, I was reading in Moroni 10:8-18 about Spiritual gifts and how earlier in my life, I wished I had all of them so that I could contribute fully. But that's not how it works. God has given us specific gifts, personal gifts, to help us grow and to bless the lives of others. one quote I put on my planner for this past transfer was this: 
"I dream of being a Moses, an Esther, a Nephi - and despair that I don't have that Greatness in me. But then I remember - God doesn't require Greatness, He requires faith, and some of us must have the faith to follow."

How I love that! I am who I am because God needs me that way. Of course I need to improve, I'm sure I'll never be who I want to be, but that's why He put us here. If there was no need for progression, we wouldn't be here. This life is meant for something, to prepare us to meet Him again, and so with every trial that comes my way, instead of thinking "why me?", I am going to think "why not?". I love this Gospel with all of my heart and LOVE the chance I have to share it with the people of Canada!:)

Speaking of People of Canada...let's talk about them in QUESTION TIME!!!

1.  What did you do for Easter?
Went to church where we had a BEAUTIFUL musical sacrament meeting, attended Megan Zhang's baptism into the ward (taught by the Chinese elders), and then had Easter dinner with Johanna and Phil. How sweet is that??? We had not been invited anywhere for dinner so Saturday night we had planned a delicious meal of Mr. Noodles (comparable to top ramen in the states) and to make it all pretty for Easter. But that night as we were planning, Johanna and Phil invited us over (they had no idea of our Mr. Noodles dinner plans) and we taught her as well! She's doing so well! We're not quite sure when we can get them baptized though, because they have to get married first and Johanna's wallet got stolen so she has no identification, whatsoever. But we're trying to get that all settled so she doesn't have to wait too long!:) 

2.  How are Maria and Shawn doing, as the newest members of your ward?
oh my goodness, they are doing SOO well! They both received the Gift of the Holy Ghost on Sunday and they were both beaming!! Maria hates attention, though, so she kept giving me glances to save her from going up to the front, silly girl. :) She gave me a hug at Megan's baptism and said she loved me but that I had to stay out of trouble because my mom isn't here to tell me what to do. :) haha so don't worry, mom, I'm being watched over!:) ah, she's so great, it kills me!:)

3.  Eloid?
nope. still in Toronto....

4.  Any more news on Johanna and Phil?
Just that she's progressing splendidly!! She came to church on Sunday and LOVED it! She doesn't know all that much about Jesus Christ's life but knows that He is the Son of God and that He died for her, personally! She's such a sweetheart and is eager to continue preparing for her baptism, that's for sure!:)

5.  Valerie update
I love this woman so much!!!! we taught her about the Plan of Salvation this past week and the only thing she was iffy about was that we are not born in sin because of Adam and Eve eating the fruit. We invited her to look over 2 Nephi 2 and pray and she was more than willing to do so. We also invited her to be baptized on April 28th and she went "WHAT?!?! that's too soon. I dunno about that..." we reassured her that we had prayed to God with this date in mind and that with our help and His, she can be ready. We invited her to pray as well and said no at first, then once s Zerkle wanted to explain to her why, she just started praying the most sincere prayer in the middle of the explanation and asked if she could be ready by April 28th. I love Jamaicans so much!:) The sweetest, most hesitant and sincere people in the world!!!:) This work is so great, eh??:)

6.  Brian?
couldn't meet with him this week because he worked a ton. more update next week, for sure!

7.  Samantha?
She's doing well. We showed her the video "Finding Faith in Christ" and taught her about Jesus Christ's Earthly Ministry. She is beginning to really feel the love of God for her as she prays and reads every day. We dropped by yesterday and read with her Alma 32 before going to our dinner appointment and already she seems SOOO much happier than when we first met her. She says she loves when we come over and teach her but that she has a really hard time with faith, so we're just going to take things very slowly with her so she can truly feel how important she is to Him. :)

8.  What are your plans for Conference Weekend?
IAMSOEXCITEDFORCONFERENCEWEEKENDICOULDCRY!!!!!!!!!!! sorry. but seriously. I am SOOOOOO excited!!! We have oodles of investigators and less actives coming this weekend that I KNOW they will be touched by if they open their hearts!:) We are going to the church to watch with them and have lessons with our investigators in between sessions as well as members feeding us food, so that's always nice, eh?:) ah. I am SOO excited!!! Make an extra omelet for me, k? Two eggs, with everything, please!;) oh. and 3 cinnamon rolls....:)

9.  MOST EMBARRASSING  (or funniest) moment of the week...
oh dear....that moment when we're teaching a new investigator named Erin, and telling her about the Book of Mormon when her son who was running all over the place hit me in the head with a very thick beer box. Sister Zerkle had to try so hard not to burst out laughing! Needless to say, we had to say little prayers to get the Spirit back into the room! :)

10. With your b'day coming up next month, is there anything special you'd like?
I'm going to be 21?????? weird.........don't go all out, you already sent me my birthday present, remember?;) how bout a bag of butter popcorn?? mmhmm. I'd/we'd love that!:)
So, I didn't ask him and I hope it's ok with him, but my stud of a father said this in his email to me this week and I absolutely LOVED it so I thought I'd share it with you...:)
"Remember, 'you are a spiritual being having a mortal experience and not a mortal being trying to have spiritual experiences' (paraphrased from a quote by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin).  We are first and foremost spirit sons and daughters of a loving Heavenly Father who wants the best for us.  What most people don't understand is that the trials and challenges we have on earth are part of the refining fire that helps us become more like Him." 
Isn't he just awesome???:)

Well, my friends, I need to head out, but I wanted to leave with my testimony that I KNOW this gospel is TRUE! The Book of Mormon is TRUE! and God LIVES! and how beautiful this knowledge is! So go share it with someone!:)

Love for now and forever!!
Sister De Groot:)

Missionary Invitation: first of all, read Moroni 10. And once you notice that you do indeed know this is true, then (AGAIN) invite someone to attend/watch/eat something during while watching General Conference! It can never be said too much, eh?:) LOVE YOU!!!

Waiting at the bus-stop by our apartment


OH, YES...YES IT IS!!!!!  :0)

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  1. I love her and her enthusiasm! I appreciated what she said about if there wasn't a need for progression, we wouldn't be here. I bet she has never been hit in the head with a beer box before - that was funny but yes, getting back on track was key and they did great :)