Monday, May 6, 2013

JOHANNAH'S GETTING BAPTIZED!!!!!! when????....:)

Mum, Pops, family and friends!!!
HELLO!!!! I have very little time today, so I need to just jump right in after shouting out to ALL of the wonderful mothers in the whole wide world/who read this!;) HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!!!!!! without you, we wouldn't be here! So thanks for letting us be here!;) But for my mom in particular: I love you so incredibly much! It is so hard for me to adequately portray how much I love you, but just know that I do. A letter with more of my love will be coming shortly after Mother's Day, sorry it isn't before. I love you so much, you're the greatest mom in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!!:) LOVE YOU
so....question time, eh?:)
1.  WHAT TIME do we get to Skype with you?!?
5:00 in Utah! :) we have some appointments in the afternoon so 7:00 here would be just lovely!:)
2.  Are you anywhere as excited as I am to Skype?!?  :0)
haha I am rather excited!! kind of weird that it's already May though, eh? I love you all, I'm excited to see and hear you (hint hint for those of my siblings who are not in utah, and would love to be on the phone for a second if possible. :) LOVE YOU ALL!
3.  Any packages arrive this week?
2 actually!!! haha I got my popcorn package from last month along with our chicken and rice dinner one! haha thank you so much!!! S Zerkle definitely appreciates it as well!!!;) THANK YOU SO MUCH, MOM!!!! LOVE YOU!!!!!
4.  LOVED the story of Abby asking for her own Book of Mormon!  How is the family progressing?
right, isn't she the absolute sweetest??? Her family is progressing quite well, and they were so excited to come to church but Jaime got SUPER sick again, and they couldn't come. The adversary really doesn't want them to make these steps toward baptism, that's for sure! But they are doing really well. We called them yesterday and they are reading the Book of Mormon, especially Abby!:) Because they didn't come to church, we'll have to move their baptismal date, but they are all definitely progressing, what a golden family, eh???:)
5.  Any break from trials for Samantha?
Not at all. She actually called us up this week and told us The Book of Mormon isn't for her. We visited her shortly after the phone call and bore our testimonies to her. She was very nice about it, but she said "You know, I don't have anything against The Book of Mormon, but everything the Church says you shouldn't do, I do. and I don't want to change right now." It was hard to hear that, especially when you understand the blessings that come from living His commandments, but then I remembered a letter I got from a friend on a mission who said to "remember agency. it's hard, but God gave us agency, the ability to choose, as a gift, to prepare to meet God one day. Although you use that agency to better yourself to God's will, some people still need to learn that. we're here to guide and raise a warning voice, but in the end, it's their decision, and we have to respect their God given gift of agency." and I can't say it any better. Samantha is incredible and said she'll continue trying to read every now and then. I have no doubt The Book of Mormon will answer her questions whenever she's willing! Thank heavens for God's word!!!!:)
6.  How about for Kim?
Sadly, we are no longer teaching Kim, either. Last week, we texted and called and she never answered, which is not like her so we decided to drop by this past week. Her mom came to the door and told us firmly that she was not comfortable with Kim being baptized or meeting with us, and to not come by again. We were a little uneasy after leaving her home, but after we prayed together, we felt reassured that Kim still has a very real testimony of The Book of Mormon and that she'll be baptized when she's allowed. Although we can't talk or meet with her, we know she's in good Hands. :)
7.  Were Allie/Alex able to attend church?  (So neat that they took off work to do so!!)
we were mistaken. they took work off for NEXT week, Mother's Day! :) which is actually a REALLY good thing that it's next week so they can go to a baptism....(see below) :)
8.  How did the FHE song (and lesson) go with Johanna and Phil?
it went really well actually! But for an update on them, basically Phil is no longer in the family anymore, and Johanna has decided that she can be a single parent with the help of the ward. and now, we don't need to wait for a marriage so......JOHANNA'S GETTING BAPTIZED NEXT WEEK!!!!!!!!
9.  How did Don like church?  Did his wife attend with him?
He didn't show up, and he didn't answer his phone. we're going to drop by him tonight, though, so again please keep him in your prayers. I know you always do!:)
10.  Norma she reading on her own?
Sure is! She said she hasn't been praying, though, but we testified to her that for her to receive an answer, she needs to do so. She accepted, so I'll keep you updated!:)
11.  Any "Bus Contact" stories to share?
just that S Zerkle shook a guys hand and he kissed it. it was really weird. I almost went all "don't touch my sister!!!!" on him!;)
12.  FAVORITE moment of the week...
hearing Johanna bear her testimony in gospel principles yesterday at church. She is the most stalwart women I have ever met! She has given up EVERYTHING she has to serve God, and needless to say, I was bawling like a baby as she spoke about God's love for her and all of His children. absolutely beautiful.
13.  FUNNIEST moment of the week...
refer to question 11 :)
14.  BEST COMPANION MOMENT of the week...
bonding over our popcorn filled p-days eve last night. p-days eve is pretty great :)
Oh goodness, I am so sorry that I need to skidaddle here super quick, but please know that I love you all SOOO much! This gospel is so incredibly true!!! and how beautiful it is that we're apart of it and have the opportunity to serve and share it with all! How great is our calling!!!:)
Love for now and for ever!
Sister De Groot :)
Missionary Invitation: The best way to share the gospel is to first obtain a greater understanding for what you believe, so I am going to reiterate my invitation from a ways back to buy a Preach My Gospel, because from here on out, I am going to use all my invitations from PMG. So if you want to follow along, please go buy one. the small ones are only $6 from what I can remember!:) LOVE YOU ALL!!!

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