Monday, May 13, 2013

Sometimes I love Missionary Work....and that's EVERY day!!!

Mum, Pops, family and friends!
Why hello!!!!! ok, what an INCREDIBLE experience seeing you, my wonderful family yesterday!!! Technology is just so great, I love it! :) Little Kai and Channing-you two are just TOO cute, it was so nice to officially meet you!:) (Sister Zerkle thinks they're pretty cute, too!) :)
Bill & Whitney - Happy Belated Wedding Anniversary my dear sibling/sibling in law!!! You're both just the cutest in the whole wide world! keep being cute and in love, I'm sure you will! ;) LOVE YOU BOTH!

And to Ryan -HAPPY BIRTHDAY RY-GUY!!!! I hope you enjoy you're 22nd year of being alive and enjoy the fact that we're going to be 21 together for 2 days:) we've always enjoyed it, eh?;) Love you, ryan, have the greatest birthday EVER!!! 

Welp, it's question time, eh?!
1.  What was the biggest surprise on Skype?  (meaning, who looked the most different, etc.)
CHANNING AND KAI of course!!! I mean, before they were in the shape of a fetus, now....they look normal. :) 
2.  Did Allie/Alex come to church?
negative...they both had to work. :( they are reading, but still worried about praying about it. they are more concerned about knowing the little dos and don'ts of the Gospel rather than gaining a testimony about the Book of Mormon. We taught Allie last night and helped her realize the difference between molding a church to fit Ourselves, and molding ourselves to fit His Church. We watched the Spirit work within her and it finally clicked. She said that she will continue to read but she will pray to know. Just what we want to hear, eh?:) She said she booked the entire month of June off and she is trying to look for another job so she doesn't have to be stressed about missing church all the time.
3.  FAVORITE moment of the week (I'm guessing Johanna's baptism) :0)
eyup! Johanna's baptism! :) the Spirit was SO strong!!! It was an absolutely beautiful experience! Just after she was baptized, she began to cry, because she felt "so clean!" :) She's such a sweetheart! The adversary is working incredibly hard on her, though, because she has an incredible work to do for Heavenly Father, I'm sure! After her baptism, she got home to a message that her father passed yesterday morning. The Lord wanted to prepare her for it, though, for in Gospel Principles we talked about families and how trials come before and after a beautiful blessing. She knows she made the right choice, but is having a very hard time, that's for sure. All I can say is that I am SOO grateful that the Lord allows us peace and joy through His Son, Jesus Christ, and thank goodness that she understands that as well! 
4.  FUNNIEST moment of the week...
so once upon a time, we were tracting a wonderful street, then came to a door where a bird began to attack us. literally. scooping over our heads over and over again. we finally realized there was a nest nestled up in the corner of this cute house but didn't want to leave their house because we knocked on the door and were waiting for someone to come to the door! I'm sure we looked absolutely ridiculous to anyone and everyone who saw us!:) oh man...good times. :)
5.  BEST companion moment of the week...
Definitely opening my birthday package together. We're going on exchanges tonight so we won't be together for most of my birthday, so we decided to open it yesterday and eat the vast majority of what was inside! :) so. delicious. thank you for the opportunity to bond more with my companion by sending us more food. greatly appreciated. :)
well my lovely family, I need to be off, I love you all so very much and hope you have the greatest week in the whole wide world!!! Please remember that I KNOW that this gospel is so very true, only because I have found out for myself! I love my Heavenly Father so much and thank him for the opportunity I have to be His servant. Thank you all for your prayers and know that I love you all so very much! love you oobles and oobles! have a wonderful week, and oh...HOW GREAT IS MY CALLING!!!:)
Sister De Groot :)
Missionary Invitation: "The most important of the Lord's work you will ever do will be within the walls of your own homes." whatever that statement inspires you to do, do it. :)

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