Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Happy Birthday Canada and America!!!!:)

Mum, PahPea, Family, and Friends!

Ok, before I do anything, I must do some shoutouts....ahem...

First to the greatest mom in the whole wide world!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you SOO much and thank you for allowing me to have this Gospel in my life and being the greatest example to me that I've ever had!:) I hope you have the greatest birthday and know that someone in London, ON loves you!:) and remember; you'll never get old. ;)

Second to my lovely country of AMERICA!!! HAPPY FREEDOM BIRTHDAY!!!!! Although I'm in Canada and love it here with all my heart, I still love you!!!! With all of my heart plus more!:) Hey America, you're beautiful!:) Happy birthday!

and third to my new love, CANADA!!! happy Canada Day!!!!!! I just love you. eyup. a lot. I am drawn mainly to London, ON, but All of Canada is pretty great, too. :)

LOVE this place!!!  :)
Alright, now let's move onto the best part of the email....

1.  Any more updates on Polly Anna?
She's doing very well! She was able to talk with her mom a few days ago and clear up misconceptions about how "the church was going to take away all her money and marry her off to an old man with 5 wives". Good thing we got that cleared up!!!:) She's planning on going to the temple on the 20th with the YSA and she's SOOO excited! Oh. and Sister Dyer told a story about her meeting the Prophet (yes she has. multiple times actually. President Monson and her Grandma are pretty good friends, actually haha) and PollyAnna FREAKED out! haha she was so excited and jealous, it was adorable!:)
2.  Is Charles getting baptized on Sunday?
SURE IS!!!!:) He had his interview yesterday followed by a blessing of strength, and he has invited SOOO many people to his baptism!!!:) He actually apologized to us for inviting so many, but he said he just wants them to be as happy as he is now!!! Oh Charles. He's just so great!!!:)
3.  What is the scoop with Katie?
dropped for now. :/ She and Jacob still talk about it, but she's not overly interested in meeting with us at this time, which is alright. All is well while in the service of the Lord!:)
4.  Any new investigators?
eyup! We began teaching Agya from Ghana (that's for you, Bernick!:)), Nigel, and Tyler. They're pretty great, more updates coming next week, I'm sure!:)
5.  Today is Papa's 79th b'day.  Any message for him?
Happy birthday paps!! I love you oh so much and hope your day is filled with happiness and lots and lots of food. because food is delicious. :) Thank you for being such an incredible example to me and a loving papa, if only you knew how much I appreciate it... I LOVE YOU PAPA!!!!!!!:)
6.  TRANSFERS....what's up with that?!? 
I'M STAYING WITH S DYER!!!!! I've decided I'm going to stay in London for the whole 18 months. eyup. let's do it. cause I would that. :) London is just so great. (!)
The De-Dyer Duo!!!
7.  BEST teaching moment
teaching Agya about the feelings the power of the Holy Ghost can give you. SOO powerful, I cannot even describe. :)
8.  FUNNIEST moment
so King Edward is a really....interesting street here in London. We drove down it the other day and burst out laughing as we saw a guy walking down the street with a parrot on his shoulder and a woman blow torching her weeds outside her home. eyup. gotta love King Edward. :)
so we have this certain broken office chair that s dyer has mastered balancing as she sits on it. so one night, I decided to try it out. Problem was, I tried it when our district leaders called us. The conversation went a little like this..."Hello, it's Sister De Groot! uh...BAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!" followed by ab painful laughter by s dyer and I. needless to say, I will never sit on that chair again. :) poor district leaders...they were a tad concerned...and confused...:)
10. MOST UNEXPECTED moment of the week...
Finding Tyler. We were driving back from our appointment that didn't work out and as we were driving, I saw a guy standing on the median begging for food and had a distinct prompting to talk to him. So we parked our car and crossed into the median and began talking to him. eyup, in the middle of the road. :) We got to know him and his tough life that he is experiencing and asked if he wanted to know God. Without blinking, he said yes and he wants to be free and happy. So we crossed the road and taught him briefly about the Atonement and who God is. We prayed with him and then he offered his first prayer ever in his life. He said he felt awkward but he wants to keep trying. We invited him to come to church on Sunday and said he wants to, he truly just wants to be happy. sound familiar? :) I love that our Father works in quiet moments to teach you to listen more closely for the benefit of His children! 

Well my lovelies, I must be off, but remember; I know this Gospel is true. Always has been. Always will be. Simple. but oh, so beautiful!:) I love you all, HOW GREAT IS OUR CALLING!!!

Love for now and forever,
Sister De Groot:)
Missionary Invitation: Start the 21 day promise!!!:) If you do so with 'real intent', I can promise you, the Lord will let you know which of your friends are ready for the Restored Gospel! *see last weeks picture

Pita Pit!  Just a little bit of Provo, UT  :)
Don's Baptism - with Sister Zerkle

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