Monday, July 15, 2013

God did not send you here to succeed in an impossible work, no matter where, how, or what you're serving! :)

Mum, PahPea, family, and friends,

Why hello!!!:) First of all, JAMES GOT HIS MISSION CALL????!?!? WOOHOO!!!! I am so excited for you, James!!! that's so awesome, you'll do so great!!!!:) So happy for you buddy!!!:) Second I need to give a shoutout to the birthday girl!!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY NINA MAE!!!!! I'm sorry I'm a couple days late but sweetheart, but I hope you had the greatest birthday in the whole wide world!! Aunt Janelle loves you so so much!! :) Make sure to look out for the kiss I sent in the mail to your new address!:) Love you, hun!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!\
Alright, let's jump right into the wonderful week of which we had, eh?? Eyup. Let's do it. :)


1.  How is our friend Charles doing these days?
SOOOOOO good! He was confirmed yesterday, was ordained to the office of a Priest in the Aaronic Priesthood, got his temple recommend and is going to the temple on Saturday!!!!!:):):) Oh my goodness, he was beaming the ENTIRE day and couldn't stop thanking us!:) ah man, it's sooo good to see more of God's children be baptized into His church, but it's even greater to see them get to the temple!!! I LOVE THIS GOSPEL!!!!!:):):)
2.  How about his two friends that you taught a lesson to?
well the girl we passed onto the family ward because she has a cute 7 year old daughter, but Luke is doing absolutely FANTASTIC! He came to church again yesterday and in the past week has read the first book of Nephi and prayed every day and night, and feels this is right. When we asked him if he had prayed specifically asking if The Book of Mormon was true, he said "No actually. well...I'll do that tonight!" :) He accepted a baptismal date for August 4th, as he smiled from ear to ear! even in the middle of us inviting him, he was SOO excited! Remember when I described PollyAnna jumping up and down when we gave her a Book of Mormon? eyup. Luke did too, but about baptism. :) He would be baptized sooner, but he's trying to work out his work schedule first, so we'll still plan on the 4th. :) OH! which brings me onto the fact that PollyAnna has also received her temple recommend and is going to the temple on Saturday! WOOHOO!!! uh. I just love the temple. Someone please go for me. actually, all of you should go for me. eyup. I like that. Thank you in advance!;)
3.  Any more referrals from all of the other people that attended his baptism?
Not yet. But Charles has been sharing the Gospel with his mom who seems quite interested, we want to have the family ward missionaries have a dinner with her sometime and teach her more with Charles there. :)
4.  Agya?
He's also doing well. He's reading and praying everyday but keeps saying "I does not doubt its true, but I do not know...". He admitted he has not been praying specifically about it, so we testified to him of the importance of both reading and praying so we can get answers for ourselves directly from our Heavenly Father. Personal revelation is necessary for personal conversion!:)
5.  Nigel?
disappeared...:/ But we're working with Moses, a former we've met with a couple times, to get a hold of him. I'll let you know :)
6.  Any other investigators that I don't know about yet?
Alex and Joe: neighbors we contacting outside their homes. Joe was actually talking to all of his friends and was in and out of the conversation. Alex was very interested, though, and said he just wanted to find truth. So we gave him a copy of the Book of Mormon, set up an appointment and told him to invite his friends (who really didn't want to talk to us...:)) and then off we went. 5 minutes later, after we had walked up and around the hill by their homes, Joe comes running after us, asking if we had another copy of the Book of Mormon! why yes, yes we do!:) so we got his information as well and are teaching them both! They both are incredible and have this simple yet profound love for our Savior Jesus Christ. :) it's not every day you get someone running after you to know more, that's for sure!:)

It's time to play "FINISH MY SENTENCE!!":
oh....ok! this'll be fun, I can tell...;)

we went to contact at victoria park and as we went to leave, we saw a group of young adults-ish about 16-22 years old playing the guitar and singing church songs. so what did we do? We joined!:) We sang 2 songs with them, one of which I actually sang in Chamber my senior year "When I Survey The Wondrous Cross"! CRAZY!! It was so great to be so familiar with a song that I could join in with others in a park!:) and they were quite relieved when I threw in that we, mormons, don't have 5 husbands or sister wives! haha They were the sweetest people!!! A couple people wanted copies of the Book of Mormon to read for themselves so of course, we were thrilled to hand them over!:) No appointments were made but I simply love how you can feel the Spirit anywhere if you allow it to be there, even in a park!:) LOVE it!!!:)
cherry chocolate ice cream with magic shell. yes, I know it always seems we bond over food but hey. I'm a De Groot, so that sounds about right, eh?:)
when we taught Luke the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with Charles. Luke was so tuned in to the Spirit and Charles bore the most beautiful testimony I've ever heard! I loved especially when he said "I love the Book of Mormon! it's taught me so much about my Savior Jesus Christ. You couldn't pry it away from me for anything!!" :) Needless to say, the Spirit was SOOO strong!:)
I'm living the Gospel. simple as that. :)
His hand is in everything that I do. I could talk about this for hours as this is something I have been focusing on a lot this past week, but alas, I don't have much time. Just know that I KNOW my Heavenly Father loves me. ask me this question again next week, because I have much more I'd like to say about this topic. :) That'll give me time to condense my answer to only 1 hour. ;)
Well, lovelies, I must be off but know that I KNOW this Gospel is true!!! It always has been, and always will be, so let's go out and share it with others, eh? HOW GREAT IS OUR CALLING?!?!?:)
Love for now and forever,
Sister De Groot:)

Missionary Invitation: No really, you should all go to the temple. and invite someone who hasn't been there in a while to go with you. If you or the friend is not able at this time, make a goal, and then work towards that goal together. :)

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