Monday, July 29, 2013

Alma 26:16

Mum, PahPea, Family and Friends!!!

Why hello again!! I hope you are all doing just fantastically!:) Another week has passed here in the service of our Heavenly Father and I have to admit, it was a tough week...but that's made us all the more dedicated and happy to do the Lord's work!!! (weird how that happens, eh?;)) I just love that even when trials come, the knowledge of this glorious Truth keeps me going and smiling! For that, I am ETERNALLY grateful!!!:) But oh my goodness gracious, we need to do a handful of shoutouts. Let's do it. :) first....

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR HUNTER!!!!! I love you so much, kiddo! I cannot believe that you are going to be a whopping 6 years old soon!!! That's crazy! Just remember your aunt Janelle loves you lots and lots and hopes you have a great day! Have lots of fun and have mommy give you a big hug, ok? ok good!:) Happy birthday bud!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIA!!!! you're going to be 5??? My heavens, child slow down!!! haha I love you so much, sweet girl! I am so happy for you and your big day! I hope you play with lots of princesses and laugh and eat lots of cake (ask mom first;)) and know that Aunt Janelle LOVES you!!!:) Have a fantastic birthday deary!!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRISHA!!!! I can't believe you're going to be...another year old soon!!!;) haha I hope you have the greatest birthday in the whole wide world and know that I love you hoodles!:) You're the greatest, make sure you tell Josh to give you a hug for me!:) Love you lots, have a fantabulous day!:)

wow. that was a lot. haha so let's jump into the week, shall we? what does that mean? well...
1.  With the beginning of August this week, there are a few b'days to address.  Any message for Hunter (6 years old on the 1st)?  Lia (5 years old on the 2nd)?  Trisha (24 on the 3rd)?
I would write them all again but that'd take too long. ha. see above please birthday people. :)
2.  Any packages/mail find their way to you this week?  (please be specific)
SURE DID!!!! I got both packages on the SAME day!!! *see picture. :) As for letters, I haven't gotten any but maybe I'll get one this week, eh?:) Thank you SOOOOOO much everything in those packages!!! They were PERFECT!!!:) I LOVE the shirts, mom! Great job! and the bag? good job!:) Thanks so much, I appreciate it SOO much, especially in this ooper hot weather! haha Thanks again!

3.  Are Charles and PollyAnna both in the YSA ward?
Sure are!
4.  Luke sounds amazing!  What's the latest with him?
Well he's still progressing but not getting baptized this weekend, but he will soon, that's for sure!:) Just keep him in your prayers is all I can ask! Thanks:)
5.  Any "ease of concern" with Agya this week?
YES actually!! He came to church yesterday and in sacrament meeting, we had a "conversion testimony meeting" because more than 75% of the branch was at a YSA conference in Guelph. But it was great! PollyAnna shared her story and we were just so happy to see her coming out of her 'scared to talk in front of people' bubble!:) Once she sat down, Agya got up!! To be honest, my heart thumped for a minute, I didn't really know what to expect when he got up there, but at the same time, I felt completely calm. He proceeded to talk about his life experiences with Christ and the influence his dad had on his life, and said to the congregation that he knows the Book of Mormon it's true!! It was the most beautiful testimony I've ever heard! Because we wanted to help him make the connection between the Book of Mormon and the Restoration of God's Church, we showed him the Restoration video and we actually played back parts of it on his request so he could understand. He explained that he knows the Book of Mormon is true, but he needs to pray about Joseph Smith and the Priesthood authority, and we were more than thrilled to hear that!:) He's doing really well and is noticing the importance of the priesthood authority every day! The branch is helping out a ton with him, as well! boy, am I so grateful to be in a branch that helps our investigators!!! SOO grateful!!!:)
6.  Joe also sounds golden.  What's the update with him, and how is Alex doing?
Unfortunately, Joe has dropped us for this time. He feels it's true but says he's not willing to change at this time. It was hard to hear that, because he says he knows it'll bring him the most happiness but right now, he just wants to live, but we have to respect his agency. He says he'll still try to keep coming to church and reading the Book of Mormon, but other than that, he's good where he's at. We are still teaching Alex and he is moving forward and is excited to do so! Whenever we visit Alex, we'll stop by Joe and see how he's doing and keep praying for him :)
7.  Is Kevin still on target to be baptized this next weekend?
Not this weekend, but we've committed him again to the 18th! :)
I do. (!) :)
Being myself as I share the Truth!! I don't have a problem anymore waving to an oncoming biker to get them to stop and share this glorious message!:) You know how I talk loud? Well, I've finally put it to use!! haha I call to people across the street and then we run over to share the Truth because I mean, really, if it's Truth for everyone, why not share it with EVERYONE who passes you? You never know who God put in your path for the day, and I don't want to miss an incredible opportunity!:)
My Heavenly Father's Plan of Happiness and His Son, my Savior, Jesus Christ, who provided the way for us to partake of that plan!! It all just makes sense! With this reassuring knowledge of Truth, answered and provided by our Father in Heaven, I am comforted that I can, indeed, see my dear Alexis again! :) She's not gone! She's just passed beyond the veil and is continuing to do God's work there, and helping me as I act as an instrument in His work here! How incredibly grateful I am for that beautiful, beautiful knowledge!!!
I am a very protective companion. like really. one of our male investigators went to hug s Dyer and my body triggered the sympathetic nervous system. oh my goodness gracious, men, stop wanting to hug my adorable little companion, ok?? I mean, I know she's cute and all, but you gotta stop. haha oh man...:)
when agya got up to share his conversion story. yeah. definitely wasn't expecting that. (!) :)
s Dyer does this really cute but creepy child voice and I was ooper hyper (yes. we all know what that means...) and I just had the giggles and couldn't stop!! There were other moments when this happened, but it just really wouldn't be funny if I tried to recreate them...:)
how to prepare yourself to truly feel the Savior's love to people you talk to. Before I always tried to look at people the best I could, but I could never truly feel depth of the Savior's love for others until I prepare myself adequately. The love i feel for these people is absolutely astounding! I truly am unable to explain, but it is beautiful! :)
I serve him with absolutely EVERYTHING that I am! I've learned throughout my life and especially while I've been out here that if you want something to change, if you want to see the hand of God in your day more, then allow him to-be more sincere, keep his commandments, it's simple, just do the things He wants you to. I love this Gospel so much! so much. :)
Well, my lovelies, I must go, but guess what?? THE GOSPEL IS TRUE! Never forget that I know that with all of heart and urge you all to cultivate that faith that you have! Don't focus on what you lack, but focus on Jesus Christ and then act, and everything will fall into place! It's true! So let's share it! HOW GREAT IS OUR CALLING??
Love for now and for ever,
Sister De Groot:)
Missionary Invitation: Malachi 4:5-6 I know I said last week to go to the temple, but this week, find at least one name of your ancestors to take to the temple, and help them accept this Glorious Gospel!!!:) LOVE YOU ALL!!!

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