Tuesday, November 12, 2013

1 Nephi 9:6

Mum, Pahpea, Family, and Friends!

Why hello!!! ok so I seriously stink at remembering and people's birthdays! I forgot to wish my little nephew, Landon, a happy birthday the same day as daddy's!! so....HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIDDO!!!! You make me laugh all the time, goober, and you're just the cutest little thing in the whole wide world! well...little? maybe not. but I do think you're pretty great!:) Happy birthday bud! I love you so much!
Alright, so if I forgot someone else, I apologize, but man I stink at remembering anything. :) oh mom! I just remembered, all the missionaries are filling out a new booklet we got about our family history up to my great grandparents on both sides, I have names of all of them except my great grandma on your mothers side, so I was wondering if I could get that info as well as all the birthdays/death dates and places and stories if you know anything of them. I would greatly appreciate it, it's a new finding tool that we're using especially with people on the buses to help people get excited about doing family history work! Thanks a bunch, I love you lots and lots!
Alright, let's do some.....
1. What are some goals you and Sister Wiliams have set for this transfer?
To do a "car fast" once a week (that means one day a week, we don't use the car and we ride buses all day!). Some missionaries do it. some don't, but we want to do it for sure!  I am absolutely stoked about it!!! I LOVE BUSES!!!!:)
2. Is it safe to assume you will remain in Etobicoke for another transfer, since Sister Williams will be heading home?
I would assume so....but Sister Williams thought that would be so when she was in Oshawa and her companion went home, yet she came here and Sister Arksey and Sister Stats white washed into her area so....I'm not quite sure! haha My guess is I'm staying though. We'll see :)
3. Investigator updates....(spare no details!)
Paul: he fed us almost every day this past week as we taught him and taught me how to rightfully eat fries from swiss chalet because apparently I do it wrong...:) He's doing incredibly well, he and Kristen have been helping each other to quit smoking and Paul is SOO excited to be smoke free! They are the funniest couple in the whole wide world, I just love them so much! They are also planning on moving to Utah sometime next year, so maybe you'll be able to meet them!:)
Mark and Ellena's mom apparently wasn't told we were coming over to teach them, and she wasn't very happy when we showed up, so they'll continue to read the Book of Mormon they said but we can't meet with them at this time. It's ok, everything works out for a reason! I'm a firm believer in that!:)
4. Any more opportunities to speak Spanish?
no, but I had a dream that I spoke to someone in spanish!!! and the missionaries in my district were astounded. eyup. and then I woke up...
5. What do people do on Remembrance Day in Etobicoke?They all wear poppies and don't work and have a moment of silence at 11:11. except my canadian companion forgot about it and at 11:43 she realized that and felt horrible. so we made up for it. oh! and we sang the canadian national anthem; me in english and sister williams in French. and then we sang the american national anthem as well! woohoo!:) we're just so multipatriotic!:)
6. What did YOU do on Remembrance Day?
See above...and talked to lots of people on the streets!!! and maybe froze a little bit...it was a lot colder than we planned. but we sang a lot to keep ourselves from becoming sister ice cubes :)
7. If you could only choose ONE "Highlight of the Week", what would it be?Teaching a former investigator, Kim, and her accepting and excited to be baptized on November 24!:) There are some things we have to figure out, but we're praying that she continues to progress for that day! She's so cool and we're super excited for her!:)
8. The one area I would like to improve on as a missionary is....
coming up with new ideas and new ways to introduce the Gospel to individuals; ensuring that whatever I say is tailored directly to the individual, especially when talking to someone on the street because you only have about a minute to introduce the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ to them and how their family can be eternal through God's restored power or how they can be clean from their sins through the Atonement or how to truly find happiness. that's a lot of ground to cover in that short of a time! So not falling into routine, but tailoring every word to their need.:)
9. One of the greatest things I've learned as a missionary is...
how to feel, and express, profound and ultimate Christlike Love. After all, that's the key to opening hearts so others may feel the influence of the Spirit testify to them that God has, indeed, restored HIS church to the Earth! ah, how grateful I am that this is not my work! it is HIS!:)
10. I felt the Lord's guidance the most this week as....
I applied what I talked about in number 8; tailoring everything to others needs. The Spirit is so strong when you truly are concerned about the well being of others, and that allows them to truly feel of the Spirit.
11. I went on exchanges to Toronto N (yes in the middle of the city) and served with Sister Taylor (so precious, so cute, and sings like Regina Spektor! :))
12. My favorite exchange was...
The one I went on with Sister Taylor, the only one I went on last week!:)
13. My most memorable Study Session was...
about covenants: a covenant is a sacred agreement between God and a person or group of people. As you keep your covenants, you will not need to be commanded in everything you do (doctrine and covenants 58:26-28) No matter what comes at you, no matter how awkward the circumstance, no matter how uncomfortable things may seem; always turn to God so you can keep your covenants! It's such a beautiful concept, and it truly works, I can testify of that!
14. I was so embarrassed when....
one of our new investigators came to our lesson with a bouquet of flowers and chocolates and then asked my companion out. yeah....talk about awkward!!! hahahaha we passed him on to the elders to teach....:)
15. Things I am especially thankful for this week include...     National Anthems :)
     The love that's associated with Holidays
     Dinner appointments
     My companion Sister Williams, and looking out for her so no more guys ask her out...:)
     The scriptures that allow me to feel the Spirit so strong!

Well, I need to head out but please know that I love you all tremendously!! This work seriously is the greatest work in the world, and I'm not just talking about the work here in the Toronto Canada mission, I'm talking about His work throughout the world, members and missionaries alike! This truly is the work of salvation and He is hastening His work! let us hasten ourselves, again, missionaries and members alike! I know my Savior lives! I know this is His work! I know we can be cleansed from ALL our sins if we simply allow Him to do so! I know His truth is eternal and I know it can save lives! How beautiful the knowledge is! and oh, how great is our calling!

Love for now and for ever,
Sister De Groot :)

Missionary Invitation: This one is ooper simple; ensure that you pray for the missionaries in your ward by name every single day. :) In fact, could I get the names of the missionaries in the Alpine 5th ward, please? after all, they are the missionaries in my ward!:) Thanks so much I love you all!

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