Monday, November 4, 2013

6 weeks is not that long to wait for a miracle

Mum, PahPea, Family, and Friends!

Oh my goodness gracious, hello! I hope you all had a wonderful week, because you know what? We sure did!!!:) So this past transfer was tough, I'll be honest. We would begin teaching people and they just wouldn't progress. We kept our heads high though, and kept going strong and on the last day of the transfer, yesterday, we saw SOOO many miracles! To start off, Merle came to church yesterday and loved it! then after teaching an incredible lesson with Mark and Ellena (brother and sister) from Vietnam, we got a call from Paul, he's the husband of a less active lady whose been wanting to come back to church and he has not yet been baptized. They've been working hard on coming each week for almost a year and yesterday he called us up and has us meet them quick before we taught a lesson, and asked us when we were baptizing him! WHAT?!?!?! haha it was so exciting! We made a game plan to help him overcome smoking and he's committed to 1 December!! woot woot!! he's so cool, I love them both so much!!! Miracles are happening here in Etobicoke!:) oh wait, but it doesn't stop there! later on last night we went to teach a lesson but he didn't show up, so we were off to our back up walking to the car, and I decided to contact 1 more person before we got in the car and lo and behold it was a less active lady that we've been trying to contact for 12 weeks!!! ah! I cannot even tell you the joy we felt as we were driving home last night! The Lord really is aware of the effort that is put into His work, whether full time or member missionary, and I promise that He will allow everything to work out in His timing!!! No doubt! Don't let it get you down, no matter how long it takes. For SIster Williams and I, we've decided that admist the many little miracles we saw throughout the transfer, 6 weeks really is not that long to wait for a day of miracles!!!:)

Whew, now what time is it, you ask? Why, it's QUESTION TIME!!!
1. Any post-Birthday message for your dad?number 1. SOO sorry I didn't send a wish last week, but I did the week before!!!:) sorry...mission time is seriously messing with my brain. Good thing you still love me, eh?;) I hope you had the greatest birthday in the whole wide world pahpea! I love you more than you'll ever know, but I guess a simple "I love you" will have to do for now :) I love you daddy!!! ps. you're old. but I love you anyway. ;)
2. I believe Transfers are this week. What have you heard?staying here with Sister Williams in her last transfer! crazy!!!
3. Did you receive your Halloween package on time?SURE DID!!! thank you SOO much! I'm pretty sure we've overloaded on candy this week. but guess what? I'm A-OK with it!;)
4. How is Merle....and Merle? :0)one decided she'd rather stick with her church and the other is doing very well! she came to church yesterday and LOVED it!!! She has such a beautiful testimony of Jesus Christ, and knows that only through Him is she going to find peace. so sweet, and she just gets it!:) I love her so much!
5. Ella?We're really worried about her, she's insanely sick, so please just keep her in your prayers. We can't teach her right now because of her medical issues, but please please pray for her! thanks so much!!
6. Did you receive all the pictures I emailed you, and were you able to view them?yes I did, thank you so much, the little ones are all so stinking cute!! and SOOO big!!!
7. Are you sending pictures home today?I will definitely try!!:)

8. My favorite exchange this week was...Going with Hermana Dudley in Black Creek Central. It was so much fun and she taught me SOO much!!! and!!! I CONTACTED SOMEONE IN SPANISH!!! not just the usual "hola, como estas?" but literally, I actually talked well...jumbled taught a bit of the gospel to a lady!!! BAHHH!!! so cool. I love the Gospel so much!:)
9. My most memorable Study Session this week was about...Alma 8 and returning speedily to that which God has called you to do, no matter the circumstances. I highly recommend it!!!:)
10. I couldn't believe it when...We found out that Sister Williams and I were staying together for her last transfer. So stinking happy!!!!!:)
11. What am I going to do with my TTC tie, you ask? Well...I don't know! haha keep it! maybe I'll give it to my son when he goes on his mission....? Clip ons are definitely needed, eh? haha just kidding. but seriously...:)
12. I'm excited about Transfers because...we're together and we're going to have a baptism with Paul!!!!
13. Something I would love included in my Christmas package is...a picture of each one of my siblings and the new additions to their families!:) yes Ryan, that includes you with your puppy Jade!:)
14. My Funniest and/or Most Embarrassing moment of the week was...getting smooshed in between 2 drunk guys on an INSANELY crowded bus...twas slightly awkward. gotta love toronto transportation! haha
15. This week I am especially grateful for...The spirit of Christmas. Yes it is officially Christmasy here in Canda because all other holidays are past for now and there are Christmas decorations everywhere! But it's not just the decorations or the excitement, but it's literally the spirit of love, of peace that is everywhere to be found. The spirit of Christ! It's so beautiful, so simple, and it's my wish that we can bring it to someone this year who is lacking that particular Spirit. Let us remember to lift up one another and be kind to one another, remember that the person in line next to you in the grocery store is here for the same reason as you; "to prepare to meet perform their labors." Alma 34:32. Let us help out one another on this journey back to our Father in Heaven! That's why we're here! let's help each other out!:) God lives and He loves us so so much! and we have the calling to help each other to get back to God as well, and how great is our calling! :)
Love for now and for ever,
Sister De Groot:)
Missionary Invitation: What are you thankful for? make a list! and then post it wherever people see it the most, and then invite them to do the same! This is the most non-aggressive way in the sharing the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ! If you know something is true, why not share it??:)

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