Monday, April 21, 2014

He's allowed me solace

Mum, PahPea, Family, and Friends!!!

Hello hello hello! I hope your Easter weekend was the best ever in the whole wide world! I loved ours so much!! We had a wonderful day of seeing Navi, who was being taught in the South, be baptized yesterday and she was SOOO happy! Then we had dinner with a member who followed the tradition of not eating meat and fed us a beautiful meal of vegetables, rice and fish. And for all those who know me, correct, I don't like fish. But I wasn't in the least going to say that to this sweet lady, but sister hansen did look at me with a grin, trying really hard not to laugh knowing that I am not the biggest fan of that swimming creature...So I ate it! all of it! and let me tell you, it actually wasn't that bad. look at me. rising up in the world and facing my fears. woot woot! :) But in all seriousness, it was wonderful to feel the Spirit and sincerity of her meal and the effort she put into it to worship her Father in gratitude for her Savior, Jesus Christ. She's actually the one, mom, who is responsible for helping me put together your Mother's Day gift. :) You'll understand when it gets look for it in the mail within the next couple weeks. I'll do my best to get it sent off today but with transfers, it might be next week. Just letting you know! :)

Okey Dokey, let's jump into a question and answer session, shall we?! :)
1.  Were you able to read the letter I received from President Monson's secretary?
um yeah!!! I may or may not have gotten really close to the computer while reading it checking to see if it was a frauded letter...haha! just kidding...that's SOO cool! That surely doesn't happen everyday! :)

2.  TRANSFERS.....what's happening?!?
Well surprise!! I'm staying in mississauga again!!! 4th transfer in this area and 7th transfer in the Weston zone, crazy eh!?! :) I'm training Sister Stoddard, my granddaughter as a new sister training leader!! I'm super excited but really sad Sister Hansen is leaving me - she's off to Brantford with Sister Griffin who was in the MTC with me! :) They're going to do SOO much good together! I love Mississauga!! :)
3.  IF you are being transferred, do you know your new address?
no need!
4.  Were Sharlene, Sharaya and Sheldon able to attend church this week?
nope, next week! :)
5.  How is Deepanwita doing?
Sweet Deepa is doing so well and we actually discovered she's not in our area! awkward....our ward boundaries are cahraaaazy!! haha so we've been going out of our area a lot in the past 3 transfers.'s ok, I didn't know but now I do, I've repented, and now we're good. :) discussing past transgressions...I really shouldn't do that....anyways so she's in Oakville's area. and actually if you would please keep her in your prayers because she has to fly back to India on emergency for her family for 3 months. she said she still really badly wants to be baptized when she gets back but she needs to take care of her mom, so please pray for her, thank you!
6.  Nestle?
Unable to meet due to Easter, next week!
7.  Did your Easter package ever arrive?
not yet, we think it's because Canada had both a holiday on Friday and today and doesn't send or receive any mail on Saturdays so...tomorrow! maybe... :)
8.  Other than church, how did you spend Easter?
See above :)
9.  Kai turns the big "ONE" on Thursday.  Any message for him?
wow what? kai. stop growing little man! I'm just kidding don't, because it just gets so much better up at 5'9" as opposed to 1'4" :) Happy birthday kiddo!!! I can't believe you're so old, especially because I've never met you, but I'm sure you're as cute in person as you look in your pictures! :) I hope your birthday is fantastic, cause it's your first!! well...kind of...HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUNSHINE!!!! also. keep calling me by that crazy dutch name that I love so much, your mommy told me abou it but I don't remember how to say/spell/hear it. so....hope you do! :) Love you! happy birthday!
10.  Any message for Erika about her baptism?
CONGRATULATIONS ERIKA!!!! I can't believe you're SOO big! I hope your baptism was just lovely, remember to write down how you feel so you can have it for forever! :) I love you so much hun, and know that I am praying for you! hope you can feel it, too! :) Happy baptism sweetheart and God is so very proud of you, as am I! :)


11.  When I found out about transfers, I....
was so insanely shocked! We were waiting for the elders to tell us they was kidding that Sister Hansen was leaving. nope. not kidding! haha but we're both super excited!!
12.  I have felt so blessed this week because....
My testimony of the Savior has grown immensely, and I feel like my love for Him is too much for my body to hold. But how grateful I am have this knowledge!!
13.  After I'm done emailing, I plan to....
help my little companion pack and clean the car and prepare for the new transfer!
14.  My favorite study session this week was about....
The Atonement of my Savior, Jesus Christ. His life, His teachings, His sacrifice, and most importantly, His resurrection. How grateful I am for OUR Savior!!
15.  My favorite teaching moment was....
Teaching Sharlene about the Atonement of Jesus Christ and the joy of repentance and forgiveness, I love how repentance is a joyful rather than a dooming process. 
16.  My companion and I bonded over....
Chocolate Easter bunnies and sharing our testimonies of the Resurrected Savior :)
17.  When I saw all of the pictures you sent, I.....
showed them to all the surrounding missionaries and said "LOOK HOW CUTE THEY ARE!!!! I've never met mr. kai, but isn't he cute??? :)"
18.  A goal I have for this upcoming week is....
to help Sister Stoddard LOVE being a sister training leader and with her find 6 new individuals to being teaching! :)
19.  Let me try to sum up what the Atonement means to me....
it's like asking what does your mom mean to you? how do feel about your father? how do you know that God exists? The Atonement means more to me than anything in this world, any joy that I could ever feel, any fancy alliteration that I could gather. To know that One loves me enough to submit Himself to the torture of humankind and rise again simply to allow me to return to the presence of my Father in Heaven gives me peace, humility, solace. There is none other that is capable of such a sacrifice and I am so in debt to Him for what He has done for me. Consecration is literally the least I could possibly to. Sometimes I feel I need to do much more than I'm capable, but I'm reminded, that I musn't wish to do more than I am capable. I must continue forward, dedicated to the discipleship of my calling, and in the end, it will be enough; for I cannot reach past that which He's allotted me. then comes the solace. Ultimate, humble and profound solace.
20.  I will be forever grateful for...
the Atonement of my Savior Jesus Christ
x 5

I wish for you to feel the extent of my testimony, of what I feel inside, but I suppose my Father in Heaven allows only I and Christ to feel the depth of such for my personal growth and His recognition. I know that my Savior has suffered for our sins and sorrows, has died to experience a temporary end, and has risen to open the grave, to give solace. This Atonement is real, I know it! I feel it within every fiber of my being, every part of my anatomic makeup. I KNOW this is true, and because I do, I have solace. We have this knowledge, and everyone needs to know it, for they, too, are children of the Most High God. Let us share it, how great and how sacred is our calling!

Love for now and for ever,
Sister De Groot :)

Missionary Invitation: Chapter 1-Discover your purpose as a missionary, and then make a goal for this coming month of May to share the Gospel! :)'s mother's day...maybe that could help? ;)

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