Monday, April 28, 2014

Everyone loves time with their granddaughter :0)

Mum, PahPea, Family, and Friends!!

Hey hey hey!! Greetings from WARM Mississauga Ontario. That's right, my friends, it is getting warm here. and I might cry I'm so happy. so. happy. :) ok, so I have LOTS to tell today, so I'm going to jump right into.....

but before I do...I'd like to declare that I have the cutest nieces and nephews in the whole wide world!!! sorry. aunty bragging moment. I'm good now...;)

1.  Did your Easter package ever arrive?  (If the answer is "no", consider it simply a "Spring Package" when it finally does, OK?)  :0)
sure did!! :) Thank you SOOO much. also. Sister Stoddard and I eat a lot together. and we basically ate all the chocolate fills eggs before we hid them. yikes a bee. haha! Thank you so much, we are both SOOO grateful!! also, loved the necklace, mom thanks!!! :)
2.  Tell me all about Sister Stoddard (where from, how long on a mission, what she's like, etc.)
dear Sister Stoddard is from Rexburg, Idaho, came out in May last year, same time as Sister Dyer, is the 4th of 6 kids, loves life, is super energetic and consecrated! Ah man, I just love this girl SOOO much! and she already knows a lot about me because sister zerkle was her trainer....haha ah the stories! :) She's SO optomistic and has such a strong testimony of this work, the most hard working missionary I've ever met, I love her dearly!! :)
3.  What have you and Sister Stoddard done to bond in your companionship?
We just laugh ALL of the times. seriously. we both find so much joy in His work and love being used as instruments in His Hands!! and we talk a lot. yeah. we get along really well! :) in fact, last year sister zerkle told me after one week of training sister stoddard that we are the same person. and we kinda are...haha thank heavens not exactly the same because I don't know if I could handle two of me! haha she's just so great. bonding with my granddaughter? NO problem! :)
4.  Did Sharlene, etc. attend church THIS week?
sure did! even when she felt HORRIBLE with her cold. poor girl. but she came for the full block! she's so great!! Sharaya wasn't feeling well either so she stayed home but Sharlene was able to come! Blessings will flow to her, that's for sure!
5.  How is Nestle doing?
He's busy with finals and work, he's asked us to contact him a month or so in the future
6.  What was the most interesting thing you have eaten this week?
more fish. I think the members can tell I don't like it and are trying to get me to adapt. ah man...
7.  What was your favorite study session centered on?
well I've been doing a Christlike attribute a day and today was diligence! I've decided that faith, diligence and obedience in life are key to developing the other attributes of Christ. "A diligent missionary (or member of the Church) works effectively and efficiently. Diligence in (the work) is an expression of your love for the Lord and His work." -PMG pg121 I love hard and effective work! :)
8.  What would you consider the highlight of this past week?

oh my goodness, ALYSSIA! ok. so get this incredibly awesome story of how forces on both sides of the veil are consistently working to prepare the hearts of the children of men to accept this gospel! 
 So... we have the most amazing bishop in this ward. He's super missionary minded! He called us and wanted us to drop by a less active. He knew the address didn't exist... but he felt very strongly that missionaries needed to go there. We go and tract a little bit... nothing too successful... but we get a referral in the area!! So... the next day we go back! We drop by the referral... not interested... we knock on a couple of other houses without any success, so we walk to the car to leave! we decided to knock one more house, so...we do! We go up and knock at the door and nobody comes. We sit there for awhile and this girl opens up.... ha. We woke her up! my bad... So upon beginning to speak with her, she tells us that her father passed away last year and her grandmother a month ago. Even with this hard times in her life she has such INCREDIBLY strong faith! Because of this knowledge, we feel we need to teach the Plan of Salvation. As we are teaching, the Spirit comes into the room more and more, and did especially when we taught about the Spirit world, how all are given the opportunity to accept the restored gospel, either here on Earth or in the next life. We continue to teach and again, the Spirit is just FLOODING the room. Then. here it comes. we invite her to be baptized. and she goes, "wait, actually I think my dad was baptized a member of your church, he mentioned he was thinking about getting baptized again by someone who had authority from God..." and we're like...como say what?!! anyways LONG story short, her mom is currently reading the Book of Mormon and has been for a while, daily might I add, her uncle might be a member, her dad was possibly baptized, and she wants to be when she knows this is true. so yeah. forces here on earth (promptings to us, Bishop and the neighbor who gave us a referral, oh! and her to get out of bed and open the door when we got there) and forces on the other side! how I LOVE this work!!!!! follow all promptings, friends, He prompted you for a reason!!! and the result might make you scream out of joy! ;)
9.  What words would you use to describe the weather you've been having?
warm. and chilly. ;)
10.  What happened that made you laugh the most?
we're just way too clumsy together. like 3 times. enough said. haha

11.  When I saw the pictures you sent, I...
12.  My testimony grew, yet again, when...
we had that experience with Alyssia! so incredible!! Thank heavens we get to work with the great missionaries on the other side! :)
13.  Exchanges this week included...
none yet!
14.  Our goal for this P-day is....
prepare prepare prepare! :)
15.  My favorite thing about being a Sister Training Leader is....
getting to work with all these INCREDIBLE sisters!! ah. I love it. :)
16.  The thing I find most challenging about being a STL is....
feeling inadequate. but I've learned-God truly does prepare those whom He calls! and thank Heavens for that! :)
17.  An area I would like to improve on is....
trying new things. I do in little forms, but I want to be super creative this transfer. We'll work on it together! :)
18.  My favorite teaching moment was....
Alyssia. the Spirit was so strong. God loves her so much, it was incredible to feel!
19.  I felt the Spirit so strongly when....
teaching Alyssia. seriously. I know I should say something else but if only that tiny description could explain the joy and level of the Spirit that we felt!!!
20.  I am so grateful for...
Sister Stoddard, my granddaughter! :)
Preach My Gospel
This work

Well, I must head out! I love you all so much and thank you for your love and prayers, we feel them daily! I know this Gospel is true, now and forever!!! :) how GREAT is our calling!!!

Love for now and for ever,
Sister De Groot :)

Missionary Invitation: how are you diligent in the Lord's work? what does diligence mean to you? :) PMG pg 121

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