Monday, June 9, 2014

Alma 59:15-16 our calling :)

Mum, PahPea, Family and Friends!

OSHAWA!!!!! man. I love it here! seriously, the people, the missionaries, the investigators, my companion, these sisters, this work. everything and everyone!!! I just love it! Let's just jump in, eh? yup. let's do that. :)

1.  Were you able to say your good-byes in Mississauga?  (How did that go?)
um....not really. I just kind of left haha! I mean, I told a couple people, "mama" included (sister ennever, this adorable jamaican lady that feeds us all the time) and she cried on the phone. man, that broke my heart! We called Robert to let him know and he was SOO funny! He goes "wait, you're leaving?? why? it's ok, God needs you there, but is it ok if I continue to learn from you two before you go, just like shadow you when you talk with people? I want to learn everything there is to learn about this church! if you go to a park to talk with people, can I come? I can just fly a kite in the background, can we fly kites? is that ok? we can even go kayaking, let's do that, can we do that?" ah man Robert. he's one of my favorite people ever! haha I am waiting to hear the update with him from Sister Stoddard, so we can see how he's doing! :)   
2.  What were your first impressions of Oshawa?
IT'S LIKE A CLEAN LONDON!!!!! seriously. I love it so much! love. it. 

3.  What can you tell me about Sister Fisher (other than she's from Fiji)?
she's so much fun, has an INCREDIBLE testimony, so consecrated, oldest of 5, 22 years old, laughs all the time, and makes me sing her to sleep. ha!

4.  How are you two getting along?
super duper well! I've gone on 2 exchanges with her in the past so it's awesome to have her as a companion now!!! :) We LOVE working together!!!

5.  Describe your living conditions...
basement. homey. hard wood floors. not much lighting though...we say we live in the cave. :) (working on that...) clean. have to be quiet because there's a baby in the room above ours. yeah that's hard....but it's just so great!
6.  When you open up the front door to your new home, what is the first thing you see?
the backyard. :) and a nice tree that I've hit myself in the face with like 4 times already. :)
7.  Any updates on Kresho from before you left?
we were able to meet with him the night before I left and felt like we've been going in circles with him, to be honest. But Sister Stoddard said they've made some progress this past week, we didn't have a lot of time to discuss it before our MLC, so when I find out, I'll let you know!
8.  What about Robert?
HE WENT TO CHURCH (apparantly...)!!!!!! ah. He's doing great, said he's now listening intently on the discussions!! I love it!!! :)
9.  How big is your new ward/branch?
huge. like seriously Ginormous. about 240 active. That may seem small for Utah, but here, it's huge, well at least in comparison to the wards I've seen in. :)
10. Did you and Sister Fisher replace Sisters or Elders?  (And how many are serving in your new ward/branch?)
we replaced sisters, Sister Zerkle and Sister Felix actually. the whitby sisters just whitewashed elders in our ward as well as 2 other companionships in the zone, including the zone leaders. 3 companionships are in our ward, us, sister harwyluck, sister clark, elder crutchfield, and elder mangakahia. our ward. :)
11. Did your "ORANGE" package arrive before you left Mississauga? (if not, how does it work for you to get it?)
sure did!!! thank you SOOO much, you are the sweetest!!! I LOVED everything in it!!! hey mom, how are you so clever? haha my companions know you're the most creative missionary mom in the world! :) LOVE YOU!!!


12. Preparing for a transfer entails....
planning in 3 different ways-for you staying, for you going, or for you being whitewashed out. good times. :)
13. The first thing I did when I arrived in Oshawa was....
call the auxiliaries, investigators and begin dropping by the members! I LOVE WHITEWASHING!:)
14. I'm excited about this new ward because...
They are so missionary minded! On sunday, we had an investigator there, it being her first time, and we didn't even have to ask for anyone to go talk with her or sit by her, EVERYONE wanted to meet her and a few sisters volunteered to sit by her. wow. this is incredible!!!! :) also, mom you'll be happy-we're getting fed EVERY night this week. yup. how we're going to do exchanges with these dinner appointments is beyond me! haha
15. Sister Fisher and I have set the goal to....
Focus on the Savior in all things. take it back to the basics-pure in heart. exact obedience. preach my gospel, find, teach, baptize! I love June!! HARVEST MONTH!!! :) Also, we are going to work with the members like crazy this transfer! There is a better way to do missionary work, and that way is through the members. (President Hinckley) We're so excited to work with them!
16. Those in our "teaching pool" include....
Dominique, Ligia, Tunde and Vincenzo-the last of which we found this week. ah man, you know those prayers you say to find someone who needs the gospel most of all and then you open your eyes and there they are, right in front of you? well. Vincenzo. He's incredible! so ready for the gospel, he's wanting to change his life around after his failed marriage with his wife. The poor guy is hurting, and he's ready to feel the healing of the Atoning sacrifice! Prayers to help him stop smoking and prepare to be baptized on June 29 would be greatly appreciated!! :)
17. Exchanges this week were......
none, we were ensuring that we know our way around the area a little bit, so we smooshed them in to the next 5 weeks! :)
18. Because Friday was Grandma and Papa's 61st anniversary, I would like to tell them....
happy happy anniversary!!!!!! like really. I hope it was great and that you had the greatest anniversary ever! :) LOVE YOU!!!
19. My favorite study session of the week centered on....
The light of Christ and the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. SO great! I would tell you more but I have to go!! for last. I'll start this earlier! :)
20. I am so grateful for....
sister fisher
Oshawa ward!
unity-it's necessary to progress!

Well, I'm off! I know this church is true, no matter what anyone says! It's true, for the Lord has witnessed it to me! how great is our calling!!

Love for now and for ever,
Sister De Groot :)

Missionary Invitation: Study "companionship unity". whether it's your marriage, your coworker, or whoever, build the unity! Love you!

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