Monday, June 2, 2014

transfers are here....and I was not expecting this at all...(!) :)

Mum, PahPea, Family and Friends!!

JUNE IS HERE!!!! that's CRAZY!!! haha it's absolutely beautiful!! and hot. but BEAUITFUL!!! :) this week was incredible so I vote I just jump in and share it with you. sound good? awesome. ready go. :)

1.  Any message for this weeks little graduate?
happy graduation little Lia!!! that's so exciting sweetheart!! as you're getting older each and every day, remember these things: your Aunt J loves you! The Gospel is true! Your Heavenly Father LOVES you! and your mommy and daddy love you! so take that love you feel and share it with your friends! :) I love you little one, happy graduation!!
*this is kindergarten graduation we're talking about, eh? .....:)
2.  TRANSFERS.....what's the scoop?!?  (details, Details, DETAILS!!!)
Mark this day in history, my friends, because I'm leaving the Weston Zone! WHAT?! I've been transferred to Oshawa, white washing in with a new Sister Training Leader, Sister Fisher who I love and adore SOO much! She's from Fiji and just so great! :) Sister Stoddard is staying here with...guess who's coming back?!...SISTER EDWARDS!!! ah. greatest powerhouse of a companionship those two are going to be!!! 
3.  How do you feel about the way transfers have panned out?
I'll be honest, initially, I was super sad, I LOVE weston, I've been here for 7 transfers (10 months)!!! but I know it's where the Lord wants me and I'm super excited to jump right into the new area and get to work!! :) woot woot!
4.  How is Krusho progressing?
surprise. his name is kresho. woops....he JUST corrected us this week!! haha the goob. he's doing really well, he's praying every day now but says he's still not sure how to recognize answers and how the spirit works, so that's what we'll be focusing on more tonight. Any other ideas how to help him recognize the Spirit? RM's insights needed! :)
5.  Are you teaching anyone else now?
ROBERT! ah man. He is SUCH a miracle!!! So on Friday, Sister Stoddard and I were taking inventory of the transfer and feeling a bit down on ourselves that we're struggling to help our progressing investigators take the step of baptism and then, in the moment we needed it most... I looked at the phone where we had a media referral in our inbox!!!! WAHOOO!!! These are the best :) Here is what it said :) 
"Robert... Temple square visitors center...Please visit him. He wants to be baptized as soon as possible! He is Golden! Please! Please!" I was so excited I might have started crying :) So we call him up and he. is. the. funniest. person. we. have. ever. met! He talks to us for like... 20 minutes! He went to Temple Square 2 years ago! Why we just got his info? I don't know :) He is SO excited to meet with us! He tells us how he knows and has searched through EVERY religion... even satanic cults... scary I know... He has about 12 versions of the Bible and has read them all! He even has a bible that has historical evidence going along with everything it says... he is intense. So we rush to get a member and go to the church :) The Chinese Elders are there prepping for a lesson too! So we step outside. Both of us lock ourselves out of the church! OH NO! Robert was there! So... we walk around... and a door was miraculously open! An angel opened it up I'm sure :) He. Is. AWESOME! He's from England. He is solid. So, we have to end our lesson short because we need to drive to Toronto! We call him the next day. After our lesson he parked in a random parking lot under a street lamp and stayed up until 4:30 reading! He read the whole gospel principles book and a ton of the Book of Mormon. HOLY COW. He is SOLID. He was going to come to Stake Conference, but on his way he saw an elderly lady that needed help. How can we get mad at him for that? He is GREAT! He has stayed up that late just about every night reading! He is great. He has a TON of doctrinal concerns though... PRAY FOR HIM! Pray oh pray for Robert! He has so much real intent it's insane!! He calls us multiple times a day super excited about something... or with a question about something else! If only I could continue to teach him, but Sister Edwards is needed with him! ah man, he's just so great! :)
6.  What was the HIGHLIGHT of your week?
Robert. definitely a prayer answered. :)
7.  Did you eat anything unusual this week?
I don't think so...kind of a let down, eh? :)
8.  In your everyday routine, what is something that you really look forward to?
teaching appointments with members!!! ah, the power of a members testimony is miraculous!! The Spirit is so strong when they testify to our investigators and their friends!! LOVE it!!! :)
9.  Did any mail and/or packages arrive this week?
SURE DID!! ah man, mom, thank you SOOO much for the picture book!!! I loved seeing the updated pictures of my family! I may or may not leave it by my bed so sisters on exchanges can see how cute you all are! ;) and the hi-chews?!?! thank you! they might be all gone...:)
10. What is something that you are really looking forward to, this coming week?
Whitewashing a new area with a new sister training leader, Sister Fisher!!! man. this is so crazy, I've forgotten what to do in a new area! haha


11. I've been really looking forward to telling you....
about white washing. and robert. and sister fisher. and that I love you. 
12. My favorite study session centered on...
The reality of the testaments molding into one-the Bible, the Book of Mormon, and modern scripture from the words of living prophets and apostles. ah man. SOOO cool.
13. Did you know that....
Oshawa has to drive 3 hours to get to exchanges sometimes? ah man...I'm a little nervous for my sanity...ha! bring on weekly planning in the car! :)
14. An area I would like to improve on is...
using members MUCH MUCH more! They are so vital in these individuals progress into the restored church, and we leave! but they don't! :)
15. My favorite teaching moment was...
Robert. man. He is literally desperate for this knowledge, it's incredible to see and feel!
16. I was so surprised when...
I got transferred. like so so so so so surprised. it still doesn't feel real. ha!
17. Although I feel my Saviors love daily, I felt it especially strong when...
we role played teaching Kresho this morning. I can't even describe. I recommend role playing when you don't know what to do. warning: the Spirit will probably slap you in the face in a very gentle manner. :)
18. As I look back on this past transfer, I can see that Sister Stoddard and I improved by...
Trusting the Lord with everything in us and going to work, and there is indeed a huge difference between missionary work and merely doing missionary things. the latter is not nearly as fulfilling. It is so incredible. and Sister Stoddard? Yeah. She's incredible. I have learned so much about consecrated work, using all time effectively, positive thinking, energetic working, and looking forward with an eye of faith. Do I love her? absolutely. (!) :)
19. I enjoyed going on exchanges with __________ in ____________
Sister Ormond, Mississauga South
Hermana Aparicio, Black Creek Central
Sister Anderson, Weston South
20. One of my favorite things about being a STL is...
learning more and more about how the Lord's house is truly a house of order and being able to help in that order. These sisters are so incredible and my love for them is unmeasurable!!! :)
21. I will be forever grateful for...
the mission
Sister Stoddard
the scriptures
our Father's Plan of Happiness

Well, I know this work is true!!! I love it with all my heart and I am so excited to learn in the service of my Father in Oshawa! woot woot!! :) I know our Savior Lives, I know that this is His work, I know that the church of our Savior was restored to the Earth through the Prophet Joseph Smith! I know it all, and I know so through the power of the Holy Ghost. How great is our calling!

Love for now and for ever,
Sister De Groot :)

Missionary Invitation: Study the Role of the Book of Mormon in teaching, chapter 5 in Preach My Gospel and then go on a study of how the Book of Mormon and the Bible connect to testify of our Savior and what we must do here to receive salvation. in.cred.i.ble. :)

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