Monday, March 11, 2013


Mum, Pah-Pea, Family, and Friends!
oh my goodness, hello my favorite people!!!!:) So guess what? eyup! I LOVE missionary work!!!!! I know I sound like an older lady bearing her testimony through her tears, but seriously, my heart has never been this full! I've had so many incredible experiences this week that have strengthened my testimony SO much! ah, if ONLY I could express myself in writing, but I can't. I seriously can't. Just know that I KNOW this is true. God lives and He is guiding us each and every day, if we but allow Him. And family; I love you so so so so so (did I mention, so?) much!!!!! friends, I love you too, but my family oh my goodness gracious, you're the greatest people in the world!!!!! You have all taught me SO much just by being an example to me. This past week, I was able to help someone learn what I've learned from you all, and I had a chance to be a "big sister" to someone who needed me!:) Ah, I can't go into details, but know I appreciate you. every single one of you. Mom, Dad, Keri, Bill, Erin, Michael, Amber, and Ryan, I love you guys SOO much! Just know that your goober of a little sister adores you. that's all. :)

oh my goodness, it's shoutout time!!!!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY WHIT!!!!! I hope you have the greatest day tomorrow and know that we're going to make cookies just for you! (we'd make a cake but....we don't have any candles....:)) We would send them to you, but they'd probably be gross. so we're going to eat them instead. hope you're ok with that!!!;) I love you, Whitney and know that someone here LOVES you!:)

*side note to this shoutout...I may have her birthday wrong in my head. so I apologize if I do...HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNALEE(P)! :) I hope you had the greatest day in the whole wide world and I think you're pretty great. If I was next to you, I'd sing my birthday song to you in my Janelleishness voice and then we'd eat oreos and milk. :) Happy birthday lovely!:)

And to those whose birthdays I didn't remember...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! (i'm sorry. I stink at dates. :))

now, I think it's time for a bit of questions and answers, eh?!:)
1.  Did the other sister's get into their new place?
nope!:) but we're having a blast together, don't you worry! We've got the 1 washroom/showering time down to a science but we're discovering that we eat a lot more than we thought we do....:) but it's just splendid, we love it! They're apartment is ready but they haven't gotten the insurance on it yet from Salt Lake so we're just waiting, not a big deal, though, we're having fun!:)
2.  How is the ward doing with TWO sets of sisters?
they are spoiling the goodness gracious out of us!:) haha they absolutely LOVE having sisters since they haven't in so long!:) it's pretty great:)
3.  Eloid stil on for March 17th?  (What time is the baptism set for, so we can be thinking about you?)
yes and no. (I know.....just wait....) so he knows this church is true. without a doubt. and he knows he will be baptized. but for some reason, he's waiting for God to tell him it is "his time". um...yeah hi, Eloid, THIS IS YOUR TIME!!:) haha but seriously, we asked him what time of answer he was waiting for and all, and he explained exactly how he's been feeling and the answer he's already gotten, but satan is throwing EVERYTHING at him about being busy and all and he said it could still happen on sunday, but he won't let us plan it...? we're going to meet with him again on tuesday at 5:30 and do everything we can to help him recognize that this is, indeed, his time, because it's God's time. so if you would, PLEASE pray for him! We're going to put him on the "zone prayer role" this week and I just pray that he'll understand the will of God! Thanks in advance!:)
4.  Did you get an update on Shawn's reaction to the Word of Wisdom?
he's committed to live it! :):) He can't be baptized on the 17th, though, because he couldn't come to church yesterday but within the next couple of weeks, for sure!:)
5.  How is Sheila feeling?  Have you met with her?
we finally got an appointment for this thursday!!:) not much of an update with her, so prayers would definitely be appreciated!:)
6.  Anyone else to report on?
Got a new investigator! Her name is Johanna, her and her husband just moved here from Vancouver, her husband is a member, we met them on the bus and she said she wanted to be baptized! WHAT????:) so we taught her yesterday about the Restoration, committed her to be baptized on the 31st of March, teaching her tuesday and friday this week! Can you say, prepared?!?!?!:) She's such a sweetheart, she's 24 and pregnant, due in August with her first child, and she's having a lot of complications, but she knows this church is true from going only ONCE back in November and because in sunday school they were talking about swearing and invited all to not swear for one week, she did it, LOVED it, and felt the Spirit, and has been wanting to be baptized ever since! So now we're just teaching her so she can be!!!:) SOOO EXCITED!!!:)
7.  Funniest story of the week...
S. Zerkle may or may not have fallen down the stairs when we went to visit Eloid. she was fine so it was funny. she was laughing too. :) oh. and Eloid told me I cry too much....goober...:)
8.  Most uplifting story of the week...
so I had to talk in church yesterday on the Plan of Salvation, and Sister Tofa spoke on the Restoration. So I planned my talk and was looking over it when I felt to bring a paper up with me that I had the feeling to grab on our way out the door yesterday morning. As I began my talk, everything was jumbled for a good 2 minutes. what I planned just didn't feel right. So I paused for a little bit. and followed the prompting to focus on the sacrament and the atonement. As I began to follow that prompting, I realized why I was prompted to bring up that paper. It was a talk Elder Holland gave in General Conference in 2009 entitled "None Were With Him". To be honest, I don't even remember how I even got that paper...but I had it. :) Anyways, I ready bits of pieces of it, focusing on the abandonment that He felt, so we don't have to and the importance of the sacrament. I let the Spirit work and spoke what came to my mind, and the Spirit was so strong! After the meeting, I discovered why I spoke about what I did. Sister Larsen and Sister Tofa had an investigator there who had questions about the atonement and the sacrament and Sister Larsen was praying that we would be guided by the Spirit on what to say to help him out. Surprise! the church is true. actually, that's no surprise at all. :) THE CHURCH IS TRUE!!!!!!!:)
9.  What other awesome things can you share?
James, Maria's son, was rebaptized yesterday after requesting his name be removed a few years back. It was absolutely INCREDIBLE!!! He was just BEAMING! (Eloid also went to this baptism and said he watched him get baptized and wished it was him...yeah. he'll be baptized. he just needs prayers. :)) Anyways, then Maria (remember her?) came up to me and said "Sister De Groot, everything today has just felt right. I wanted to wait for all the happiness to die down before I made my decision, but it doesn't stop. everyone here is so happy, and I feel welcome and at home here. this is where I belong. So not this coming sunday, but in the very soon future, I want to be baptized." AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) yeah. I may or may not have leapt for joy!:) we're working with our mission leader to get things rolling for her this week!:) ah, our little maria! SO PROUD!:)
10. Is there anything you need/want?
could you send me one of my skirts? it's the gray, blue and maroon one. someone called it my captain america skirt...:) and my dark pink cardigan? It's starting to get warm!!!!!!:)

Well, my wonderful people, I love you all sooo much! Please know that I know this church is true! It's not just some cool idea that makes sense, but it is true! And the only way that someone can gain a greater testimony of the truthfulness of this gospel is if they try it out for themselves. Read the Book of Mormon. Pray and ask God if it is true. Confirmation will come no other way but through the testifying of the Holy Ghost to you personally. So go ahead. Ask. I promise you, you will never regret it. :)

Have a lovely week!
Love for now and forever,
Sister Janelle De Groot:)

Missionary Invitation: Go buy a Preach My Gospel. I am a firm believer that EVERY member of the church should have their own copy whether they have or have not served a mission. Buy it and then study it. I promise you, you will become the member missionary you want to be, as well as the one God wants you to be. If you've already served a mission, study it again! It's divine revelation by a Prophet of God, and it can't be learned all at once or in 2 years alone. go. fight. study. and preach. :)

A few "leftover" pictures from the MTC:

Sister Janelle De Groot and Sister Ashley Mecham
(friends from High School)

Elder Joe Wait and Sister De Groot
(worked together at Pizza Pie Cafe in Orem, Utah)

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