Monday, March 4, 2013

So, my baby is basically my twin. Strange, I know....

Mum, Pahps, family and fwends!

HELLO!!!! mom, thank you sooo much for your package this week!!! it was DELICIOUS!!!:) we all thought so...:) so to explain my subject line, my new baby's name is Sister Zerkle!! She's from Las Vegas, Nevada, played volleyball back in the day (high school) and loves to laugh!!! (it's like God knows who I am or something...?:)) Anyways, she's AWESOME!!!! we got along from the first second that President Scott paired us up together the day of transfers! There were SOOO many new missionaries this past transfer, 6 elders came and 30 sisters!!!! WHAT????? it was such an incredible sight to see!!!:) Both s. Zerkle and I thought we'd get paired up together, and we did!:) Apparently when the trainers walked into the room, I had a huge smile on and she said she knew we'd be together because I smile really big. hahaha who knew, eh?:) oh! and random side note, apparently I have an accent. EVERYONE out here, when they asked where I'm from, respond with an "oh, yeah I couldn't tell from the accent..." I didn't think Canadians talked all THAT different...haha but because of the accent, people ask me questions and that gives me even MORE opportunities to talk to people!:) we've had so many AWESOME experiences finding people this week, last night, in particular, when we felt to go down on a street called Kind Edward, and we came in contact with 2 people who wanted to know more and gave us their contact information.  One of them even gave us a referral we're going to follow up with tonight, and tracted a door of a catholic lady who was interested!:) I'll let you know next week the names of those truly interested and what we taught them and such, eh?:) But for now, let's jump into.....

the time of questions!!!

1.  Tell me something you learned about YOURSELF this week (a quality, etc. that you didn't know you had, etc.)
I'm actually BOLD!!! who knew, eh? oh. and a little bit stubborn, but I'm sure you already knew that, mom...!:) as we talk to people on the street, I've made it a goal that if they say no the first time but are very nice about it, I'll just testify or slip another little thing in as they're leaving, and a few have actually given us their information after doing that!! Good tactic!:) But seriously, I've realized that once I just surrender my words to His, it flows. I don't get jumbled. and what I share, is what they need to hear. I am learning every day to be better, but I am so grateful that He doesn't set me loose and make me learn on my own, but He's right there beside me to pull me up when I fall. How sweet and loving is our Heavenly Father!!!!:)
2.  Tell me ALL ABOUT your first week as a trainer!!
It's actually going really well! I'll be honest, I feel kind of weird training her, because she's 22, and I seem to get intimidated when I feel someone already knows more than me, in this case because she's older. so at times, I feel awkward helping someone who is 2 years older than I am but together, we decided to eliminate the term trainer and trainee between the two of us. because we're both learning, we're both new, and we're both helping each other out EVERY day! We're just sharing our knowledge and what we've learned to help out our companionship so we can better help the people in the London 2nd East!:) (oh yeah, we were west, now we're east. but still the same address!!:))
3.  How are you and Sister Zerkle getting along?
welp...she's my twin! haha yeah, we're getting along just splendidly!!! She's an awesome missionary!!!!:)
4.  Are 4 sisters still living together?  How is that going?
haha it makes for some seriously fun times....:) yes, they'll be with us til the end of this week. Let me tell you, it is quite tough going shopping for 4 girls, especially when those 4 girls like to eat A LOT!!! haha but it really is great! We're all learning SOOO much and I love them all!! The other two sisters are s. Larsen (came with s. zerkle) and S. Tofa who's been out for 7 months now, from Australia. They're all SUPER cool!:)
5.  Funniest story of the week (share multiple if you have them!)
I'd definitely have to say the funniest this week was when we were talking to a 55 year old man near us in Tim Horton's for dinner who was from Portugal and when we went to leave, he tried to marry me off to his friend. I declined, pah-pea, don't you worry!;)
6.  Any more "DEGROOT" sightings???
Nope! Not yet. But the bus driver said he knew a Dave De Groot. and nope. it wasn't uncle Dave. I asked him. :)
7.  Now that your ward is split into east/west sister missionaries, have you had to hand over some of your investigators?
sadly yes. we passed on Shawn and a few potentials as well. But we got to keep Eloid....just sayin...:):):)
8.  How did Shawn respond to the Word of Wisdom lesson?
He had to cancel on us cause he was working again, and we passed him on, but they're going to get him this week so I'll keep you updated!
9.  Eloid - still progressing?
absolutely!!! came to church yesterday and LOVED testimony meeting! He's so great, s. Zerkle said that she didn't think he would be as cool as I described him because I talked about him for 3 days straight before we met with him, and then she met him and took back what she said. :) Still working towards March 17th!!!!!:)
10. What about Jamie?
I don't know what happened this week, but she doesn't want to meet with us, nor would she talk to us, she was talking through her mom, who was very kind and didn't get it either, so we don't know really....It was truly unfortunate. But hey, maybe in the future, eh?
11. Sheila?
still sick. she's had the flu for a while so hopefully we can get in this week.

well, I want you to know that I love you all SOOOOO much! I know without ANY doubt that this gospel is true! I was talking to someone on the bus today who said, "you know this is true, don't you? I can tell on your face that you wouldn't come out here and share this with people if you didn't know it was true." and it strengthened my testimony about this Truth and it's impact! If you know it is true, people can see that you know! I love getting on the bus and sitting next to some random person and comparing their face at the beginning when they're looking at me really strange to the face they have when we leave each other, because it changes them! The truth changes peoples lives and I am so honored and humbled by the opportunity to be here in Canada sharing it with people! I know that President Thomas S. Monson is the prophet on the Earth today, acting and speaking as God's mouthpiece! I know that as a missionary, I am simply an instrument in the Hands of the Lord, not doing my work, but HIS work! I love every second of His mission, and know that He loves every single one of you! Keep up your smiles and your service to those around you, because I promise you, people see and they notice you as a member of His church! I love you all so much and can't thank you enough for all of your prayers and support! I love you all!!! GOD LIVES!!!!

Love now and forever,
Sister Janelle De Groot:)

Missionary Invitation: read a past conference talk this week and do whatever the apostle or prophet or whoever it is, is inviting you to do, and remember, it's not them inviting you, but rather, God who is! LOVE YOU ALL!!!

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