Monday, March 18, 2013

once upon a time, I love missionary work. and the love never ends....:)

Mum, Pops, family, and friends!

hello!!!! oh my goodness, happy St. Patrick's Day!!:) you want to know how Canadians celebrate this fine (and super random) holiday? eyup, they drink. kind of a lot. haha shocker, eh?:) This morning on our way to the library, I was quite puzzled for a bit, because it's in downtown London which is crowded with people all the time but this morning, there was no one....I was ooper confused until I put 2 and 2 together and realized everyone probably is sleeping and recovering from a hangover. hmm....oh st. patrick's day. haha You want to know how S. Zerkle and I celebrated last night? We drank apple cider with our Shamrock straws that mom sent to us this past week! (THANKS MOM!!!!:D) *see picture 

Before I jump into anything else, I need to do a shoutout to my dearest Bernickle....ahem.....
HAPPYBIRTHDAYAMBER!!!!!!!!!! :) I hope you have the greatest day that you've ever had in the whole wide world and know that I love you oh, SOOO much!:) If I was near you, I'd give you a huge hug, but for now, this is all I can do.....<>.....did you love it?! ;) oh good. :) I love you, my dearest Goober, have the greatest birthday EVER!!!!!! (you will...cause I'll be praying for you. :))

I believe it is time for.......

1. Are all four sisters STILL together?
Not anymore!! Our dear S. Tofa and S. Larsen moved out this past Wednesday. I forgot how much room there was in this apartment!!! :) It's great, though, we are still having lots of fun together, S. Zerkle and I!:)
2. Eloid update...
oh eloid...So those who have served a mission, you know those lessons where the Spirit is SOOO strong and you know that if it got ANY stronger the room would burst into flames?? And even after all that, after they tell you they don't want to look into your eyes because the feeling is so strong of the Spirit that it's going to drive him against the wall, he still refuses to get baptized on the Sunday he planned to because he feels he needs more time? Ah.....yeah. that's how our thursday lesson with Eloid went...We had him pray twice while we were there with him about his baptism, and he said he KNOWS God wants him to be baptized and he's ready for sunday/yesterday, but he personally feels he needs more time. He's still going to come to church and he says he will be baptized, but not this weekend....It was hard, I'll be completely honest. But S. Zerkle and I know that we're only guides and he will be baptized, it's just a  matter of time right now. He's getting stressed with paperwork he has to get done with his accident and all and going back and forth to Toronto, but he knows what he has to do, and that he has to be the one to make the ultimate decision to do so. He'll be ok, we know. We just continue to pray for him, each and every day. :)
3. Has Shawn set a baptismal date?
MARCH 24TH!!!!!! He came to church yesterday and looked SOOOOOO good! He hasn't smoked in a full week!!!! AH!! I am so proud of him, he was absolutely GLOWING!!!:) I love the Spirit so much. (!!!!!!) :) 
4. How did your meeting with Sheila go?
She couldn't make it. Sadly, it's time to drop her and let her come in contact with missionaries in the future when she's ready! :)
5. Johanna update...
Turns out her and Phil are not married so we committed them to live the law of chastity this past week (guidance from the Spirit and by some miracle I had a pamphlet in my backpack when we planned to teach the Plan of Salvation!:)) and they will be getting married soon! We don't know when yet, we were going to plan a day yesterday at church but they didn't show up and we can't get a hold of them. we're thinking they are in the hospital again because of her pregnancy so we're hoping and praying they are ok....
6. Has Maria set a baptismal date?
MARCH 24TH!!!!!! I am so happy I could cry!!!!:) She said yesterday she might make me sing at her baptism just because I was the one who taught her with S. Messer and she wants to embarrass me. um...rude....haha!:)
7. Favorite scripture study session of the week...
2 Nephi 31:2-3 talking about speaking with the tongue of angels if you have the Spirit. A couple weeks back, I talked to someone on the bus who asked me if I could speak with the tongue of angels, and I didn't know what that meant, I'll be completely honest, so I said no. But come to find out, I can! Why? Because I have been baptized and received the gift of the Holy Ghost!! How cool is that??? AH. I love the scriptures SOOOO much. I am ashamed I didn't dive into them as much before this mission. But I can always improve, eh? I love "feasting upon the words of Christ, for the words of Christ will tell you all things what ye should do"!!!:)
ah man, I feel like these are just me admitting that I'm an idiot. welp....guess there's no reason in denying it, eh?:) ok so this past week it began to rain and you remember from before that my coat doesn't do so well in the rain. So wishing I had my umbrella, I realized I DID!!!! I put it in there the night before just in case it rained. BRILLIANT!! So, naturally, I was quite excited it was in my backpack. So I pulled it out and wanted to show S. Zerkle how cool it is, with my umbrella, that I can whip it to the side and it would extend, you know? This was my glorious moment..."S. Zerkle...WATCH!!! Wah-BAM! oh......." eyup. the umbrella extended, alright! IT BROKE! It went flying across the parking lot and landed in a puddle! And that was the death of my umbrella. poor little guy....needless to say, S. Zerkle couldn't stop laughing. :)
9. Besides Oreos, is there anything else you crave that you can't get in Canada?
not could you ask Tanner Wheadon where he found tim tams? I can't find them. anywhere. are they seasonal?? oh and it may not be food...but could you possibly find the EFY 2012 & 2011 CD for me? I would buy it here but I'm not in Utah so I don't know where to look for it...:) S. Messer had it and it was SOO good! (yes we can have EFY cd's here:)) If not, that's totally fine!:) I LOVE YOU!:)
10. Favorite companion bonding moment of the week...
We taught a 15 year old on the bus the restoration and S. Zerkle really let go her fears and just spoke with him by the Spirit and it was BEAUTIFUL!!! once he got off the bus, I looked at her and asked her if she realized that she had just taught the FULL restoration for the first time without me and without worrying, and she just began to cry, because she realized that the Spirit really does "put into your mind and in your heart the words which ye should say" and that together, if we have the Spirit with us, we can do ANYTHING. It was a really good experience, she's such a sweetheart!:)

Well, my favorite people ever, I must be off, but please know that I KNOW this Gospel is true. Everything happens for a reason, and we may not know that reason at this time, or even in this mortal life, but there is SOO much more than this life! Prepare to meet Heavenly Father again and improve yourself each day! When you receive a prompting, please please please follow through with what it is urging you to do, because He knows it will make you stronger! No prompting is an accident! We are on this Earth and have this knowledge, so let's share it with people around us! Have the desire to invite more of His children to enter His kingdom, and when you do so, how great will be your joy!:) HOW GREAT IS OUR CALLING!!!!!

Love now and ALWAYS,
Sister Janelle De Groot

Missionary Invitation: General Conference is right around the corner, and I am SOO excited! We will get the opportunity to hear from the Prophet of the Lord and His Apostles on the Earth, today! Just like the people gathered and turned their doors towards the temple to hear King Benjamin speak, let us prepare ourselves and our homes to hear the word of God! So what am I inviting you to do? INVITE SOMEONE!!!:) We all have trials and we all would like help and answers to our questions, promise them their question will be answered if they but take 8 hours out of their 48 hour period to hear the words of God!:) and you personally, write down questions you have and prayerfully seek an answer for them and I promise you, it WILL be answered in General Conference if you LISTEN. It will be an INCREDIBLE experience, I can promise you!!! Go ahead. Try it out. :)

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