Monday, March 25, 2013

I LOVE this Gospel!!!!!!! It's absolutely and 100% TRUE!!! :)

Alma 17:17 He's called you to something specific because of some specific trait or talent He has given you :)

Mum, Pops, family, and friends,
Let me first send my thoughts and prayers to the Tinoco family, I love you all so very much an know that I will continue to pray fo you all constantly! I Love you Tinocos!!
How beautiful it is that we have knowledge of something SO much bigger than this life, and that we have a prophet on the Earth today leading His church! this week has been awesome as we have been preparing for General Conference! AH! I love it. :) We had an AWESOME training with President and Sister Scott and the AP's this past Wednesday, it was absolutely INCREDIBLE!!! President Scott. ah. that man is truly an instrument in God's hands and he receives revelation constantly, it's almost visible!!!!
I Don't have a ton of time, so let's jump into it, eh?!:)
oh my goodness, it's here!!!! (QUESTION TIME!!!!)
1.  Has Eloid realized the importance of committing yet?
he's still in no...this week!:)
2.  DETAILS on the baptism of Shawn and Maria, please!!!
best. day. ever. (!) ah, Maria, I seriously can't adequately describe the experience because you have to meet her in order to understand how hilarious she was, but just picture a cute little old lady who talks to inanimate objects and herself even as she's getting out of the baptismal font. :) haha I love her so much! and Shawn, he was so incredibly content and happy yesterday, it was so great!!! The baptisms were both together and Maria wanted us sister missionaries to sing Nearer My God, To Thee and she absolutely loved it!:) oh. and she forgot and extra slip to put on after her baptism and her dress was quite see through so she got to wear her coat afterwards ;) Love her forever, that's for sure!:):):)

3.  Have Johanna and Phil set a wedding date?  How is she doing, pregnancy-wise?
Not yet, she's been in and out of the hospital 4 times just this past week so her date will have to be pushed back for a bit, poor girl. They don't know exactly what's going on but she's hanging in there!
like I mentioned before, you have to know maria in order for this to be as funny as I intend it to be, but after she got baptized, s zerkle and I were helping her get all her stuff together, and she was in the stall when out of nowhere she started disciplining her "pantyhose". She was teaching them how they ought to behave and oh my goodness, it was probably the funniest thing in the entire world. along with when she came out of the water, she says in her very maria voice "oh, yes..oh yes" haha. sorry. you probably don't think this is funny. but I do. :)
5.  FAVORITE teaching moment
VALERIE! uh. ok. so the spanish elders tracted into valerie and called us immediately to go visit her. within 15 minutes we were at her home teaching her the restoration and she LOVED every second of it! She agreed to be baptized but we were unable to make a date for her. The Spirit was SO strong throughout the lesson, and s. zerkle cried as she bore her testimony, so on sunday when valerie came to church, she handed s zerkle a box of tissues!!!! haha oh goodness, that woman is AWESOME!!!!:) 
6.  FAVORITE sight-seeing moment (what you get to look at each day)
we had to visit the sisters new apartment to practice our song for the baptism and they have a GORGEOUS view of the city!!! being on the 2nd floor, we don't have much to look at past the parking lot but they're view is, AH! so pretty. :)
7.  What is your FAVORITE thing about London, Ontario?
the people!!!!! Most of the people here are SOOO nice! They may not want to talk to you, but they are kind about it. and as a missionary, you definitely appreciate that, that's for sure!:)
8.  STRANGEST thing that you ate this week?
well being in Canada, there really aren't foods that are much different than home, so can I change it to BEST thing? awesome. Pork roast, compliments of brother and sister layden-tapp. oh. my. goodness. SOOOOOOOOOOOO good!!!!!:)
9.  Any new investigators?
3! Valerie, a former investigator named Brian, and Samantha, also a former but we actually met her at burger king:) She met with the missionaries 5 years ago but didn't feel it but now, she wants to continue meeting with us and try out finding for herself. :) what an awesome week!!!!!!!!:)
10. BEST companion moment...
Not one in particular but I do love that girl SOOOO much, we have an absolute blast every day as we try each day to be a bit better companionship! She has such a beautiful love for this gospel, it's inspiring! She loves the Lord SO much and you can tell when she talks to people that she knows this is True!!! it's the sweetest thing in the world! :) 
oh. and....when s zerkle makes her delicious salsa, and we sit on the floor of our apartment dipping tortilla chips in it, our companionship unity is definitely strengthened. mmmhmmm....;) 

Well, I know this email is shorter than others, but I need to head out, time is shortened today! (reminder that p-day next week is tuesday...) But please know that I LOVE you all so very much! This gospel is true. and even though sometimes people will ask you to prove the existence of a God, remember that spiritual matters cannot be proved with physical things! And because I have tried out prayer, thousands of times in my life, the answer has always come back the same: this Gospel is TRUE! I Know my Heavenly Father lives and that He has called all of us at this time to be on the Earth, to carry out His work somehow, in whatever way He has called you at this time! Don't take your calling lightly, for the calling is from Him! and, HOW GREAT IS OUR CALLING!!!:)

Love for now and forever,
Sister De Groot:)

missionary invitation: I feel like I should reiterate last weeks invitation. so my dear family and friends, invite a nonmember or less active member to attend/watch General Conference with you! Invite them to come with a question and then pray that their question may be answered, and I promise you, you both will see miracles happen!:) So if you have not done so, please do! Imagine the miracles that WILL happen!:)

P.S.  MARCH MADNESS! I completely forgot about it to be honest until I saw this near someone's home! I meant to point to Syracuse for you, pops, but it looks like I'm pointing to Louisville. nope. I'm not. :)

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