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Mum, PahPea, Family and Friends!!

Greetings from Etobicoke!!! ok, so I seriously feel like a new missionary all over again-being in one area for the last 6 months basically convinced me I was going to stay there the whole time. yeah, no. Etobicoke? it's sandwiched between Mississauga and Toronto, so I'm in the city. the very busy city. and London? yeah, it's not busy at all so I feel like I just got transferred to a COMPLETELY different place! haha I love it, though! There never is a lack of people to talk to which is fantastic for a missionary!!!:)

OK, I don't have a ton of time, so let's just JUMP in!
Time for.....QUESTION TIME!!!

1.  How was your first week in Etobicoke?
it's been fantastic! We've been trying to get a hold of all our investigators and potentials since we whitewashed into the area, and getting to know the ward a bit better. S Arksey opened this area about 3 transfers ago, so she's helping me get to know the ward and the area! That's super helpful especially because we start exchanges this week and I'll be left alone with another in a completely new area!!! haha It'll be great, though, thanks to our GPS and the Spirit! ;)

2.  Tell me what you've learned about Sister Arksey so far...
She's a farm girl from Manitoba, has one brother, a convert at a young age, already graduated from school studying music, plays the piano SOOO well and plays the saxophone, taught band before she came out, and she loves the Gospel!!!!! oh and she smiles and laughs a lot. yeah, I like her a lot!:)

3.  How are the two of you getting along?
SOOOO well! actually, I think I trust her a little too well...because on Saturday night, while we made calls, I let her cut my hair. she's never cut anyone's hair before. and I let her take scissors to my insanely long hair that I have separation anxiety with. what was I thinking? you know...I couldn't really tell you! haha but she actually did a pretty good job!!! we're going to get it fixed a bit today though...hahaha impulse decisions are so great sometimes, eh? :)

BEFORE haircut picture!!  :0)
READY with the scissors!  haha
4.  Have you gone on exchanges yet?
not yet! we start tomorrow night, we're doing 2 a week for the transfer and one week of 3, which will be super interesting since we have to drive in downtown Toronto to pick up the sisters since they're all in a bus area. haha! If you see on the news someone who is driving insanely slow in Toronto, it's me. safety first, eh? haha :)

5.  How difficult was it to say goodbye (or "SO LONG FOR A WHILE") to London?
it wasn't the area so much as it was the people. The brown's called me up monday night and gave me lots of advice and expressed their love, and I just adore those two SOOOO much! Saying goodbye to S Dyer was a bit tough though as well, but I'm SOO grateful for the time I got to serve with her, she's just SOO great!:):)

6.  Have they had sister missionaries in your area before, or are you opening a new area?
yeah they were here, but we're whitewashing the last companionship.

7.  My first impression of Etobicoke was.....
business everywhere!!!! haha but seeing Toronto, specifically the CN Tower as we drive on the highway is awesome! So. Cool.

8.  The thing I appreciate most about changing companions is...
Continual learning. I learned so much from S Dyer and now I'm learning so much from S Arksey, the learning just never ends and I love it so much!

9.  The biggest difference (so far!) between London and Etobicoke is....
did I mention Etobicoke is busy? oh. is. :) 

10.  Let me describe my new living conditions for you... (OK, I know this isn't exactly a "finish me sentence"line, but work with me, ok?). :0)
A super nice apartment decorated by previous sister missionaries. Need I say more?:)

11. My most humbling moment of the week was when....
I was studying with S Arksey the 2nd or 3rd day together. Just hearing her testimony was so beautiful and it helped me recognize even more what I have and what I should never take for granted. She's absolutely incredible, I'm SOO excited to serve with her!!!:)

12. My new ward is great because....
There is SOO much diversity!!! I love diversity with all of my heart! I seriously think there are like 3 families out of the 50 that are Canadian! haha It's SOOO cool. plus, I am learning on listening more closely to understand people's incredibly thick accents!:)

13. I was especially happy when....
I saw S Caldwell, a couple missionary serving in the mission office, in Sacrament meeting! She's such a sweetheart, I just love her so much!

14. I felt the Spirit swell within me when....
I saw Michell Amandy be baptized yesterday in the ward. Her husband and daughter have been members for a number of years, and she has now made the decision to draw closer to Christ, herself! Seeing there family so excited to become an eternal family and be sealed in the Temple next year was incredibly spiritual, and the room was so quiet as they talked about it. They are such a special family and I am so excited for them and Michelle's decision to be baptized! How beautiful this Gospel truly is!!!:)

Well, I need to head out, but thank you so much for your continual prayers and love as I serve our Heavenly Father out here, I truly do feel those prayers each and every day and they help SO much, I can't even express! :) I know this Gospel is true, it has always been, and it will always be! So let us share this glorious, restored truth with all those around us, whether they listen or not!:) HOW GREAT IS OUR CALLING???
Love for now and for ever,
Sister De Groot:)
Missionary Invitation: So we began this invitation to the members in our ward and I want to share it with you. first, read 1 Nephi 8:12 and ponder on what that 'fruit' means to you. Then I want to invite you to write down 10 names of people that you know that don't have the Gospel. no, I'm not going to ask you to give that list to the Bishop or missionaries or anything, this list is solely for you! then, once you have that list, bring that list to our Heavenly Father, and with guidance from the Spirit, select 3 names to do something for. Give them an act of service, share with them a mormon message, if they have little kids, share a Friend magazine or a NewEra, just do something small that will help you to "invite others to come unto Christ". I can promise you that if you do so with guidance from the Spirit and a prayer in your heart constantly for them, our Heavenly Father will open pathways that you never thought would even appear with this individual, if you do it in accordance to His will. I love you all SOO much! Let me know if I can help in ANY way!:)
"The object of Prayer is not to change the will of GOd, but to secure for ourselves and for others blessings that GOd is already willing to grant, but that are made conditional on our asking for them." Bible Dictionary: Prayer

P.S.  Could you tell Bernick that she is SOOO pretty, congrats (on graduating from BYU), and her hair is GORGEOUS?!?!?!:) Thanks:)

London Sisters  :)

it's called companionship unity even before we got together;)

there's this delicious bakery called mr. christie's here. I'm just saying....
if I get fat this transfer, it's christie's fault. ;)

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