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Mum, PahPea, Family and Friends!!
Why hello!! So in response to my little subject heading today, I have the greatest news for you all!!! Zack was baptized yesterday!!!:) We originally planned for him to be baptized next Sunday, but as we were teaching him on Wednesday, we mentioned his baptism to which he responds, "the 18th, right? uh. that is so far away!!" Taking a look at his progress and attendance at church, we realized he could, indeed, be baptized on the 11th! So we mentioned that to him and eyup! He was pretty excited about that news!!!:) We met with him everyday for the rest of the week and he was SOOO prepared! Although his family and friends were giving him anti-mormon literature, he stayed true to the answer he received from his Father in Heaven! In fact, the opposition made him all the more excited to be baptized!!! He's so cool!! :) After his baptism yesterday, we asked him how he felt and he responded "I feel awesome! I am so glad that I listened to those sisters on the street but got to be taught by the best sisters in the world!" Just seeing his smile made me sooo incredibly grateful for our Savior, Jesus Christ! He truly is the way in which we can develop the utmost happiness, comfort, and peace! And who doesn't want all of those, eh?:) I love this Gospel and am SOOO proud of Zack for making and continuing to make steps closer to our Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ! :)

Whew! I just started going off, but before I continue doing that - ;) - Let me give a shout out to sweet little Megan whose birthday it is this Friday!!! Happy birthday, little one! I hope you have the greatest 1 year old birthday that anyone has ever had!!! Dig in to the cake, girl! You'll look weird if you do it when you're older. This is the only time people think you're cute when you're messy, so...DIVE IN!!!:) Aunt JayBay loves you, sweet girl! Happy Birthday!!!

and Bernick!!! Congrats on Graduating soon, eh??? That's so exciting!! You're so old. Good thing I still love you!!!;) Have a splendid day being school free!!!:) Love you, Goob!
Alright, now let's jump in to some Questions!!!!

1.  How was PollyAnna's wedding?  (CRAZY that she's already married....and I didn't even know she was dating anyone!!  haha)
haha yeah...neither did most of the branch. They found out in Sacrament meeting when they were released from their callings! ha! But it was SOO great! They are just the cutest little married couple ever! I am so excited to be there in the temple when they're sealed for time and all eternity next year, rather than just 'til death do you part'! How wonderful it is that our Father in Heaven has allowed us that glorious gift to be with those we love for eternity through his restored priesthood power upon the Earth!:) It's so miraculous! We tried getting a good 'normal' picture, but the harder we tried, the worse it got. so I just had to send you a truly normal picture of the 4 of us! Enjoy!:)
2.  TRANSFERS.....WHAT is happening?!?!?
oh right! haha I forgot to talk about that....:) So...Sister Dyer is staying here in London YSA and serving with a sister that I came out with, Sister Green, and I am actually going to serve in the Etobicoke south area (ps. it's pronounced uh-toe-bih-co), and will be serving as a sister training leader. For those of you who don't know what that is, I'm not all that sure either! haha simply, we will be going on exchanges at least once a week with the sisters in our zone and will contribute in the mission leadership meetings. I might be a little nervous, but know that "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me"!:) I am SOOO excited to get to know and learn from so many sisters throughout the mission! I've learned so much from the missionaries I've been surrounded by thus far and know that I'll learn LOADS more from these incredible sisters!!! How awesome that we can learn from each other, eh???:)

3.  If you are being transferred, I'm hoping you have your new address.  This would be the area to write it in:   Sister Janelle De Groot (please complete)  :0)
nope....sorry not yet! I'll get it for next week, though!:)
(NOTE FROM SHERYL - of COURSE I contacted the Mission Home to get the following information):  :0)
Sister Janelle De Groot
52 Mabelle Ave. #302
Toronto, ON  M9A 4X9

4.  Did Luke keep his appointment?  If so, how did it go?
negative. He had something come up but Sister Dyer and Green will meet with him this week, hopefully!

5.  How did Agya respond to more doctrine being shared?
he's still quite unsure, but loves the Book of Mormon. We're not quite sure what he needs right now, so that is definitely on our minds, and will be on sister Greens mind pretty quickly, I'm sure! and the branch is taking him under their wings and supporting him and inviting him out to activities, so maybe we'll see some progress there...?

6.  Is Kevin continuing to progress?
not exactly...he wants to get baptized, but works a lot on Sundays and is busy recording music so we are unable to meet with him very often. We made a few appointments this week but they didn't work out, so hopefully we can help him open some time this week and get work off for church, because church is necessary in receiving answers from God!:)

7.  What about Zack (aka doppleganger Ryan)?
BAPTIZED!!!:) he's SOOO excited to receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost next week, then the Priesthood, and serve in the ward!! I think he'll be a solid missionary one day, as well!!!:) He's AWESOME!!!!!!:)

Now let's do some 'finish my sentence', eh?:)
8.  When I walk out the FRONT DOOR of my BUILDING each morning, I see...
Wonderland road peeking through a handful of Washington-like trees with a sweet old man named Murray smoking on the bench waiting to greet us with a warm smile and a 'have a nice day!!' :)

9.  I was really surprised to discover that Sister Dyer...
is awesome. no wait, I totally already knew that!!!:)

10. I'm most excited about this next transfer because...
I get to serve with Sister Arksey as my companion! I have met her a few times and she is the sweetest sister ever! Her and be able to go on lots of exchanges and learn from many other awesome sisters!!!:)

11. One of the things I admire most about President Scott is...
His devotion to his calling. He treats every moment with love and respect because he knows Who he is serving and Who he represents. The love he and Sister Scott show to us missionaries is absolutely inspiring!! and he lives each moment righteously so that he can be worthy to receive revelation on our behalf. I love those two with all of my heart!!!:)

12. Something that touched my heart immensely this week was...
Zack's dedication to his answer from our Heavenly Father! So much opposition came his way and he refused to step away even the tiniest bit! How grateful and inspired I am by his incredible faith in Jesus Christ!:)

13. I love it when...
I get ready in the morning and finally get to put on my nametag! I know it sounds cheesy, but seriously, it is a constant reminder of who I am serving, that I am indeed, a set apart missionary for my Savior Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father! Yesterday, in Gospel Principles, we talked about missionary work and why we do it. and it really is the most rewarding work in the world, because it's the reason we're even here on Earth! it doesn't matter what our circumstances are, we can share the Gospel! I believe it was Elder Bednar that said "If you are not a full time missionary with a nametag pinned on your chest, now is the time to paint one on your heart." Elder Holland said in my favorite talk in the world entitled the 1st Great Commandment, "Ours is not a feeble message, it is not a fleeting task. It is the work of Almighty God and it is to change the world!" So, let's share it, because truly, nothing brings ANYONE greater joy than sharing this Glorious message of eternal Truth!:)
Well, lovelies, I need to be off now, but know that I KNOW this Gospel is true! I say it each week, why? because I know without a doubt, through personal experience that this is indeed the work of our Heavenly Father! Let us allow the truth to change us, and once it's done that, let us share it with the world, for everyone needs this truth and love in their lives!!!:) How GREAT is our calling???:)
Love for now and for ever,
Sister De Groot:)
Missionary Invitation: number 14. Go read that talk. I dare you not to cry. :)

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