Monday, August 26, 2013

I love my Savior, Jesus Christ, and the Love that he has shown for me and you is so beautiful!:)

Mum, PahPea, Family, and Friends!
Hello dearies!!! Oh my goodness gracious, this week has been just fantastic!:) I have learned so much about my personal potential and what can be done, if it's being done with the Lord! I testify that God is very aware of us, and knows what we're going through, and although he can just eliminate you're troubles and worries, he's not going to, because he knows that'll help you grow; he loves you that much. and how beautiful His love is!!! :)

Jane and Joshua were baptized yesterday, and they are the cutest little family ever!:) Josh is 16 and when we asked him what he's going to do in the next few years now that he's a member of God's church, he said "I'm going on a mission!" WOOHOO!!:) They're so sweet and so happy to have met missionaries a few months ago, it's adorable. :) Love them SOO much!

And Brandon! so sorry, I didn't give you a shout out last week!!! I hope you had the greatest birthday in the whole wide world!!! You're awesome, and I love you lots!!! Please forgive you're little sister for failing to be on top of things....I apologize. :) LOVE YOU, happy belated birthday!:) 

Alright, let's get on to.....QUESTION TIME!!!
1.  How did exchanges go this week?
They went very well! I was able to go to the Weston area with S Nuttal for a day as well as S Fisher here in Etobicoke for another and they're just the sweetest sisters! S Fisher is from Fiji, WHAT??? Between the two of us, people really wanted to talk to her since she was from Fiji. Natural conversation maker, right there! haha They both taught me the joy of talking to people and how to laugh while we work! It was so great to serve with both of them!:)
2.  Any investigators?
Chris is super cool, we found him contacting on the street and taught him the Restoration of the Gospel, and he loved it! he said that he has to know it's true before he commits to anything but says that if he feels something is true, he will not revert away from it. :) SUPER cool! 
Jorge is also looking for truth, he's very knowledgeable in the Bible and has read like 12 different versions of it, and so we've been meeting reading with him from the Book of Mormon and talked about how prayer needs to be coupled with reading and coming to church to know if it's true. he's  truly desiring to know if this is God's path for him so please keep him in your prayers!:)
Iyvonne is super cool! We found her outside her home while on exchanges with S Fisher, and taught her a quick restoration of the gospel on the street as we walked her to her bus. She said she's met missionaries before and she gave them her number, but never contacted her since, so now she's back in contact with the Church!:) future missionaries, just an urge; make sure you update the area book in every area, every night! I have to work on it, too, don't worry...;) 
We're working on finding solid new investigators and have a couple solid potentials, so I'll keep you updated in the upcoming weeks!:) 
3.  How is Michelle doing?
doing well! she was confirmed yesterday and SOOO happy to see Jane and Josh be baptized as well! They are all very close and supportive of one another as new members of God's restored Church!:)
4.  How does the ward support the missionaries?
is this code for "are they feeding you?" haha they love missionaries! We receive the most help when they're able to come teaching with us, it is SO wonderful to have a member bear testimony to the investigator so they see that someone 'normal' has experienced a change in their life rather than just a missionary. :) So I urge you, go out with the missionaries, wherever you live! (utah I'm sure is a little hard, but I can promise you, there's opportunities EVERYWHERE!:)
5.  Are their Elders in your ward also, or only sisters?
yeah, the zone leaders are in our ward, too. It's an awesome ward, that's for sure! We all LOVE it!:)
6.  Did any packages arrive this week?
YES!!! Thank you SOOO much! S Arksey was THRILLED to hear that every package I get from you, mom, is a package for both of us:) I'll have to send you back the skirt though, because it doesn't fit, but it's cute!:) Thanks so much for everything, you're the greatest!!! I also got another package paper but we're picking it up today. if it's not from you, then thanks to whoever it's from! haha
7.  My FIRST thought this morning, as I woke up, was....
S Arksey is silly when she contacts people in her sleep. :)
8.  After emailing letters, we plan to.....
go grocery shopping! super exciting, eh?:) Then possibly go to the chapel and play sports with the other missionaries, but we'll see!:)
9.  My favorite part of the day is when...
well that's a toughy.....I'd say just talking to everyone!! I finally get to put my big mouth and loud voice to work, eh?;)
10. This week, the FIVE things I am most grateful for are....
     a. The Gospel and everything about it!
     b. S Arksey and all that I am learning from her (aka: SOOO much!)
     c. The sisters we get to learn from on exchanges!:)
     d. The power of the Holy Ghost that protects us and guides us as we live obediently 
     e. President and Sister Scott. I seriously wish you all get to meet them one day. Guaranteed they're going to be famous one day!:)
11.  Something new I learned this week is....
how to contact on the subways. I don't have a problem on the bus because I know whereabouts we are and it's easy to sit next to people, but the subways are super fast and I am super clumsy and can't seem to be able to sit next to someone without sitting on them. yes. what I implied might have happened. and it was super awkward. but hey! I'm getting better, eh? Good thing I'm still sticking with my motto of 'thrive in awkward situations' !:) deary me....
12.  Serving in Etobicoke these past two weeks has helped me realize that...
I have an accent. everybody tells me I have an accent. really. it's the weirdest thing. I'm from UTAH! huh. weird. :)
13.  I felt the Spirit the most when...
I recognized the power of the priesthood this week. The priesthood is not simply a power given from God just to baptize, or just to give the Gift of the Holy Ghost, but is the same power by which God created the universe, mankind, it's HIS power. We were driving the other day and listening to a song that Sister Dyer gave to me while we were together, I think it's called "My Kindness Shall Not Depart From Thee". I'm not sure who sings it, but I would recommend looking it up and truly listening to the words. It's a song about Joseph Smith and God's conversation in Doctrine and Covenants 121:7-8, and it's absolutely beautiful! As we drove, it just hit me the reality of the Lord's work, the hastening of His work and the beauty of it. But although there is much beauty, we need to suit up for the task upon us. We can't simply stay where we're at, even if we think we're doing incredible. We have to continually progress and put on the WHOLE armor of God, not bits and pieces or most of it. Remember: We are saved by grace after ALL we can do (2 Nephi 25:23). I know that He cares for us and wants us to return to Him, but I also know that ultimately, it's our choice. How beautiful it is that opportunity we have to work out our own salvation!
Well, my loves, I need to go, and remember: I KNOW that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the Lord's restored church. not pretty close. or just a good church. but the Lord's restored church. I will serve with all my heart because of that knowledge alone. I testify that I do not know everything, but that what I do know, I know to be true! Stay true to the faith that you do have, and exercise that particle of faith, and read The Book of Mormon. pray about it, pray daily, read daily, and go to church each week. At times, it may seem like just a routine, but I can promise you, if you do so with a sincere heart, it will change your life, if you let it. So please, let it. I'm continuing to do so each day, because I know it'll continue to mold me to what my Father in Heaven wants me to be!:) Let's share it with others, ok? How great is our calling!:)
Love for now and for ever,
Sister De Groot:)
Missionary Invitation: go find that song I mentioned above and study the principle of Diligence. Then, share you're findings on your social connection. :) Share the Gospel in a myriad of ways!:)

Excerpt from President's email this week....
I heard a story recently that some of you are probably familiar with. It illustrates the value of the time we are given each day. (missionary time. ;)) It says, “Imagine that each morning your bank would deposit $86,400 in your private account for your use. However, this gift has rules, just as any game has certain rules. Rule 1) Everything that you don’t spend during each day will be taken away from you. You may not simply transfer money into some other account. You may only spend it. Each morning upon awakening, the bank opens your account with another $86,400 for that day. Rule 2) The bank can end the game without warning; at any time it can say, the game is over! It can close the account and you will not receive a new one. Ask yourself what you would do with this wonderful gift. Would you buy anything and everything you wanted? Would you buy things for your friends and family? Would you even buy things for people you don’t know? The options may vary but you would undoubtedly try and spend every cent every day because otherwise it would be gone forever. In reality we do receive a similar gift each morning. We can’t see it like the money in our bank account but it is very valuable and precious. It is our time. Each morning we awaken to receive 86,400 seconds as a gift of life, and when we go to sleep at night, any remaining time is not credited to us. It is forever lost.  So, what will you do with your 86,400 seconds?”

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  1. Time certainly goes by quickly. Michelle is now a ward chorister, Josh is a priest and going strong. Jane is relief society secretary. Paul is wonderful. A great father, husband and strong member of the church and a big inspiration to me. Thought you might like to know. Keep in touch. Does sis Arksey have a blog? Bro Cruz.