Monday, September 9, 2013

Alma 13:24

Mum, PahPea, Family and Friends!

HELLO!!! I hope you are all doing well, I sure am!:) We had a wonderful Stake Conference yesterday with Elder Baxter and my testimony grew so much from it, the Spirit was tremendous during the meeting!:) SO wonderful!:) Well, let's jump straight into some questions since I don't believe I have any shout outs today.....if I do....I'm sorry! my mind is a black hole when it comes to remembering special events...sorry!:)

1.  What was your favorite exchange of the week?
well since Wednesday, we've only gone on one so...that one!! :) I served in Weston with a new sister and she is just so cute!! She loves the mission so much and loves smiling every moment she can! Such a sweetheart!:)
2.  Did you ever figure out the Yvonne confusion?
nope. still confused. ha!
3.  Have you been able to meet with Ashley again?
Not quite yet, but mainly because we haven't been able to get down to that area in the past few days, we're going to try it out this week, so we'll do our best and if it's God's will, we'll find her again!:)
4.  Have you had the opportunity to talk in church recently?
No, but in all honestly...I'm perfectly fine with that!;) Talking in front of people without a companion isn't exactly my forte...
5.  What did you study about this morning?
I was studying the Doctrine of Christ and my purpose and role as a missionary, seeing as Sister Arksey and I are instructing on that at zone conference this week. I loved recognizing the dedication the prophets who recorded their words on the golden plates, had. I mean, they carved their words on golden plates! that must have taken FOREVER! but they understood it was a commandment from our Heavenly Father, therefore they submitted themselves to His will. How beautiful it is, their obedience, so that we may have another testament of Jesus Christ in our day!:)

6.  Something new I learned about myself this week was...
I give myself pep talks in difficult situations. :) It might sound weird, but that's how I cope. that, and I focus on my motto as a missionary: Thrive in awkward situations!:)
7.  I was so embarrassed when...
I contacted a lady right after petting an INSANELY smelly dog. We first talked to a lady who had a huge dog that was slobbering all over my skirt, so to keep him from doing so, I pet him a couple inches away from me, but boy did that dog smell rancid! After she told us she was uninterested, we went to talk to another lady behind her on the sidewalk. as we stopped and began talking, I realized that the dog was gone but that awful smell was still there and that it was coming from my hand! oh my goodness, I felt so awkward, cause there was seriously NO way to hide that aroma. She kept making the crinkled "what is that awful smell?" look on her face and me and I swear I was as red as a tomato, I felt SO bad! yeah, sure I could have explained why I smelled bad, but I didn't want it to become more awkward than it already was. ha. good times....
8.  I couldn't stop laughing when....
we relived that moment above. It took me 3 hand scrubs to get the smell completely off, by the way! haha
9.  I felt the Spirit so strong when...
I listened to the talks in Stake Conference yesterday by Elder Baxter of the seventy, and President and Sister Scott. I learned so much about the simplicities of the Book of Mormon and the plain and precious truths of our Heavenly Fathers restored Gospel. I love how the Spirit is manifest even when, and I feel the most powerful, we bear simple testimony. It's just so beautiful.
10.  I know that my Heavenly Father is guiding me because...
Everything that I lack and pray for strength in, is taught to me in a future experience. District meetings, Zone trainings, Stake Conference, church each week, contacts on the street, everything is said to me so that I can grow. I have no doubt that this is His work, so therefore, His Hand is seen in every aspect of His work!:)
11.  My favorite teaching moment this week was...
Teaching Jorge about the Word of Wisdom. He didn't quite understand God has commanded us to stay away completely from certain substances, but He said that if it was a commandment from Him, and that he could get closer to Him by obeying it, he would do it. What incredible faith he has! Definitely a testimony builder for me to always submit my will to God's whether I understand the reason behind it or not. Usually, we learn the reason behind it while we live it, anyways.
12.  One area I would like to improve on is...
my understanding of the Atonement. That and not being so hard on myself after a contact doesn't go "as planned". If I do all things with the Spirit, it will always work out, maybe not in the way we planned, but it will always work out!:)
13.  I am most grateful for...
the knowledge of the Godhead and the blessings that it brings to everyone who allows it. It's so simple; God is our Heavenly Father, we are His children, and He loves us. Because of His love for us, He sent His Son, Jesus Christ to atone for our sins so that we may have the opportunity to repent of our sins and, if we so desire, return to live with our Father. Because Christ is not literally next to us, He's allowed us a wondrous Gift, the Holy Ghost to be our constant companion and comforter to help us continue on the path back to God if we simply live worthy of His Gift. The way is already set, the price has already been paid, now we just need to do our part so we can fully access our Savior's atoning sacrifice and obtain eternal salvation. How simple and how beautiful our Father's plan is!
Well, I'm off again to continue to do the Lord's work in the Lord's way, and I'll invite you to do the same. There is no greater work than that of our Loving Heavenly Father! He lives and guides us, and he is preparing our friends to receive the glorious message of His restored Gospel! Let's share it with all those around us!:) How GREAT is our calling!!!!
Love for now and forever,
Sister De Groot:)
Missionary Invitation: General Conference is coming up, one of my favorite times of the year!!!:) Mostly everyone has a tradition they do for general conference, whether it's having a big breakfast, going to temple square, reading scripture, having a family gathering, whatever it may be, invite someone to attend. and if you don't have a tradition, spend this week making one up for your family! Then once that's set, invite those who do not have the Gospel in their lives quite yet! :) Remember, if it's done out of love, it will not be offensive! Love you all!

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