Monday, October 7, 2013

"What would you do if the Prophet called you? Well...HE HAS!" ~Elder S. Gifford Nielson :)

Mum, PahPea, Family and Friends!

Why hello!! So...General Conference? SOOOOO great, eh???!!:) Ah, I just loved it SO much! The Spirit was so evident in each one of the talks given both by the spirit of the speaker and the words spoken. I know I missed a shout out so let me make up for it...

HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY JOSHY!!!!! I hope you had the greatest big boy birthday in the whole wide world! Just remember, pick up the canada flag, wave it and yell...GO CANADA!!!! eyup! that's my boy!!:) Aunt JayBay loves you, big boy!!!:)

alright. now that I've made up for my lateness....let's jump into...
1. Where did you watch Conference?
~Saturday morning -At Nermines apartment, a member in our ward. She's so sweet!! She actually served a mission about 8 years ago in England! AWESOME missionary!:)~Saturday afternoon -@ the church~Sunday morning -@ the church~Sunday afternoon -@ the church :)
2. Did you have omelets/cinnamon rolls? (If not, what DID you have?)
OMELETS!!! they were quite sad though, I'll be honest. No where near worthy enough to have a picture. all we had were eggs, a tiny bit of cheese and sausage. So that's what was inside. They were still super tastey, but they were missing quite a bit...haha
3. Were you able to watch with investigators?
yup yup yup! We had 2 investigators come: Tedd and Hailu. Tedd we've been teaching for about a week, and he already classifies himself as a dry mormon! haha He doesn't quite understand the importance of the Restoration but he loves the Book of Mormon, so we're doing our best to help him understand our message :) Hailu was actually brought by Tedd to General Conference, and he LOVED it! Afterwards, he said to me that he just felt something very strong, and he loves that God works with our feelings! Beautiful, eh?:)
4. Other than conference, what was the highlight of your week?
When Hailu said he felt the Spirit so strong, for sure! :) But a funny see, I'm beginning to get sick. not too bad, don't worry, but my throat was super soar the other night and sister williams is big into essential oils. So she told me that I should try oregano oil, and it'll kill whatever is developing in my throat. she did warn me that its super weird and I will probably hate it, but I decided to try it anyways. yeah...bad idea. Apparently you put 2 drops under your tongue, so I did. the second I did, my whole mouth starts to numb up. I felt like someone took oregano leaves and rubbed them all over the back of my throat then placed a heating pad in the middle of it all. I had no idea what was going on, so default, I started to cry. then I started laughing because I was crying but because I was, I couldn't breathe. oh my goodness, it was a dramatic experience. I've never felt so many emotions all at one time in all of my life! but hey, I'm still alive and all is well! my throat even feels a bit better!!! :) But word to the wise: if your companion tells you that you'll hate it, just take her word for it, seriously. You'd save yourself quite an embarrassing 3.14 mintues. :)
5. How is your Teaching Pool these days?
Tedd, Hailu, Richard, Tannen, Jasmine, and Orval. Found out Orval has been in the hospital and is not doing very well, so if you would, please keep him in your prayers. He wants to progress in the gospel but his health keeps controlling him, I know he'd appreciate continuous prayers as I know he's felt them already! We've been having some difficulty getting a hold of our investigators throughout the week so that's something we're working on with this area, and finding a family as well! our mission has a goal to find 80 families and future missionaries in each respective area (whether in family wards or in YSA) and baptize them by Dec 1st so we can find those who will be able to assist in hastening the work of salvation. We have yet to find a family so we're doing our best to find that kingdom building family! Prayers to find this inspiring family would be greatly appreciated! :)
6. Sister Williams and I prepared for Conference by....
jumping up and down out of excitement saturday morning and then focusing study that morning to our individual and companionship goals to receive revelation for ourselves and our area
7. My favorite study session this week centered around...
The Plan of Salvation. Going to the temple last week made me contemplate the reason we're all here, and the ultimate and most BRILLIANT plan of our Heavenly Father. If you get a chance, read the August ensign 2013 on page 43. my Favorite quote says this "caught up in the wonder of this expanding view of the cosmos, we can only kneel in awed reverance before HIm, the creator and sustrainer of it, and express gratitude that this divine, all prowerful Being is our Father and that he created it all for the purpose of bringing about our eternal salvation. Knowing this, should we not gladly obey His counsel and, with eagerness, receive the ordinances and covenants that will guide us to eternal life with Him?" so simple. so true. LOVE IT!
8. I went on splits to    Etobicoke    (name all of the areas), served with     Hermana Rojas    (name all the sisters) and learned    that God truly has called you as you to accomplish what He needs accomplished. Sister Rojas taught me the true meaning of just being yourself and having confidence that the Lord knows what He's doing. thanks heavens for that, eh?:)   (explain how you were enlightened).
9. One of my favorite spiritual things about being a sister missionary is...

watching people discover who they really are - a son or daughter of our beloved Heavenly Father. That relationship with Him is so personal and it fills me with so much joy as I see my brothers and sisters here in Ontario discover that relationship for themselves. I love how my "extended family's" experiences allow me to obtain greater strength in my testimony! For that, I'll be forever grateful!
10. One of my favorite non-spiritual things about being a sister missionary is...
being looked at weird. who knew it'd be something I'd actually enjoy because it accounts for a good 1/2 of the funny stories that happen out here! haha good thing I can thrive in awkward situations, eh?...:)
11. I am especially grateful this week for...
     a. Personal Revelation     b. cute old ladies who give you pumpkin pie at conference     c. President Monson and his expression as he said "call tommy monson, he'll know what to do!" so precious, our Prophet!     d. Prayer!     e. Filipinos. they feed you until you're dead and then ask if you want more. :)
12. I've been so excited to share my feelings about conference. Here goes... (this is where you can let loose with all of the excitement that has been building up inside of you over the past few weeks as you have prepared for Conference, culminating in your thoughts and feelings of this past weekend. Spare no detail!!) :0)
are you sure you want me to do that? it goes.....ahem.....
but seriously. I loved it. :)
of course, one of my absolute favorites was S. Gifford Nielson's talk on missionary work! that's just a given, eh?:) I can't list all of my favorites today, so I'll just do a few and then add more each week:)
- Look for the significant but subtle blessings
- The leaders of the Church require nothing of its members but the Lord requires that we consecrate all
- Doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith
- Covenant keepers are commandment keepers
- "Wilt thou be made whole?"
- If the bitter cup does not pass, drink it.
- Make the decision to do what Jesus Christ has asked us to do! list a few. :) Well my lovelies, I need to go, but I'll leave with the simple declaration that I KNOW this Gospel is true! I pray that you can feel of my testimony as I attempt to declare it in simple english words, for there is no language so extravagant that could adequately portray how I feel about this, Christ's restored Gospel! It's true! and I cannot and will not ever deny it! God be thanked for the matchless gift of His Divine Son! Let us bless the Earth with that declaration of truth! How great is our calling!!
Love for now and forever,
Sister De Groot:)
Missionary Invitation: I'll echo Elder Nielson's invitation to do three simple steps to share the Gospel...
1. Specifically pray to bring someone closer to Christ every day
2. Pray for the missionaries and investigators in your area by name every day
3. Invite a friend to every activity in or out of your home, pray about what to share and then follow the Spirit as He guides you
exclamation point.

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