Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Mosiah 1

Mum, Pops, Family and Friends!

HELLO!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!! It feels like Christmas because General Conference is this weekend and I am so insanely excited!!!!!! omelets, here I come!!! yes. we are making them on Saturday. mmmhmmm!:) well...hopefully. ha! This week has been awesome! My companion is Sister Williams and we're doing great here in Etobicoke. Because of needing to drive back and forth constantly to different places in the mornings for meetings and to drive other sisters, we've had a lack of companionship study, so our teaching together is still a little hazy, but we role played like CRAZY this morning to unite our teaching and it's getting much better! haha We get along so well and are working hard here! Did I mention I'm excited for Conference? OK. Just making sure...:)

alright, let's do some....
1. Assuming you were able to watch the RS Broadcast, what was your favorite talk?
I can't pick favorites honestly, but I LOVED that they talked about keeping your covenants and ensuring that we respect them daily. and I LOVE that President Monson brought it back to the basic foundation of prayer. Of course, I forgot my journal from it, so I'll add it into favorite quotes from General Conference next week. :)
2. How are you and Sister Williams getting along?
We're getting along really well! I am learning SOOOO much from her and we're having lots of fun! Working hard, being obedient, seeing blessings, and laughing constantly. What more could you want????:)
3. What can you tell me about her? (how long has she been out, where is she from, etc)
She is out for 2 more transfers, from Calgary, Alberta, has the most incredible testimony, and reminds me daily of Erin. Seriously. I love that my family is popping out of random places; Ryan in Zack in London, Erin in my companion, Dad slightly in President Scott, it's just so great!!!
4. Any pictures to share today? (if the answer is NO, please stop reading this email and write yourself a note so you dont forget next week!! Then you can resume writing...) :0)
it's funny...I almost forgot it again today! haha but eyup! pictures coming!

My District last Transfer :0)
There was a bug in my pear, so I cut it out!  :0)

5. How are your investigators? (Roza, Jorge, Arlene, anyone else?)
Our teaching pool has kind of switched upside down! haha Roza and Jorge we are no longer teaching, they'd like to read on their own, Arlene has been sick so we haven't been able to meet with her, but we did find a couple of awesome people to teach!!! Richard and Tannen are from Kenya and are the sweetest young couple in the world!!! Jasmin came to church yesterday as well as the baptism afterwards for the elders, and she LOVED it!! She leaned over to me in Sacrament Meeting and asked "if I wanted to be baptized, what would I need to do?" and of course, my heart skipped a beat, I reassured her we'd prepare her to be baptized soon!:):) She's such a sweetheart and SOO prepared!!
it was SOOOO good! oh my goodness gracious, I cannot even express how incredible it was!!! First time inside the Toronto Temple, the new experience in the session, and just being in the Lord's house, absolutely WONDERFUL!!!
7. The first thing Sister Williams and I did together was...
laugh so hard we cried over coin laundry. Sister Williams isn't very excited about that. hahah
8. I couldn't stop laughing when...
we cried over coin laundry. sleep deprived sister training leaders on transfer day: gotta love it:)
9. My favorite "split" this week was...
we only had one because of transfers so my favorite one was with s Aparicio again! She's such a sweetheart, a solid missionary!!!:)
10. I felt the Spirit so strongly when...
I sat inside the temple right at the beginning of the session. It was just SOO good to be back there. seriously. 9 months is a long time to be away from the temple. I mean, I feel the Spirit each day as I serve, but there's something different about being inside our Father's complete and Holy house. Absolutely filling!:)
11. Heavenly Father's love engulfed me as...
He answered my prayers in the Relief Society broadcast on Saturday as well as again in the testimony of one of the ward members on Sunday. God knows what we go through and if we pray for strength and direction, He WILL answer us and comfort us! This I know, and of this I bear testimony!
12. My favorite "study session" was...
This mornings, as I studied about giving up our souls for Jesus Christ and for the furthering in His work. We are aiding God in His work. If we don't open our mouths, we're not. It's that simple.
13. I am SO grateful for...
a. Temples of God!!
b. General Conference
c. Omelets. see (b) :)
d. Exact obedience, so I can be an instrument to bless others lives with the Truth!!
e. The Spirit. There seriously is no greater feeling.
***side note. from now on, I am going to do my best to not mention things I have already mentioned, so I can expound on things I'm grateful for each week. Just a heads up so I don't look ungrateful for God and Christ and things of which I've already written down. :) That's all.
Well, I need to be off, but please know that I still, and forever will, LOVE this Gospel! It`s true and will be forever!!! And thank heavens for that!!! God lives, and he needs assistance to complete His work. Let's aid him and share the Gospel with everyone. That's what we signed up to do, in the preexistence, as well as when we were baptized! How great is our calling!!

Love for now and for ever,
Sister De Groot:)
Missionary Invitation: last week, best week before Conference!!! Prepare like crazy!!!!! And invite someone to come and eat delicious food with you and hear the Prophet of God speak! What greater combination could there possibly be???:)

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