Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Mosiah 3:17

Mum, PahPea, Family and Friends!!!

Why Hello there! So here's the thing, just in case you forgot...I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!! eyup. sure do! I have had so many testimony building experiences that have helped me recognize my purpose even more as a missionary. I truly do love this work with all of my heart!!:)

oh my goodness, I hope you all had a tremendous Canadian Thanksgiving! I sure did!!:) Holidays and I have a love/hate relationship right now. Hatred because everyone leaves town and doesn't come to church/no one can come teaching with us, but LOVE because people are so incredibly kind on the holiday!!! YES PLEASE!:) like really-everyone was so nice!!! it might have been because lots of people we contacted were drunk and overly happy but hey! Still nice! haha Oh Toronto....gotta love it. I sure do!:) guess who got to go on awesome exchanges this past week??? 1 with sister sorensen who came out with me who was in my anatomy class before the mission, and sister zerkle!!! eyup, my baby! it was so great to be with her again, I just love them both so much!:)
Sister De Groot with her "baby", Sister Zerkle - reunited on "Splits"
Alright, well I got lots to share today, so let's jump into...
1. How/Where did you celebrate Canada's Thanksgiving?
Actually we celebrated it on exchanges! We had no dinner planned in our ward so naturally, we went to other sisters areas to get dinner! I'm just kidding that wasn't the reason we did exchanges that day, but it definitely was a bonus! haha I was in a trio with Hermana Barron and Hermana Oakleberry in Christie and we had dinner with a man who is muslim named Ali and his family (see picture). He's actually a store owner that feeds the missionaries all the time because he loves the Spirit that they bring into his home, doesn't want missionaries to teach him, but he'll allow a message shared each time he feeds them. Anyways, he fed us delicious everything and of course, I ate til I couldn't breathe and then ate some more (isn't that technically breaking the word of for thought. ha! get it?? FOOD cause I'm talking about food? haha ah man...I'm so silly...:)). Afterwards we shared with him a message about charity and our Savior Jesus Christ, and he absolutely bawled through the whole thing! He told us he just feels so good whenever we come and talk about Jesus. But alas, he still didn't want to meet with the missionaries. Why is it that we all feel so good after doing something or when we go to church or read our scriptures or whatever else it may be and then don't follow through? likening it unto myself...I definitely need to improve on following the counsel fully and completely that I receive from my Heavenly Father. It gives it to us for a reason, right? How beautiful the feeling of the Spirit and seeing it touch his heart was so tender, definitely a thanksgiving mercy!:)
2. What Conference message do you want to expound on this week?
Elder Ballard (I think it was him) talked about doing an act of missionary work before Christmas! This'll be my missionary invitation this week, to write it down, to make a plan.:) We actually talked about missionary work in gospel principles and the sister teaching talked about why we express fears of missionary work and the excuses we come up with sometimes. she compared the Gospel to the Heimlich and how, if we were in a restaurant and saw someone choking and you're the only person who knew the procedure that would save him, and you didn't for fear of what would happen. would they guy think you're weird for touching him? would he get mad at you? would he tell other people that you were insensitive for helping because clearly, he wanted to choke? We don't know the outcome, but regardless of how it turns out, you still shared what would save them. There is NO other way that our brothers and sisters can return to live in the presence of our Heavenly Father, this truly is the only thing that can save them; the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ! Yeah, it is scary sometimes, but think of the joy it's brought you! feels pretty good, eh? I testify that it feels good because it's true. God will not lie, he cannot lie. And He will help all who exercise their faith in Him. I love this Gospel so much and I know you do as well! So let's share it, eh? I'm responding to this invitation as well, don't you worry! It came from God, so therefore I will respond with gladness!:)
3. How is Tedd doing?
He's doing SOO well!:) He loves learning and reading, and hopefully is coming to church on sunday!! woohoo! We're meeting with him again tonight, so please pray we'll be able to teach by the Spirit and help him feel it, too. :)
4. Hailu?
lives out of our area so we passed him on to the awesome Toronto missionaries!
5. RIchard? Tannen? Jasmine? Orval? 
oh know what's sad? everyone of these individuals we dropped this week. sad day...We'll still watch out for them and keep them coming to church if possible, but there are a lot of personal situations each one needs to work out at this point in time that unfortunately doesn't allow us to meet with them at this time. But it's alright, God wants us to keep moving forward with Him, so we will continue to do so! His work never stops, after all!:)
6. Anyone I'm leaving out?!?
We are teaching a nice lady named ella that sister williams found on exchanges this past week. She's super sweet but has a TON of medical issues right now, so it'll be a very gradual teaching process with her, but she is awesome! She's so open and actually majored in philosophy and theology a long time ago so she knows a LOT! haha We're pretty excited to meet with her, that's for sure!:)
7. How are you feeling? (stay away from oregano oil please!)
Doing better, still a cough, but not nearly as bad. :) Sister Williams offered Thames (less powerful than oregano but still gets the job done) and I just couldn't do it. no more essential oils for this one, that's for sure!! haha
8. If I had ONE WISH, then it would be...
a happy happy birthday to you from me!! Happy early birthday pahpea!:)
9. I was SO EXCITED when...
the elders who live in our building heard we didn't have dinner so they made us a cake and dropped it off at our apartment for the holiday. so kind and so incredibly DELICIOUS!:)
10. One of the most challenging parts of being a Sister Training Leader Missionary is...
feeling inadequate but then realizing it's not your work, it's God's, therefore, you're adequate enough. still inadequate, but he makes up the rest if you do your part. :)
11. One of the most rewarding parts of being a Sister Training Leader Missionary is...
learning from the many sisters and how they do this incredible work! I feel like I'm stealing bits and pieces of all their personalities to apply to our area! Is that allowed...? haha
12. My most embarrassing moment this week was when....
Ali hugged me on thanksgiving. seriously, people have got to stop hugging me, because I turn stiff like a board and my face looks like a tomato. awkward sister De Groot...
13. I'd have to say that the highlight of my week was....
Going on exchanges with my sweet baby, Sister Zerkle and seeing how far she has come! She is such an incredible missionary, it's AWESOME!!!! I was so grateful to feel of her spirit again and learn more from her! She's the COOLEST!:)
14. This week I am most grateful for...
     a. Delicious thanksgiving food     b. Mom's mashed potatoes (really. nothing comes close. :))     c. Companions-past. present. and future. :)     d. Toronto Transit Center Ties and how missionaries randomly accumulate them from bus drivers. operation TTC tie...ready go. :)     e. Buses. I love the buses. all day on exchanges. tons of people. trapped. I love the buses. :) p.s. I sound sarcastic but I'm not. I seriously love the buses.:)
Well, my lovelies (I can hear people making fun of me that I call you all that, oh well!...haha) I must head out, but I love you all and hope that you have the greatest week in the whole wide world! Remember; God lives! Christ also and this is the work of Salvation! let's help out the work, we are all enlisted after all! How great is our calling!:)
Love for now and for ever,
Sister De Groot:)
Missionary Invitation: Question #2 :) Name, date, action!:)

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