Monday, October 28, 2013

D&C 6

Mum, PahPea, Family and Friends!

Why hello!!! To start out, I need to welcome sweet Solana into the family!!! welcome welcome welcome sweetheart!! Ah, Keri, she is the cutest little thing in the whole wide world! I am so excited to have yet another nice/nephew born into the world since I've been out!! She is so cute and I am SOOO excited to meet her one day!!!:) In the mean time, give her a kiss for me!:) Love you Solo! (eyup. I already have a nickname and I haven't even met her. well I's just been a while since the preexistence ;))

Time to JUMP into.....QUESTION TIME:
1. Has Jim been behaving himself? :0)ah my goodness...haha yeah he has, in that sense anyways. We actually were asked not to come back to Jim's because our last lesson was a bit contentious between him and our member. It's alright, everything works out, but yeah, we're not teaching Jim anymore. he'll come back again :)
2. Was Ella able to figure out transportation to attend church this week?nope and she's been ooper sick, so we're doing our best to help her out. Right now the only thing keeping her from coming to church is transportation, so if you would, please keep them in your prayers, thanks:)
3. How's Tedd?he's been having a lot of deaths in the family right now, and haven't been able to meet with him. another one to keep in your prayers, he's having a rough time, thanks!
4. Francois?passed on to the elders! :)
5. What are your plans for the remainder of today?We have some shopping, cleaning, and teaching/ finding planned for the day! Lesson with Merle and we're super excited!!:)
6. Are you staying warm enough?yes, thanks to the tights you sent!! thanks a million, again! I/we greatly appreciate it!!!:)
7. Besides the above investigators, is there anyone specifically you would like us to remember in our prayers?We found another investigator, merle, this week, now we're teaching two merles! Merle has also has a lot of medical issues that she's trying to work through, and a lot of pain that she's trying to overcome so that she can come to church. thanks again!
8. My first thoughts when I saw the pictures of Solana were...OH MY GOODNESS SHE'S SO CUTE AND SHE HAS A HUGE MOUTH!!! :):) LOVE it! definitely my niece ;)
9. The highlight of my week was...going on exchange with Sister Wanlass. She's from Bountiful Utah and my goodness, I absolutely LOVE her! She has such a wonderful inspiring testimony that I learned so much from! The entire day I was with her, seriously, the spirit was so strong! I love her to pieces!
10. I laughed uncontrollably when...I GOT A TTC TIE!!!!!!!! the bus driver thought I was so good at shifting into the gospel with people and making him laugh that when I asked for his tie, he didn't even flinch and gave it to me!! wabam!!!!:) haha operation TTC tie? CHECK. :) picture proof next week:)
12. One of the most challenging parts of missionary work is...Trying to ensure I'm learning what the Lord wants me to learn. I learn a ton each and every day, but I want to make sure I'm focusing on what the Lord wants me to focus on. Which one, which one?:)
13. Going on "splits" is best feel like you've been best friends with the sister for a long time, even though you've never met them before. aka: sister wanlass. :)
14. The Spirit was so strong when...sister Wanlass and I taught a lesson to a lady named Leeta who had 3 of her friends there and they are all sincerely searching for the truth! We taught the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the spirit was seriously tangible in the room! It is such an incredible experience to be in the room of individuals who really want to know truth, who have been prepared by our Heavenly Father to receive His restored Gospel, and being able to learn from their example and their faith is absolutely inspiring! I loved it oh, so much!:)
15. This week I am especially grateful for...
      A. exchanges!     
      B. Members taking us to Popeyes
      C. new nieces!! SOLANA!     
      D. the message of the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ     
      E. The ability we have to CHOOSE Eternal Life!

Well, my lovelies, I must be off, but know that I love you all so much!!! This Gospel is true, I have felt it. I stand with Elder Ballard when I say that Knowing this is true is like tasting salt; you can't describe it. you can't force someone else to know how it tastes unless they taste it themselves. I, figuratively, have tasted salt! I know that this Gospel is true! and being able to share it with others is the greatest gift I have ever received!! I know God loves us, Christ lives and their work is TRUE! If you don't have this knowledge, I urge you to try it yourselves, taste the salt yourselves!:) and if you have this knowledge, let's share it! Because let's be honest, everyone needs this! How great is our calling!:)
Sister De Groot:)
missionary invitation: Write down your testimony and share it with someone. :) Anyone can decline an invitation, but no one can decline a testimony!:)

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