Monday, March 24, 2014

Mosiah 2

Mum, PahPea, family and friends!!!

GENERAL CONFERENCE STARTS THIS WEEK!!!!! well. for the women. sorry gentlemen. :) next week. :) oh my goodness, what a wonderful enriching week!!! I have learned so much and will attempt to share it all, but I won't even come close. but I'll try. but to start off, both my parents shared with me something that I would share with you in tuning ourselves to our father's melody. The 'companion' could be your spouse, or if you're single, have it be that individual you work closely with. "when a finely tuned instrument plays only the top (5th) and bottom (1st) notes of a chord, one can "hear" the "3rd".  Liken that analogy to us all, in the service of the Lord - specifically in regards to missionary work:  As a missionary companionship strives to work in perfect harmony (using prayer, the scriptures and unconditional love, etc.), they are like the "1st" and "5th" notes in a chord.  The Holy Ghost can then "fill in the 3rd", and the result is priceless!" I love it so much!! our companionship is going to be in tune so that we may hear that beautiful 3rd! :)

also, a shoutout to Kacie Hansen who's wedding invitation I received!!! crazy you two, I'm so excited for you both! Love you both dearly and know that I am praying for you!! congratulations!!! :)

Question time!!
1.  What day did you end up celebrating St. Patrick's Day (translation....when you did receive your package?)  :0)
last monday!!! :) 
Got it when we returned home in the evening! :) as well as a letter from mom, amber and a wedding invitation from Kacie Hansen!! it was a great day. :) Thank you SOOo much mom for the package!!!!! you;re just so sweet. and what is this whole thing with different flavors of OREOs?? I LOVE it!!!! cool mint? best one yet. :)
ah man, I meant to take a picture with sister hansen and the glasses but we went on exchanges both that night and the following night and then forgot...I'll try it this week! :)
2.  How is Bradley doing?
Doing very well! He's loving learning about the commandments and is excited to continue living them, and because we feel his family needs to be more involved, we feel he should not be baptized this coming Sunday but that he will be in the near future, we're not sure exactly when yet but with God's Hand in the work, we'll know. :) Thank you for the continued prayers on his behalf!
3.  Has Joe opened up to you yet?
We still are unable to contact him. We fasted and prayed a ton for him this week, and feel we need to leave him in the Lord's Hands. I think sometimes I feel someone is ready "if they will just call us one more time" and I was humbled to realize this past week that it's not my decision if they are ready or not. I've learned that before and thought I had a pretty good understanding about it, but in this case, I did not show that understanding to my Father in Heaven. So upon praying for him, we decided together, all 3 of us, that we'd leave Joe in His Hands. that's where it is for the time being, until he's ready, and God knows when that is! So all, learn from my slight stubborn personality-just trust God. He knows what He's doing. so in the words of Elder Bednar on Saturday "Get out of the way". ah. how can the Spirit be so blunt and painful yet so beautiful? :)
4.  Kevanique and Camilla?  (am I supposed to be grouping them together?)
yeah you can, and actually we're no longer teaching them. We tried contacting them this week, and had an...interesting conversation with the person on the other end. So drop bys in the future are probably preferred. :)
5.  What is something new you learned about Sister Hansen this week?
She has such an incredible testimony of our Savior, Jesus Christ. absolutely incredible! :)
6.  Was Sister Hansen's birthday last Monday?  How old is she?  
yes, it was 20!!!
7.  How was Panda Express?  (are you still getting free meals?)
so good and we go too much they want our money instead. :)
8.  How is the weather treating you?
kinda cold but warming up!!! I'm only wearing 1 pair of tights now!! woohoo!!! 4 down to 1! oh ontario weather. :)
9.  Any plans for you and your companion to sing in church?
yikes....we got asked yesterday to sing on easter. scared. so so scared.

10. The BEST thing about my first week with Sister Hansen was....
Staying positive in every situation! :) no negativity in this companionship whatsoever, LOVE it! :)
11. We bonded over...
cool mint oreos. and popcorn. thank you SOOO much. :)
12. When I walked into the meeting where Elder Bednar was, I....
well, we walked in 45 minutes before he got there. so when he walked in, I smiled really really big. and then even bigger. :):):) I love the Spirit that is brought with a servant of the Lord
13. My favorite thing about the meeting was...
how interactive it was, he communicated with us, we learned from each other as missionaries and he taught us that we are free to learn from the Spirit at any time, not simply when a member of the 12 comes to visit. if we learn by the spirit, we can truly learn that which the Lord wants us to know, rather than expecting someone to do that preparation for us. Learning by the Spirit - an incredible tool for becoming like our Father in Heaven. :)
14. He inspired me to....
Read a paperback copy of the Book of Mormon with a question in mind and highlight all that helps me answer that question as I read it all the way through, and do that for the rest of my life. hello bookcase :) SOO excited. 
15. My favorite teaching moment this week was....
Teaching Bradley the Word of Wisdom. I have never seen an 11 year old so excited to learn a commandment of God in all of my life. :)
16. My favorite study session centered around...
Our Father's Plan, and the necessity of Jesus Christ as our Savior. "God's plan is together in the light, whereas Lucifer's plan is alone in the dark." ~Elder Bednar
17. This week, I learned that...
"The Lord is hastening His work, and if you don't keep up, you'll be left behind." ~Elder Bednar. The Lord truly is hastening His work, and we must hasten ourselves. :)
18. Did you know that....
Elder Bednar is absolutely hilarious? well. he is. just picture him describing the prayer of a faithless individual (see attached picture of Hermana Dudley and that's literally what he looked like.) :)

19. I laughed so hard when....
I was on exchange with Hermana Dudley and i can't really explain what exactly was funny. just that we're way too much alike and had the time of our lives in the Lord's service. ah. so great. I love her so much. :)
20. I am SO GRATEFUL for....
General Conference
Elder Bednar

Well my lovelies, I'm off! And please remember that I know eternally that this is the Lord's work, and has been since the time of Adam, and He continues His work the same way He has since that time; through a prophet He has called. I testify that Joseph Smith was a prophet who our Father in Heaven called to aid Him in restoring to the Earth the true Church of Jesus Christ, and it is watched over by a living prophet today, President Thomas S. Monson, and is led by the Great Man Himself, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. This is true, and I know it from the power of the Holy Ghost. The Church is true, and how great is our calling!

Love for now and for ever,
Sister De Groot :)

Missionary Invitation: begin a Book of Mormon revelation seeking for someone that you know who is not yet a member of the Church. Pray for them and then mark in the Book of Mormon the revelation you receive on their behalf and prepare to give it to that individual out of your sincere love for them and desire for them to accept the restored Gospel. it's true, help them remember that. :)

Another missionary called to exciting!! :0)

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