Monday, March 10, 2014

What e'er thou art, act well thy part. :)

Mum, PahPea, Family and Friends!!!

ok, so I have VERY little time today, seeing as transfers are tomorrow and my dear companion has been assigned to Brampton, so we've lots to do today, seeing as we haven't emailed until now! :) This week has been incredible, so I'll do my best to fill you in with all the time that I have!!:)
speaking of time....QUESTION TIME!
1.  Any message for the BIRTHDAY GIRL?
HAPPY BIRTHDAY WHIT!!! I love you dearly, and look up to you so much! Thanks for being such a wonderful example! I hope you have the best birthday ever and know that I pray for you daily!! oh, AND! I was sent pictures.... and....your kitchen!!! It looks wonderful!! You two have done a wonderful job!! ;) I love you so much, happy happy birthday!!!!
2.  How is sweet Bradley doing?
oh my goodness, SOO good! when we saw him this week, at the end of the lesson he says "Sister De Groot, I've felt that tight squeeze every time I've asked 'is the Book of Mormon true', do I need to continue asking that if I know it is?" :):):) You know, it's so hard when you want to hug your 11 year old boy investigator, and you can't. in the future...:) He knows it's true and wants to keep inviting his parents to come and learn more with him! He's such a little missionary, he's training us sisters! :)
3.  How are his parents?
They are very supportive, and they're wanting to be involved more and more. We had dinner with Bradley, his dad, bradley's friend and his mom, and us. Guyanna food. SOOO good! :) They are thinking of coming to church possibly not this sunday but the next. We have moved his baptism to the 30th to help his mom feel more comfortable as he comes to church more and knows for sure that this is something he wants to do. 
4.  Was Joe able to attend church this week?
No, he was taking care of his sister that was sick out in Scarborough. This week, though! :)
5.  Is his baptism on for Saturday? 
No, it's for march 30, same as Bradley! DOUBLE BAPTISM! They're both just so great. :)
6.  Who else are you teaching?
Kevanique and Camilla (friends who are both about 15) and are SUPER excited to hear the Plan of Salvation. Said they prayed for direction in their life last week and we knocked on their door 5 minutes later. :) Boy, do I love prayer! :)
7.  March 5th came and went.  Another "514".  How did the day go?
SO so good. It's just nice to know that you truly have angels watching over you, eh? :) I love our Father's Plan!!
8.  How has the weather been treating you?
IT'S GETTING WARMER!!!! :) line upon line. Mom, I actually went and bought rain boots today because I'm in need, especially because my other boots aren't waterproof. They came from Walmart, you can see the transaction on the card, they were the only mission appropriate ones. ha!
9.  Will you be doing much walking as the weather warms up, or will you still travel mainly by car?
We'll still have the car, but we'll still be working like before: we'll use the car to get the areas we want to be and then park and walk for the rest of the time. We're trying to use our car as little as possible here
10. Are there any items (clothing, shoes, etc) that you will need as the weather warms up?
I already purchased rain boots, so I'm set!! Thank you!!!

11. One of my FAVORITE parts of the week was....
going on exchanges with sister hillman and sister bradshaw. just GREAT missionaries!!!!
12. I couldn't believe it when...
I saw a possum walk up to the church and take shelter in the bushes. Even God's creation know that this is His home. how precious. :) also. possum's are kinda weird looking, eh? just sayin...
13. Sister Edwards and I bonded over...
Downtown Toronto driving after exchanges. good times. :)
14. We received the "Transfer" call, and this is what's happening....
Sister Edwards is going to Brampton with Sister Sorensen (the girl who was previously in my anatomy class at UVU) and I'm staying here in Mississauga North and training the new sister training leader, Sister Hansen! I've met her before and she's SOO sweet! So excited to serve with her! :)
15. I'm so excited for...
MARCH!!!! there's so much happening: our missionary specialty training, MLC, temple trip, women's general broadcast, ah. so great. :)
16. The remainder of today will be spent....
cleaning and packing, giving our car to the elders for a night, and teaching joe! woot!
17. My favorite study session was...
the priesthood. oh my goodness. so great. also the Abrahamic Covenant. blows my mind.
Luke 16:22-31 cross reference Alma 40:11-14
18. My favorite teaching moment was...
Bradley recognizing his answer and sharing it with his cousin!! Conversion is beautiful to witness! one in which an individual, and then all those around them, are blessed! :)
19. Did you know that....
gin dobre is hello in polish? :) (how to spell? no idea...)
20. I am so grateful for....
all of these things!!
Sister Edwards!
New opportunities
sickness (I'll tell the story next week, just remind me flu and prayer. it's a really good story I just really need to go!!! ah man I feel bad....)
Well, I love you! the Church is sOOoo true!!! How great is our calling!
Love for now and forever,
Sister De Groot :)
Missionary Invitation: are you praying for you missionaries in your ward by name? and then are you praying for which of your friends you can refer to those missionaries to be taught? :)

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