Monday, May 12, 2014

Alma 31:5

Mum, PahPea, Family and Friends!!

I hope all of you wonderful mothers, sisters, aunts, nieces, daughters and grandmothers feel the gratitude of your service as a worthy daughter of your Heavenly Father and the impact you have upon the many generations here upon the Earth and those entering in. Please look at this incredible video and take it as my tribute to all you wonderful women! :) happy Mother's Day!!!
and a little shout out to Ryan!! HAPPY BIRTDHAY RY-PIE!!! I hope you have the greatest day in the whole wide world! I'll eat some Canadian treats for you and sing you happy birthday with sister stoddard. She'll be thrilled. we often do spontaneous happenings, so this will just fit right in! :) Have a WONDERFUL birthday, Ryan! Love you!!

hmm...I think it's about time for some questions. sound good?
1.  What were your impressions of Nina, Elin, Joshua and Megan?
one-they're all SOOO big!
two-they're all SOOO old!!!
and tres-THEY'RE SOOO CUTE!!!!
2.  What did you do the remainder of Mothers Day?
taught taught taught! :)
3.  Did you enjoy your skype session nearly as much as I did?  :0)
I sure did!!!! oh my goodness, I loved hearing/seeing you all yesterday. honestly, it was fantastic!! I love you all SOOO much!
4.  What are your plans for the rest of P-day?
shopping, cleaning and preparing! nothing too specific yet...we tend to be spontaneous on preparation days :)
5.  Where will you spend your birthday?  (Mississauga, on exchange, etc.)
Mississauga, on a day in between exchanges, and ending the day going on exchange with my baby, sister dyer!!! :)
6.  Any message for Ryan, who turns 23 on Friday?
*look above :) ps I think you're pretty great (!)
7. Do you have the smallest inkling of how much I love and appreciate you?
uh....I think so...? :)

8.  Our teaching pool consists of...
wow...I can't fully explain all in our teaching pool, I'll be honest. But those who are truly progressing at this time include Natalie who is striving hard to live the Word of Wisdom so she can be baptized on June 8, Krusho who randomly showed up to church after I gave him a card beginning of last transfer. SOO cool! Sharlene and Sharaya have had a lot going on in their lives lately, so we're working with the Lord to know what to do to help her the most this week, we'll keep you posted
9.  The highlight of my week was...
Well of course seeing my family!! :) and hearing Krusho pray the most sincere prayer of wanting to know truth. 
10.  The most challenging part of my week included...
getting kicked out of an apartment's true. The reason being because we talked with everyone we came in contact with about the Restored Gospel of our Savior and they didn't like we can't go back. woops...
11.  I overcame that challenge by...
Trusting that everything works for a reason, maybe God doesn't need us back there for a while. Looking for the positives! :) also. I feel bad they have a bad image of the Church now because of us. But it all works out. hopefully nicer missionaries contact them on the street a year down the road or so :)
12.  I felt the Spirit so strongly this week when...
I was able to speak in the Chinese group at our building in their sacrament meeting and although I truly could not understand a word they were saying, the Spirit was so strong. I love the Spirit, a universal language. :)
13.  Sister Stoddard and I bonded over...
prayer. it's incredible how much a relationship is strengthened through sincere and diligent companionship prayer. you should try it out :)
14.  Exchanges this week were...
Hermana Guerra here in Mississauga North! Brand new missionary, been out for 3 weeks and seriously that girl has no fear. She talks with everyone, is confident, can teach incredibly well, man who are these missionaries and where did they get their training!?! haha She's incredible!
15.  The Study Session from this week that stands out the most is...
The atonement. right now I'm reading the Book of Mormon with the question of "Why Jesus Christ?" so that I may understand better His divine mission and role in our Father's plan so that I may help those without a Christian understanding feel the importance of our Savior.
16.  I am so excited for...
birthday cake. how sad is that? :)
17.  I am so grateful for...
skype :)
my companion
The Gospel. the Good News! :)

Well, I'm off! I love you all! This Gospel is true, don't you doubt it. It's true! :) How great is our calling!

Love for now and for ever,
Sister De Groot :)

Missionary Invitation: share the above on facebook, twitter and wherever else, share the wonderful message of the Church through simple ways! I LOVE YOU!!

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