Monday, May 26, 2014

"It's Called Eternal Progression"

Mum, PahPea, Family and Friends!

Hello all!! what a wonderful and beautifully sunny week here in Mississauga! We are doing so well and loving every second of the work!! I may or may not have gotten a little burnt in the past couple days but it's not bad, so don't you worry! it's just really hot out here! haha Love it dearly! :) I'm glad to hear preschool and work and all those things are going well back there, know that I pray for you all daily!! :) about we do some QUESTION TIME. mmm k? :)
1.  Have you received any mail - letters or packages - from home?
I got a letter from Amber and a package from you!!! :) Thanks so much, oreos is creating all these fantastic flavors of excitement! I mean, fruit punch?? It was awesome!! :) Thank you so much for all your support and love, it really does mean a lot!!! love you all!!!
2. and 3. sorry....I keep forgetting....
4.  What was the last song you sang?
adam-ondi-ahman :)
5.  Describe today's "feeling in the air"...?
rejuvenated excitement to help our investigators progress and starting anew in our teaching pool! :) plus, "relatively cool temperatures so..can't complain, really." Thank you Elder Christensen from the district 2 :)
6.  How is Krusho doing?
He's doing well, was able to come to church yesterday and the Family History Fireside that our stake had last night which me and 3 sisters from here in Mississauga sang at. The Spirit was so strong as we heard President and Sister Scott bear testimony of the reality of the Plan of Salvation and family history. I just love those two. :) krusho is having a hard time understanding why we pray and we've realized that we need to take it back to our Savior Jesus Christ, and help him understand that God is truly our loving Heavenly Father. So please pray that he'll come to that understanding and that we can teach with the Spirit. thank you!
7.  Who else are you teaching?
honestly? not really anyone else. we're in a major cleansing period to find the elect and we're excited about it! Please pray that we may do everything in our power to find those the Lord has prepared for us to teach! I love Mississauga so much!!! :)
8.  What have you found (this past week) to be your most effective teaching technique?
Getting out of the way, to allow the Spirit to be there and work in complete unity with my companion. you can simply teach 'well' with your companion, but there is absolute power when you work hard to teach in unity with the Spirit. Miracles happen when you testify! LOVE IT!
9.  How often do you meet with President Scott?  (interviews)
every other transfer. Just had interviews with him this past Friday!! Sadly, it was my last one with him. they go home in June. :( ah man, I can't imagine this mission without those two!! I know everything happens for a reason and the new President and his wife will be great, but when you serve around someone this long, it's hard to imagine another. We talked a lot about things we have both learned and serving our Father with everything we have. He mentioned he had learned a lot about submitting himself to the will of the Lord and changing his prayers to those of faith. (he loves Elder Bednar, so you can read 'pray with faith' I fell like he lives by that talk!! :)) They're just incredible, the Scotts!! :)


10. When Sister Howle and I met.....
we were so happy to have a connection back home!!! she's just so cute! :)
11. Other exchanges included....
SISTER WALDRON!!!!!! oh my goodness. I love her. I came out with her and she was a sister training leader for a SUPER long time and God needs her in the YSA in the new Toronto ward and oh my goodness, she's INCREDIBLE!!! seriously. so. great. She's just so diligence, loving, happy, reverent, and Christlike. I love and have so much respect for consecrated missionaries so much!!! :)
12. When I think of USA's "Memorial Day" (today), my heart and mind turn to....
the sacrifice of all those who believed in freedom and peace! I am so grateful for those in my life and those I have not met who have served and gave their lives for our country! Thank you so much for all you do, I can promise you, your service is not unnoticed! I am so proud to be an American!! 
13. I felt so guided when...
we had skills and interviews this past Friday. The zone leaders, Elder Tan and Elder Binford, prepared an incredible skills training for us on teaching 'through Christ, we can be cleansed from sin'. I had an epiphany of how sometimes we focus on so many things that we need to improve and change and altar to become better teachers, instruments in His hands, etc, and we overlook the most important simplicities - that all things are done through Christ. If it were not for His sacrifice and resurrection, we could not progress. that simple. We did a role play with Sister Dyer and Sister Fisher and the Spirit was SOO strong when both of us role played, ah it was incredible. The Spirit is powerful, the most important tool in converting ourselves to the Savior. How grateful I am for His guidance!
14. If it hadn't been for serving a mission, I don't know when I would have learned....
how real our Father's plan is. seriously. Life is not gone or even limited at death, because of our Savior Jesus Christ, life CONTINUES! there's merely a veil separating the two spheres of life. It's all real life. it's all a period of living. it's all a step for our growth. President Scott said something yesterday that I loved, he said "because we are here on this Earth, we already agreed to follow our Father's plan; and our part in that  plan is eternal progression." He's so wise. we did sign up to progress constantly and consistently. Doesn't mean to overwhelm ourselves with things we need to do, just to be a little better tomorrow than we were today. :)
15. In preparation to entering the MTC on Wednesday, I would like to tell Meagan...
YOU ARE GOING TO DO GREAT MISSY!!!!! You have always had such a beautiful and powerful testimony of the Savior, continue to share that with all and know that progression is necessary and perfection is impossible. seriously. it is. :) I love you my sister, Godspeed, how great is our calling!
16. Did you know that....
Canadians exercise a lot? it's true. they do. :)
17. Something new I discovered about Sister Stoddard this week is....
she smiles even when she has a migraine so strong she feels like she's going to throw up. seriously. who is this adorably happy person?? :)

I love my companion!!!  :0)
18. My favorite study session centered on....
the effects of the Atonement :) His sacrifice is absolutely beautiful and humbling. I love it.
19. I am SO grateful for....
My Savior
revelation from leaders
Sister Stoddard
Family History

Well, I am off! I love you all so much and hope you feel of my testimony as I know that our Savior Lives! This work is not just fun or a good experience or to prepare me for the future; this IS the work of Almighty God and it is to CHANGE the world! I know it. and you know, so please, continue to share it and know that your Father in Heaven sees your efforts, even if no one else does! How great is our calling!

Love for now and for ever,
Sister De Groot :)

Missionary Invitation: when was the last time you studied how to get started to update your family history efforts? Preach My Gospel has a tremendous section of Family History, you should read it! :) and then apply! Invite your friends, everyone wants to know their family!!!

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