Tuesday, May 20, 2014

I believe in Christ, so come what may!!

Mum, Pahpea, family and friends!!!

What a wonderful week!  I started it off as a 21 year old and well, now....I`m 22!!! weird, eh? yeah I think so. :) I love MIssissauga so so so much and LOVE being here with Sister Stoddard, she`s such an incredible missionary and I`m learning so much from her!!! We`re laughing every possible second and working harder than we ever have! I love it!!!
HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY ERIN HOOLEY!!!! goodness I love you. I Hope you have the greatest birthday ever!! I am thinking and praying for you! LOVE YOU!!! happy birthday!!

1.  Did you have an enjoyable birthday?  (details!!)
I sure did, thanks to you all!!!! :) we had gone to panda express and they gave me a free stuffed panda!! we named him thanh. long story. :) oh! and funny thing....I put my wallet and the phone into our panda express bag while we prayed so no one would take it. then when we were done-because I have the memory of a goldfish-I threw away our bag. with my wallet in it. and the phone. ......... my bad. 5 minutes later we went back to fish in the trash can as missionaries. "in all ways be wise and mature in your conduct" -WHB pg 53 Then later we had to go to the office to take care of something with our car and were asked by elder gillen (an office missionary) to step into his office because they got a complaint about our living situation. yeah, we were super nervous, sister stoddard especially. As he's giving us the talk about our routiness, primary music starts playing in the office and he then asks us to go out and see what's happening. We leave to find elder wihongi and elder gibb, the assistants, bouncing up and down with pictures of me when I came into the mission that say "happy birthday Zuster De Groot" to a primary birthday song. oh our assistants...haha we were laughing hysterically! and also, there really is no complaint to our routiness, we were quite relieved! haha throughout the day, we received calls from the sisters singing me happy birthday, the zone leaders giving me a creepy chocolate bunny, Sister Stoddard singing everytime we got in the car "iiiiiiiit's your birthday, HEY HEY HEY!" and then topping the day off with being surprise with an ice cream cake at our Bishops home! THANK YOU!!!! Mom, you are just too sweet! surprised both birthdays, I just love you!  well....I was semi surpised...let's just say the night before we were planning and sister stoddard tells me  that we have another dinner appt with Bishop, to which I say "ah that's nice, is it for my birthday because he just fed us?" and Sister stoddard goes "ah man, I can't keep a secret!!!!!! he's having us over for dinner because your mom is surprising you with an ice cream cake, ok??!!" hahahahaha oh my companion. I love her so much. :) the thought of surprising was great though, thank you!!! haha

2.  Did Bishop Fuller happen to mention that he wouldn't let me pay for your cake?
no he didn't! that's the sweetest thing in the world! ah Bishop. :)
3.  Speaking of the Fuller's, do you happen to have their mailing address?
sorry...I'll find out this week
4.  ALSO speaking of the Fuller's, did you know that they are best friends with a couple who live here in Alpine?  (Once again....such a small world!!)
sure did!! haha
5.  Can't find JJ Degazon on FaceBook.....any other contact info for her?
.....I'm really good at this.....no...this week!
6.  Erin's birthday is on Thursday.  Any message for her?
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ERIN!!!!!! I love you dearly forever and ever!! I hope you have the greatest day in the whole wide world!!! You're the greatest person ever and the greatest example in the whole wide world!!!! I love you hoodles and bunches! :) happy birthday!!
7.  Thursday is also Michael and Trisha's 5th anniversary.  Anything you want me to tell them for you?
happy anniversary happy anniversary happy anniversary, Haaaaaappy anniversary! WOOH! :) 
8.  How are things going with Natalie?
has been working hard all week to stop smoking and has been doing GREAT! We had great contact with her up until Thursday but then we lost contact. she didn't come to church and we can't contact her. :( We feel that she relapsed and is embarrassed by it, so we're doing our best to help her know we're here for her and will help her out in every situation, regardless. Prayers would be appreciated!
9.  Krusho?
He`s doing well, we`re trying to help him understand the importance of prayer, though, so that he may receive direct answers of the truthfulness of what we share. He`s nervous to pray with us because he wants to do it alone, but then doesn`t when he`s alone. So prayers for him to understand and act on the doctrine we`ll teach him this week would be great!
10.  What are you looking forward to the most this coming week?
so. excited.


11.  I've been so excited to tell you....
that I love this work!! and also that it`s just so warm here. ah. I love it! :)
12.  I laughed so hard when....
seriously, I can`t even pinpoint one time, we seriously laugh constantly. like, constantly. :)
13.  Sister Stoddard and I have bonded even more while....
laughing. every. day. :)
14.  My favorite study session this week was on....
Consecration, shocker, eh? :) The whole idea of giving everything you are in its entirety to the Lord so that you may become His is absolutely beautiful to me. 
15.  At church this past Sunday.....
Nicole, our past investigator, showed up to church! as well as this man named Francis who said he wants to investigate the church, he had previously in Florida and wants to be taught again! so he`s being taught by the zone leaders! SOO cool! 
16.  Exchanges this week included.....  (have you met Sister Howle yet?!?)
I have not, I`ll meet her on Saturday, she was so excited to hear about that!! :) Hermana Okelberry in Black Creek North and get this....SISTER DYER IN ETOBICOKE SOUTH!!!!!!! that`s right, I got to go on an exchange with my trainee and it was SOOOOO much fun!!! ah, she`s grown so much, I admire her more than words could ever attempt to describe!!! I LOVE her so much!!! :)
17.  I feel peace and contentment when...
I know that I am doing everything in my power to be a powerful, dedicated, servant of the Lord. :)
18.  An experience this week that I felt real growth happened when....
Our beliefs were challenged very strongly and the Spirit was strong within us as we very softly and lovingly bore testimony of our Savior and the invitation to come unto Him and find out for ourselves. I love the progression I`ve seen within myself to trust the Lord in all aspects and that such situations don`t bring stress to me and nervousness like they did when I first came out. Reliance on the Lord-it`s a beautiful thing. :)
19.  Here are my impressions of "Victoria Day"....
Families are EVERYWHERE!!! I LOVE it!!! i love holidays as a missionary :)
20.  I am so grateful for...
holidays as a missionary
`surprises` on my birthday 
our Savior
The restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

I am off! I hope you all have a WONDERFUL week full of the Gospel! For it is true! I love my Savior, I know this work is true! and how GREAT is my calling!

Love for now and for ever,
Sister De Groot :)

Missionary Invitation: PMG says to study the words of living prophets SO! read over the General Conference Ensign this month, pick your favorite or a lesson you learned, and share it on your social media! see how many get passed around the internet this week! :)

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